Friday, March 30, 2012

A genius children's dilemma: Whether to become famous of not?

A genius children's dilemma: Whether to become famous of not?

I had a meeting with a bunch of 10 children, grown up in various background.

Child 1 asked me, "Ashish uncle, I won't like to be famous."
I said, "I also don't like that."
Child 1:
"Do you know if I become famous, then, people will have my photograph, and they will have lot of memories about me, even after some 1000 years. Do you know Ashish uncle, one of my friend's uncle knows some technique by which he can get the details of that person........even after 1000 years ......and now tell me, can a famous person get Salvation, for which we are born as human beings?"
I said, "Got a good point, because of this only Rishis and Munis tried to remain aloof/ away from the society at large. As per your say, as they were unknown so no one knows/knew/will know, they existed and hence their memories can't be recalled....a good point child."
Child 2:
"Do you know Ashish uncle, I want to be very famous....more famous than all the film stars.....players..."
I asked him, "Why?"
"Then my all jobs will be done easily....this and that... people will run for my autograph......"child 2.
"Where will you hide if you want to play your video games?" I asked him.
"That's a problem. How do these famous people address this issue?" child 2.
"Avoiding crowds...going abroad where they think no one knows them....etc...they do," me.
"However, I don't want to do that,,,I want to be famous, everyone must know me by my name, " Child 2.
"Look, there are good and bad sides to every thing you try in your life. If you become famous, you cannot avoid being noticed and if get noticed then if you are positively famous then people will run for your autograph...." me.
"Then, uncle, I have to think become famous or not.."child 2.
Then all the children expressed their views, all were 8 to 10 years, but, I was amazed to see their knowledge and understanding about this world and was stunned by the way the question was asked, "Can I get salvation if I'm famous?"
Finally, I had to explain them, Salvation has nothing to do with the duality-famous/non-famous, rich and famous Vs. poor and non-famous, .....
However, I liked the way these ultra aware children raised the issue and discussed at their tender age.
Finally, they took it positively those who wanted to be in lime-light promised they will not be in focus due to negativity/lack of ethics/ malpractices, where as those who didn't want to be famous promised not to stop contributing to the society even if they are not encouraged or got something for their was great time invested that I feel with these children....May God bless them.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkkude,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 Dimensional Marvel Nano-Creativity-Technology

3 Dimensional Marvel Nano-Creativity-Technology

3D Printing Revolution:

Manufacturing revolution:

Expressing yourself in 3D printing:

Creating perfect bones:

2 photon lethography and printing technology:

Creating Replica of oneself:

3-D Bio-printer and human organ creation:

Blood cells creation:

These are some of the good technological things that are happening after 5000 years, i.e. after Mahabharat era. Hope these technologies reside in good hands, to avoid past human mistakes, and hope those good hands will respect it, with impartial and ethical behaviour.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude