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Another encouraging and influential true life story of Master Rahul Siddharth Nale who made it to IIT

Another encouraging and influential true life story of Master Rahul Siddharth Nale who made it to IIT

IIT is India's topmost Engineering and Technological Institute in which students get selected after Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) after 12th grade/standard. One of the toughest still these people Rahul and Abhishek made it after facing hardship in life, hence, quite encouraging story for one and all. It's a story about self belief, confidence, hard work than smart work, and genuine genius.

Probably god hides these gems for some part of life till they really become worthy/chiseled/ carved/polished/groomed/mentored to be displayed to the world. I don't know how many such excellent gems god has hidden in this world. This world is full of talent, you need to have vision to visualize talent in all.

Please Read and Get Encouraged.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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How to fill up the Leadership Voids and Vacuums? Is it a typical succession problem?

How to fill up the Leadership Voids and Vacuums? Is it a typical succession problem?

Ideally, the leadership and legacy should continue forever.

However, in this world somehow practically Perpetual motion machine of first kind is impossible and all the times heaven on earth is impossible according to some experts and specialists. Whether you take examples from human beings or take example from so called any non-living things. Hence, please see the following cases then you'll feel and why these experts claim that it's not true that leadership and legacy is forever:

Case 1:

Void/ Vacuum created by one entity cannot be totally and entirely replaced by any other entity.


Let us start with example so called non-living entities first. Though many can prove every entity is living but, we'll think scientifically first not spiritually.

Suppose, we extract iron ore from the earth at certain places. The mass, the density, the volume, and the dimensions are specific. Suppose we try to fit there some garbage from the city in that mine, it cannot replace the void created there. Hence, it could be catastrophic, if the earth in that area cannot cope up, with this reduced pressure. It may result in earth quake, or land slide or, earth may crumple inside, etc.

Similarly, scientists have started thinking how to fill the loopholes, gaps, voids, created by the Oil being dig out from the earth. The major reason being, the earth part above the void could crumple inside earth. The regions which could face this danger include Gulf Countries, Off-Shore places, underground mines, and other such places.

God, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, almighty is there, and that too everywhere in every entity, I agree but we are talking about human efforts, required.

Now think about higher level living personalities. When Indian Congress Party was indirectly headed by Honorable Revered M. K. Gandhi, it was doing well. After him? In fact, hardly he could be replaced by some equally capable person, is what many people feel.

Agreed, each entity is different, each character is different, and each personality is different.

However, why Gandhiji's legacy could not be continued?

How to feel this vacuum and void?

Case 2:

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Genetically modified life and lives has arrived

Genetically modified life and lives has arrived

Radical research breakthrough in creating artificially modified lives of different species

Artificial Lives, Synthetic lives, discussion and Q and A on bbc:

Ethics and other discussions on this issue:

coming more.

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No sponsors for/to right talents? Same old story

No sponsors for/to right talents? Same old story

(Please read the article in right spirit, I am not blaming anyone and any person or organisation or nation in particular. Welfare and development of all is my concern. I am not against any entity in this world and/or beyond, who are trying positivity in human society at large and everywhere else. )

We lost opportunities even after qualifying for such prestigious places, my older generation lost, now this generation is losing. We lost opportunity due to lack of sponsorship for science, engineering, management, technology, cricket, chess, poetry, Sanskrit and several such International events.

Why real talent other than Glam-Sham-Populous-Money fetcher events do not attract sponsors?

Does it also mean that only show business is the business where people will get sponsorship and not to literature, arts, science, astrology, sports (other than cricket in India), and other skilled talents.

This is the place (Somalwar High School, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur) we studied in Nagpur, where again students are losing opportunity to go to NASA.

I lost lot of such opportunities, in the Engineering and Management field
1. Twice in Columbia University, USA
2. Twice in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT_USA,
3. UNESCO 4 times, and even top bodies in these fields rejected the sponsorship on the ground that they don't have funds, I have letter for proof.
4. In Chess 4 times,
5. In Cricket twice
6. Music once rejected on the ground that I was not from Pune or Mumbai,
7. My poems and literature was rejected on the ground again that I was not from Pune or Mumbai,
8. My Management Research papers were rejected from Mumbai Journals on the ground I'm from Nagpur University, that were excepted later by UNESCO,
9. My Engineering Research paper was rejected by Pune based Institute as I'm from Nagpur, it was a huge success at UNESCO again.
10. When I was Professor, I lost my Fulbright fellowship as institute thought why should we pay for your absence of 3 months? Short vision. In that 3 months I could have taken name of the institute around the world and could have brought lot more contacts for further studies, or business and for much more things.
11. In Akashwani (Radio), we lost opportunity to again Mumbai boys and girls who were selected in spite of good performance from Nagpur boys and girls.


I think it's a world over phenomenon not only in India, many times smaller cities people have their own woes, one of them is not getting exposure or opportunity even if they have talent better than the metros or other big cities.

In fact, names like Honourable President of India Mrs. Pratibhatai Devisingh Patil, Mr. Shashank Manohar President of BCCI, Mr. Nitin Gadkari President of BJP, Mr. Prafulla Patel Aviation Minister of Congress, and other such talents are from Nagpur or live in 200 miles near to Nagpur, proves that point. However, they are getting chance after so many years.

THUS, I'm happy slowly it is changing.

There is one other sides of the story:
1. HBS once rejected my research paper which is the most popular in the world now, they proclaimed at that time that they accept the paper only when it is co authored with HBS Professor. It was ok as that was the rule at that time.

Now, one more recurring problem with developing and under developed countries.

To tell you exact figures with record I have, I know, at least 922 students of mine, who were merit ranked in Bachelors in Management/ Engineering or Diploma in Engineering who could go for higher studies but in vain due to lack of sponsorship or funds or loan facilities. Now, it's good that Banks are coming forward for education loans. However, again how many dare to avail loan facility? It is a big question.

However, question here is where has that Indian, DAANI (Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi word) or Philanthropists have gone? Why cannot they act Proactively than Reactively? Why always talent should bow before them? Otherwise as always the top talent pullers the Multi-National Companies all around the world will higher them and siphon these talent out of country (some times) as happened with my other friends till date. Out of class of 60 in my 12th grade/standard half have settled in USA. 25% in UK and 25% in other European countries. In fact, my all the merit ranked friends from the same schools never got opportunity in India, it could be juniors or seniors or class fellows. Take example of Mr. Rajiv Balakrishnan, he was younger brother of my class friend Mr. Raman (who is no more now due to some disease in 1983-84), he wanted to be Olympic champion in athletics, he was not provided better recognition and facilities, he got offer from USA, he has settled there. Huge loss to nation. He could have provided at least 10 Mr. Usain Bolts to India in last 15 years, he is very good teacher as well.

Any how, read the old story renewed due to attitude problem in places. Now, its clear, if people/public have shorter aims, they cannot develop institutions and nations and organisations.

Just remember, if developed these children can be great contributors to the world at large and not only NASA, ISRO, or any other organisation or place or individually for themselves. As I believe the well groomed child in India takes care of parents, wife, children and family similarly these well groomed children can contribute to society.

Read the old story, renewed on TOI, with new names and new date and time. These children are not getting sponsorship in 2010 when India seems to be booming economy:

Sorry for the harsh words but lack of recognizing real talents at early childhood has lost more .......,.....

Also, this remains for longer in the society, human being will not be able to put their civilizations around the Universe or multiverse. That's for sure.

Let's hope for the best.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Even perfectionists like Oxford dictionary can keep error for 100 years?

Even perfectionists like Oxford dictionary can keep error for 100 years?
Australian websites:
Indian websites:
Other websites:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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How does Humanoid Robot like ASIMO works? What are the fundamentals?

How does Humanoid Robot like ASIMO works? What are the fundamentals?

iCube technology is open source, and freely available on the Internet:
iCube is a infant (human child like) Robot:

Thanks to Wikipedia.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

How to write Research Paper? How to pursue Research? Tips from Wikipedia

How to write Research Paper? How to pursue Research? Tips from Wikipedia:
Really, Wikipedia is great free encyclopedia.

What Journal Article should have in it? Tips from Wikipedia:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

How Postal-Voting concept works in UK general election?

How Postal-Voting concept works in UK general election?

How does it works around the world including the biggest democracy in the world, India?

Dr. Ashish