Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Poem: "Where ever you may go but solace and peace lies within one's own soul!"

Poem: "Where ever you may go but solace and peace lies within one's own soul!"

In the super-conscious soul, there are no distances, events and places, it's one throughout-
Hence, where ever you may go, and what ever one may do, the solace and peace, lies within one's own soul.

Go to Himalayas, Alps, Rocky mountains, Sahyadri or Mount Kilimanjaro,
The real peace lies within your own soul.

Take bath in Ganga, Yamuna, Thames, Potomac, Danube,
The clean soul lies within your own soul.

Go go Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Synagogue,
The real God lies within your own soul.

Read Geeta, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib, Kuran, Adi Granth,
The real script of God is within your own soul.

Go to past, or future,
The presence is felt presently within your own soul.

Eat vegetarian food, or continental or non-veg
The real food for soul is within your own soul.

Whether you are resting at home, whether working in office or anywhere
The real rest lies within your own soul.

Whether you go to this galaxy or that galaxy,
The real Universe lies within

Whether you go at the speed of ant or at the tachonic speed,
The real speed belongs to the mind and the real efforts lies in putting it at the feel of God

Man the peace lies within your soul at all the times,
There is no need to probe it, just feel it, perceive it, live with it.

Aum Shanti. Amen. Amin.

(Poem under construction..... )
(Hope you all agree with this, experience of everyone.)
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Indian Mars Mission: Mangalyaan

Indian Mars Mission: Managalyaan

In Sanskrti, Mangal = Mars, and Yaan= Vehicle.
It's Budget is just USD 70 Million, where as Indian GDP is touching almost USD 1.4 Trillion, it's just 0.000005% of India's GDP. Thus, making it worth investing for future of India and the whole humankind, as the findings would be worth.

Nerve Center of MOM: 

Mars Orbiter Missioin (MOM) on Wikipedia:

Great Video on how to go to MARS by NASA: Really worth watching:

Among Top 5 most tracked:
Pre-Launch: Meanigful experiments to be conducted on MARS:


I don't agree any race is good after reading the following article, I'm in favor of space is for collaborative efforts:

Let every country move ahead: However, at the end, we are ONE humanity:

Glitch and few Obstacles cleared:
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Cleared the hurdle:

NASA Rover bouncing to work again?:

Cooperation from world over:
South Africa:

Space is not for competition otherwise it will destroy and corrupt the further missions:
I don't agree any race is good after reading the following article, I'm in favour of space is for collaborative :

Some other views:

12 facts:

Now it's travelling 1,000,000 kilometers/ day towards Mars:

2nd stage trajectory hurdle cleared:

NASA found ancient water lake on MARS:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,