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Some Super Genius Quotes

Some Super Genius Quotes:
Please remember/note, God never forgets, forgives, and fuss anything. For him every moment is valuable and further enlightening. For him, every ethical activity at every place is important, and every entity is invaluably precious.....Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude....All following thoughts are coming from God and I'm the medium for him. 

0. Don't follow me though I'm a leader. As, I'm not moving at all. I'm constant. I'm constantly at the feet of God. Leave me, if you have any other destinations.

1. I can read between the lines,
I can read the lines,
I can read the past in the lines, and
I can predict what could be after the lines, as well,
as I know the way world moves and the way world works.

2. God, Thy will be done,
Irrespective of my free will as few say.
I cannot control the infinite galaxies,
Which you can do at ease,
I cannot control even the movement of leaves
(as Sant Tukaram Says and Thakur Ramkrishna Paramhans says and which is my experience as well)
Hence, thy will be done.

3. Genius are those who conceive the idea
Genius are those who process it
Genius are those who implement it
Genius are those who make its use for whole of mankind and go beyond it.

4. Theory comes from practical,
Practical comes from theory,
However, till both are not same,
This world can not be worth living for all/every entity.

5. Best of the best cultures and likes of Indian civilisations have some firm basics and concrete fundamentals,
some rigidity and some flexibility in thoughts and actions,
some core values and some boundary-line values,
some importance to every moment and event of lives of everyone,
some basic faults and show offs.
However, if any civilisation survives for millions of years, then even god must say that, it has to have soul in it.

6. Spiritually it is possible to have Christmas, Diwali at every moment, then why not in the practical world? It is duty of every human being and every human that have taken birth in this world, to realise this. Only realised and enlightened souls can realise this every moment Diwali/Christmas.

7. God loves wise men. Not because they chant his name and for their devotion, but, for the fact that, even if these wise men know, what others think about them and people try to fool wise men still, they allow people to fool them, and let people think they are wise men.
Thus this way, Wise men are Truly are amazing. In other words, even if they know others are fooling to them, they feel helpless as they think, till god wishes fool's mindset can't be changed.

8. Painfully, ethos and values are diminishing and other material things are getting more importance. A day will come in every individuals life when they will realise that Truth, Honesty, Interpersonal excellence really are valuable assets than running any kind of business worth millions or billions or trillions. A day will come in every organisation's life when they will be closed, on account of deceiving even one hard worker who worked for them. In fact, the owner and the people who run that business will realise it soon. Take my words, if this kind of system doesn't exists in this world then, fools, badmen and notorious will rule the world, in fact will destroy this world. Already whether and environment is destroyed, next attack would be on human mind set, beliefs, needs and wants and human society as whole.

9. Whenever, lethargy, ignorance, taking ownership of work, valuing work, valuing integrity and honesty, paying value to hard work, respect for skills and respect for seniors vanishes from the organisation, just remember, the down turn of that organisation has started.

10. Unless forced, in this pure world, no entity can become corrupt/impure.

11. Exploitation is like eating sugarcane from root to its apical bud. The more any individual/group gets exploited more it harms the exploiters in long run. In fact, I have seen organisations and individuals being closing their business because of this phenomenon, in fact, at start they felt "How we deceived that person?" (and they laughed). Then it became their habit and slowly word of mouth destroyed their organisation. The individuals also faced problems in their further life.

12. I this era of smart workers, I don't know whether smart workers win the race of life, however, I have seen real hard workers and real contributors winning the race of life.

13. All the kinds of knowledge have macro and micro part of it, broad and subtle of it. However, it is sure, knowledge leads to enlightenment, knowledge leads finite self towards infinity, knowledge leads confusion to clarity, it could in any form and in any field. Knowledge must lead to enlightenment, that's all. I agree with Swami Vivekananda and Lord Shrikrishna (Geeta).

14. It is true that honest, truthful, and trustworthy person can't be defeated unless the person is sabotaged, back beaten, or some unholy unity among group of people play politics with him.

15. Most of the life of many people is wasted in unrealistic activities or talks, or in holding or trying to grab unholy things. If these same people invest their time in positive activities the world would be much better to live and let other souls live and help many to live a good life. Another part of this discussion could be, none of us discusses about, live and let live is ok but, how about Leave and let leave? How about when you leave this world leave something behind of which world would be proud of you? How about leave bad habits/work/actions/thoughts and let good habits/work/actions/thoughts capture the world? Why we keep always some grey areas so that someone can take advantage on some issues? The grey areas starts greed and this greed, let grow the greed among opposing parties/entities, and thus start wars among them. Invest and let invest, and encourage to invest positively, should be mantra for time and all of our resources that makes life worth living than wasting.

16. As it is stated in Geeta and Veda, every soul is potentially divine, thus, it also means that every soul has infinite potentials, as well.

17. Indian Economy was Inclusive and Exclusive since time immemorial as everyone can survive in this land. Inclusive as it can accommodate poor, middle class, and rich, Exclusive as it can accommodate special entities, called Kings and Beggars, etc. as well. The Kings dynasties have been eradicated by Democracy, and the challenge lies in eradicating Beggars by including them in the working culture by providing them special trainings etc. to be part of this Economy. Thus, finally, it could become a spiritually perfect economy.

18.If imagination of an entity is possible then it’s existence is possible.
If Nano technology exists then Quark Based technology also exists, (My research paper in 2004). If matter and anti matter exists then fusion and fission are possible at hottest possible temperature as well as coldest possible temperature, as well. If real world exists, then reel and virtual world also exists, and if these all exists then magical, angelic, and god’s world also exists. In fact that is been seen and observed in the Virat Rup i.e. gigantic existence of God in the 11th chapter of Bhagavat Geeta.
This way one of my friends accepted the existence of God and promised to be a good person in future.
19. If we call space as existence of Zero. Then what is empty set? When nothing is inside we call that set as empty set. However, space exists there it means zero = empty = nothing. However, in the infinite multiverse, if we delete the stars and such bodies then there exists only space, Zero. However, we call this whole space as infinite, then infinity = zero. Thus, a cycle of existence and non-existence of god at super conscious level happens. In fact that is the concept given in Veda, Geeta, and Upnishad, as well, nothing new.
This way one of my friends accepted the existence of God and promised to be a good person in future.
20.If there is a machine then there must be a creator who knows to run the machine? My another friend agreed. God is the person who created this world and he churns it in existence, and non-existence, way. Whenever the system goes irreparable God comes on earth and corrects the system through proper means and goes back to his place to correct another such system wherever there is fault. Thus, the whole multiverse runs and god has no time for rest. Suddenly, that friend accepted “Oh, no, I don’t want to pain him more”, and accepted the existence of God.
This way one of my friends accepted the existence of God and promised to be a good person in future.
21.Who suffers more? To, one of my very good friend I asked. He said, “God suffers nothing, we suffer more”. He was drunkard. Once his "drink" got out in the morning, I told him. “Man, if everyone starts drinking then in totality how much god will have to bear? In total he has to take care of trillions and trillions of species as he cannot bear their pain. At present you suffer for yourself only, what about god, he suffers for the whole lot of species what must be his suffering? He said, “Infinite”. Also, because of pain only we come to realize our own existence and path towards our end. We end with our body, however, what about god? Trillions of species dies at this moment and come into existence the next moment. Then is it not the infinite pain that god suffers for infinite time? Then he accepted that God suffers more than an individual. Finally, he accepted the existence of god.
This way one of my friends accepted the existence of God and promised to be a good person in future.

22. Once, one Saint was asked, "What should I do if I don't get a good sleep in the night?"
"Recite god's name hence/or Meditate. It is free of cost and investment of time and big investment of life too. However, do it without showing to the world."
Next night onward, once he started reciting god's name after few minutes only he went in deep sleep.
Slowly, he got used for this habit of reciting god's name before sleep. Finally, should I mention here that person was totally different than what he used, to be?

23. It is the problem with people who call it Utopia or doubt Utopian thougths and its happening. There is no problem with the so called word 'Utopia'.

24. Damage done by the intellectuals, rich and powerful people are far worst than done by others.

25. If you can't control yourself, you can't control others. It is true. Also, true is if can't control 6 billion population on earth and damage created by them, then you'll not be able to control damage done by 10 billion people in 2025 A.D.

26. It's amazing Rationally minded people and Scientists call Spiritual people superstitious, while Spiritual people laugh at those people who are blind for the spiritual happenings.

27.Real rulers always rule behind the scenes, the faces we see, directly i.e knowingly or indirectly i.e. unknowingly work for them.

28. If honesty, truthfulness, piousness, ethics, values were only words in theory they might have evaporated from the dictionary by now. Look at the devoted mothers and a new born baby, it's with them. Look at the face of a realised soul, it with him/her. Look at the Sun, it with it. Look at the ever pervading conscious / God it is with it. Experience it. Don't go with the world and media and your physical senses only. Live with it respect the senses but go beyond that.

Speak very sweetly as it's easy to eat it back, just in case.

Civil Society always have more number than the Evil Society.
However, dare to do anti social acts is where evil society outclasses the civil society.
Amazingly, Civil Society outclasses by sheer number in good acts, and hence, the world keeps moving.

Once, God Super-Conscience talked to me, and told me,
I'm so still, that no one can move me.
I'm so dynamic that no one can outclass/outsmart me
I'm so unbreakable that no one can break me
I'm so flexible, but no one can  bend me down
I'm so much ever present, but, very few can feel my presence
I'm so much in front of every one's eyes,but very few can feel my presence,
I'm so much gettable but very few can get me
I'm so much in you that you cannot separate you and me,
God bless me, you, every one and every entity, the entirety is God, thus god blesses himself only.

Jene viththal Matra Ghyvai Tene Pathey Sambhalavi. (Marathi).
Means: If you are true devotee of god then take car of yourself, and consume those things which are necessary only.

Having no power is more dangerous than having less power in the country. However, No-Power is more dangerous than having some power. Also, if you believe power is in particular chair, then it's dangerous, as the same chair might be always in threat of getting toppled by someone who can outsmart it's predecessor. Then there is no end to this toppling.

One cannot become great by showing others down. In fact, one's work must speak volumes, showing originality.

Organisations develop voids, by keep insulting it's employees time and again.

Organisations having personalities bigger brand than it's own, can improve it's brand. However, organisations must not show that branded personality his place, i.e. "You're just an employee here, you may be big hero or great personality outside". This spread negativity outside about your own organisation.

37. "Ashish, Your, India is a Mess," My friend, was luaghing after seeing the traffic and all fantastic stuff.
The lighter vein became more lighter, when, I said, "Yes, we cook continental food, Chinese food, South Indian food, Thai food, North Indian food, ...etc."
"No, no, not that kind of mess..." and he could not stop laughing.

38. Human being is animal when he thinks about war and fighting,
Human being is God when he takes care of child
Human being is human being when when he helps his fellow poor people who are dying of hunger in many places.
Any doubt?

39. It takes soulfully loving understanding about your mentee and thus to mentor others, and let your mentee become toppers or let mentees achieve excellence in their fields. Otherwise, you become tormentor and not a mentor.

40. Howsoever you may try, this world is perishable thing, our bodies, mind, brains, and other material things. It's a world known fact. It's also known fact that it takes lot of energy and stress to build you these perishable things. Hence, to remain focus on non perishable god, which, requires no energy, should be or aim. It can be done in infinite ways, trust your own ways that have been confirmed from seers, saints, scripts and soul of God.

41. If you show me Atoms, and Quarks, without hurting anybody's feelings, and prove that all the theories are perfect. I'll show you god.

42. If you prove that life exists only on earth, then, think again and read 11th chapter of Geeta (Bhagavadgeeta) where God has said, that, there are many such places, it's there. Even Arjuna watched unknown creatures and worlds, when God, let him saw these worlds with special sensors/ ultra-hyper-sensitive eyes.

43. It's better to be safe than to repent.

44. Strange though it seems, but, human civilization can survive only if we take care of the weakest and if we have strategy of survival of the weakest, however, we're going in exactly opposite direction at present. Viruses have survived for millions of years with this principle.

45. Humans killing humans or using humans for their own cause, is the worst cannibalism I feel.

46. Are human going to fight with each other for millions of years. Ex. 1. USA is going to fight with Russia or China or some other countries for millions of years? Ex. 2. Is India going to fight with Pakistan for millions of years?

If human civilization wants to expand beyond earth they need to stop these fantastic wars and finding enemies among themselves. 

47. Women in their best form are mothers. Far better than as sisters, wives, grand mothers, in law, boss, subordinate, or any other relation they can hold.

48. Our Soul is the best start and finishing line for us in this life to attain complete peace, sojourn happiness, and spiritual bliss.


Coming more.

Kindly note the End note:
If these quotes are implemented, ex. 17th, then only human civilisation can survive the dooms days. In fact, even every entity can become enlightened one.
Sorry if someone is hurt, in any of my effort to delight every one and enlighten everyone.Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,