Sunday, January 22, 2012

God's own decision/s (poem)

God's own decision

Every body who meets anyone, in person, can't do so, without god has decided it.
Hope everyone agrees, that none can meet anyone, even on phone/email, without consent of God.
In fact, would say, all the meetings and their objectives are decided by God and then they happen.

God has a plan for Multi-verse, Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Earth, Nation, Family and individual entities.
He has Macro to Super-Macro-plan and he also has micro to ultra-micro-plans.
Thus, he has his own ways and plans to make it or break it.

Many have tried to prove or disprove what is stated here.
However, none can claim that s/he can surpass the Creator and sustainer of this world.
That's the beauty, as well as agony, of this world, and depends on which kind of situation or mind set one has at that moment.

Many times, the real truth-test is not in living the way we want, or the way it is going on,
but, is in the way you surrender to God and give up to God after so called your own tiny or big efforts,
and to detach yourself from worldly self, or attach yourself to the higher self or even higher Godly self. 

Ramkrishna Paramhans has already claimed that there is no self-will, it is always the God's will,
Still one must try his best with what ever he thinks is under his will power,
also, to try and reach the pinnacle of positivity in life, which we leads to enlighten self, if possible with the help of better guide.

Finally, it was God's decision to make us born, live and die, and one way all these phases and events in life are blessings of God.
One may realise it, if one self realise the struggle of each entity that it faces to create, survive and sustain itself.
However, one must always keep in his own conscious self that it's the God's decision and will of providing continuing energy that makes it happen. 

Many seers have realised it.

Many have realised that, at one perticular stage of conscious nothing prevails except God,
Nothing happens except few dots here and there, ultimately, what more one can do?
Still, ...., and ....hence, let's respect God's decision/s.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude