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Work is worship continues

Work is worship continues

Case 41:
"Sirji, we are common men".D
"We all are common men". S
"But we are not like you who are willing to give everything to world. We try to keep something with us, so that people ask us, respect us, give us money for consultation, keep us in demanding situation,..."D
"Ok. Done. Try to keep and increase your unwanted burden, remember, even if you won't contribute willingly/unwillingly, this world will extract, from you what ever they want. Then why not willingly contribute and that too positively? These contributions add down sweetness to your work is worship." Sadguru.

Case 42:
"Sirji, why do you say work is god?" D.
"You see, last time I told you, a realised soul sees God in everything, then why can't it be Work is God?" S, "Logically also it true." S.
"Then why not, Dacoit work is God?" D.
"So, you want to compair Lord Buddha with Angulimal?" S, (huge laugh).
"There are ethics, standard legal practises, scripts / books/ shruti / smriti, have devised some procedures and systems for some activites as well. Man, if you want to go to Delhi there are many roads that go to Delhi, but you need to take that road which suites you and saves your time, money, and efforts'." S
"Why you don't come forward as some Swami, Baba, Fakir, ....etc."D.
"What's use?" S.
"Also, already millions of such people are there. Contribution can be made also, by remaining unknown. That's what I like."S.
"Finally, I've not contributed negatively, even on this blog, is it?" S. (Huge laugh).
"Just see, how god works. Trillions of Galaxies, coming going, this and that, still he makes his disciple / devotee feel that s/he is important to him.....this is work is worship practised by God and hence Work is God, as well. Agreed?."S.
"Yes, sir", D.

Case 43:
"Sir, What's this work is worship? Can you tell me iin today's coolest language?" a Boy.
"Come on boy. In coolest language the action and words that hurts no one but benefits everyone is work is worship". S
"Is it theoretical?" Boy.
"No, it's highly practical. Books are written one you have practised it." S
"However, our generation thinks, bookish knowledge is different than practical". Boy
"No. It's one and the same thing. As you didn't came accross such people who look like us but inside mind they practise what they preach, hence, you have a problem." S.
"That's coolest words, I ever heard. Can I practise it without changing my life style and you know my own?" Boy.
"Yes, but ofcourse, but you have to leave your ego to almighty and then you can live an ethical life that you are living till end of your life." S.
The boy agreed.

Case 44:
A girl, "We are loosing creativity in the cut-copy-paste era."
S, "No in fact, you require brains for that too."
Girl, "How can I practise work is worship, when all are fake."
S, "Let others be what they are, but, you remain what you are."
Girl, "Can you repeat the words? They seem to be bible to me."
S, "But of course, you are like my child, 'Let others be what they are and want to be, but, you remain what you want to be."
Girl, "So you added one more word in to it?
S, "Yes, but for your own good. That is not fake, it is for truth and we work for the truthful purpose. We live for the purpose."
Girl, "Sir, I would like to live for a purpose, what should be purpose of life?"
S, "In early days, people who did worship work used to offer their work to the God, I'm doing same. In fact, the almighty is making it happen. After some time as Thakur Ramkrishna Paramhansa said, we do nothing. We only are puppet in the hands of God, is what we realise. I'm realising it at every moment."
Girl, "Can we realise it?"
S, "Yes, everyone has right to gain that conscience in his life."
Girl, "Let me try."
S, "All the best, beta."

Case 45:
A boy, "For the work is worship, do you have to be some kind of Baba or Fakir or Father or Sanyasi or Maharaj or...."
S, "No. You have to be ONE WITH YOUR OWN SELF", what so ever place, family, circumstances you may be in, become a conscious soul and see the result. You seem to be quite learned one in this area, hope these words are enough for you."
A boy, "Yes, Sir."

Case 46:
See this URL, more than 800 students got 100% marks and hence others cannot get admission in Shriram College."
"Any comment". Teenager/T.
"Absolutely great. There is no dearth of talent in this world. However, come to my field of spirituality. God loves 100% to everyone. Any doubt?" S.
"Why can't everyone then experience it?" T.
"Due to getting engrossed in the everyday life". Sadguru/S.
"Clean your mind and just see beyond that cloud of engorssment. You'll find clean sheen and fresh life at every moment. Every moment a happy moment." S
"No worrry and no currry and no horror and no...."T.
"It might be if there, but for some time. Again pure sould gets their purity back within moments." S.
"How to beomce pure soul?T.
"Let people do and go the way they want be truthful, ethical, and live the giant life that is given in Geeta and Shastras. People will call you theoretical, non practical. However, at the end of the day, it's theory=practise that gets Nirvana, not others."S.
"Amen", said the Teenager.

Case 47:
"Sir, why you keep lower profile than what you are? There are some people who have not contributed to society even 1% than what you have still they have become big saints and seers and businessmen, etc..." Teenager.
"Just see, what ever you earn, could be name, fame, money, relationship, excitement, mukti, nirvana, atmagyan, enlightenment, authority, etc. it remains here only. I've seen wise people having known all these, remain with the society and leave this abode. Why then try beyond that?" S
"Isn't it a negative attitude?" Teenager.
"No. I'm going to die one day, whihc coould be today and now, if you keep this formula with you, then, my contribution should help all becomes our attitude, and it a definitely a positive contribution and positivity as well."

Case 48:
"Sirji, why sermon all the times?" Disciples.
"As it is always from the source called God." Sadguru.

Case 49:
"Sirji, please save me this office politics will kill my career?" SP
"There is not a place where office politics is not there", S
"My boss is jealous about the way I clear doubts of colleagues and juniors and hence is trying to destroy my confidential record,"SP
"Done, we'll see, it" S
"Why this work is worship appleacable to us and not these dumb fools? Why not these sharks in organisation and nations been kicked out, rather shoot out?"SP
"Do you think the management and the government don't know them? They know it. However, because of compulsion of no one coming forward en masse as a strong evidence most of the cases gets pending. Also, try to know the parrallel economies in the world, you'll find that these same people to whom you call sharks are having strong base in it and hence, can manipulate anything they wish, at certain positive or negative authority. Hence, just keep going. No one can remove as capable person like you Mr. SP, till you do your job as work is worship. However the day you try to become like others, no one can save you." S.
"Agreed. That's why Work is worship for us, the common man, isn't it Sirji? SP
"Yes. Even Sharks are dependant on us. Don't laugh but the real work i.e. 80% work in an organisation is done by 20% good workers and rest is done by rest of the people." S.
"Yes sirji, I saw it since I saw you working." SP
"Are you ok?" S
"Yes." SP

Case 50"
"Can you tell me is it a revolution time for all the democracies?" C
"It is. In fact, the day take my words, 'The most honest, truthful, most well behaved, well cultured, most well civilised person becomes honourable in this world, and he also is able to do the business and become a richest man in the world, that day you can say that this world has got completed its revolution'" S.
"Do you mean to say there is no intellignet revolution in this world?"C.
"Not at society at large level but at individual levels many have gone through this phase and have attained the enlightenment". S.
"Has it happened in the past?" C.
"Yes. This world have seen many such revolutions and the cycle of positivity and negativity continues with very many reasons" S.
"How about revolutions accross the globe, are they intelligent revolutions?" C.
"Ya, at the preliminary levels." S.
"How about the case of India?" C.
"Long way to go, as we have one billion population and more than 50% below proverty line. We want the administration like we had during Vikram (of vikram and betal and sinhasan 32), who ruled with a principle of I'm here to serve the citizens, and sacrificed his life at least 100 times for that cause." S.
"So you mean to say, it's a pipe dream?" C.
"Not at all, if every one tries for work is worship..."S.
"How?" C.
"If, right from 1st citizen to last citizen, rich and famous, stars and megastars, sadhus and saints, common man and children, of this country tries for the best, then, why not it is possible?" S.
"It seems to be theoretical??" C.
"Do you mean to say, my all behaviour is theoretical?" Sadguru.
"No." C.
"If my theory and practise are aligned, though I'm unknown entity in this world, then why not others so called big personalities can do it?" S.
"Possible." C.
"Shall we try and go ahead?" S.
"Yes." C.

Case 51:
"People are master in complicating the things or manipulating the words and acts. "C.
"Agreed. However, we'll not do it, as part of work is worship, stay focused and fine tuned." S

Case 52:
"How can India come so much down?" B.
"Yes, you are right. From "Ayam Atma, i.e. I'm almighty, to Ayam Danav i.e. I'm Devil, is what you mean?" S.
"No, there will be a breaking point, where it'll break and something good will happen." B.
"I would say, there will be a fire point, and not even the flash point when some mass fire will get started and will destroy the current systems, procedures, and bad practices. However, the critical mass is not a daring one still now. The enemies are surrounding India and are sending host-parasites in the social fabric of India that are destroying it's so called billion year old culture. You see even a pin hole can destroy a fabric."S.
"Why are you taking such an extreme stand?" B.
"It's not a extreme stand but breaking faith of even one man in a 125 billion people is also a win for opponants of India. This is where we are failing. Ram left Seeta for one person's foolish talk/s. That's what I'm thinking." S
"What's the solution?" B
"Start from "Unity is Infinity", "Every one is important", "Ayam atma/ brahma", "Wayam Brahma", "Everyone is complete", ...then only we'll be able to fix some high aim and goals for the nation/world." S.

Case 53:
"If you trust god most of your problems are solved. If we climb the mountain by trusting god we feel it." B
"Come on, god is god, climbing process is god, mountain is god, "me/I/we/you" everything is God, trust itself is god, then, where does the problem lies? Why we require solutions on our created problems like ignorance?" S.
"True Sirji." B.

Case 54:
"We feel depressed Sirji for not getting success." Students.
"In your earlier childhood, how did you feel when you could not run faster than your stronger and taller friends?"S
"Same, sir." Students.
"Now how do you feel looking at back?" S
"Feel childish and those problems were nothing compared to this."Students.
"Look at it like that time compare and contrast, and take councelling from seniors to whom you trust more/most, and see the results." S.
"Thanks, Sir." Students.
"You see, if 5 year boy goes to 10 years old chap and 10 years chap goes to mother/father/senior, then they go to still seniors, .....the chain continues and thus at least someone solves the problem. Similarly who is the senior most of this world? The answer obviously is the Almighty God. If we take shelter in him, most of our problems could be solved, or at least we get proper direction that solves the problmes." S.
"Thank you Sirji." Students.

Case 55:
"Don't do adhoc work", S.
"Always do the authentic and structured work. Work been done in unorganised way may bring results but skills can't get transferred and may not long last. If the skills and knowledge is lost and if not recoreded then it will be huge loss to humanbeings. Already there are many such sciences/skills/knowledge resources which we have lost in the past. Hence, we all around the world must avoid this ad hocism." S.
"Why Sir? If I tell how to do the work and gives away my skills then my colleagues may take over me and may go up/higher than me?" Student/Businessman.
"Look here I tell you, if you meditate on god everyday, you'll attain the Nirvana. Now, you know the procedure, you have the skills. Tell me what loss I have suffered?" S.
"Sir, spirituality is different practicality is different rather opposite. You have to be too much selfish and egoistic in the practical life." Student.
"No. Try this." S.
After few months.
"I agree with you, you've changed my life". Student.
"God is great, he lives longer." S.

Case 56:
"Sirji, can we travel more than speed of light?" ABC.
"Yes. Our thoughts travel faster than light. Just think, I'm here, I'm on Andromida Galaxy, I'm away some 20 billion light years just now. Plural existance or due to omni presence. In fact, I'm not travelling I'm already existing everywhere. It's not theory but a fact." S
"Also, may be today, we don't have technology but vedic era it was there. Pushpak Viman travelled faster than sound almost 2 million years ago. Thus, all nations must have 1% fund devoted together to build spaceships faster than light to establish human civilisation in multiverse".S.
"Sirji, then why we cry, show expectations, and face agonies?" ABC.
"It's part of physical world. It's what you face, we face, Saints face, the Godmen on earth face, every entity faces. Ok? Still we must focuse on offering everything to God in case we feel we are separate from God." S

Case 57: "How to start practising work is worship?" M
"Also, why do you look for inspirations all the times?" M
"True inspiration is inside ourselves. Our infinite soul has infinte inspiration for everyone. Still in general, if we get some inspiration from stories or live examples then why not we invest time, rather than wasting time?" S.
"In early days, when guru is to teach the shishya/student/disciple in his gurukul, most of the the prime time went in understanding all the aspects of life. Mostly the senior Guru, used to set example in front of the young practitionar. The Disciple used to scintifically analyse the behaviour and solutions of the Guru, and used to adopt once for all once he was convinced. It was true practise for the work is worship."

Case 58:

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude