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Business School Survey by ZEE 2008

Business School Survey by ZEE 2008:
For ready reference:

Indian Biotechnology firms like Biocon are excelling the value chain

Indian Biotechnology firms like Biocon are excelling the value chain

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How to make business LEAN?

How to make business LEAN?

The Toyota way:,

The Toyota Way: Lean Thinking: TPM: , , ,

Visual Lean Management:

Example of Lean Manufacturing:

TPM 1970:

Mapping value stream:

Dupont Case Study:

Value Stream Maturity Model:

Lean and Lean 6 Sigma in Research:

Few cases are similar to Best Car Manufacturing in this blog.

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White Tigers, White Lions, White Peacock photos from Banerrughatta National Park Bangalore

White Tigers, White Lions, White Peacock photos from Bannerughatta National Park, Bangalore, India
Sorry, I've lost the pictures when I exchanged the Blackberry, for the other better piece.
Hence, putting the Wikipedia URLs:
Yes this was the white tiger we saw:  
White Panther:
White Pea Cock or Pea Fowl:

Thanks to Wikipedia.
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Some radical business moves from giant organisations

Some radical business moves from giant organisations

It is Indian Tobacco Company (ITC), their radical move were, they are into hotels, in e-Chaupal the Agribusiness, and ...... , just know it.
Web sites:

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Miracles: Religious, Medical, .....

Miracles: Religious, Medical, .....

Most famous: The religious miracles:

Many Saints said that they avoid interfering in God's matter. However, still miracles happen.
There is no sect, no religion, no caste, no Creed, no race once some human being reaches that stage of Sainthood, s/he becomes unison with God's powers and as whole entity, few people call them channel of God for the human beings for the world.
Few even say people bow to those Saints who "show" miracles. Though miracles happens still people say some one shows miracles, etc. so no arguments for these being faiths of many religions and faiths we are just watching the examples to grow our belief in God and not to diminish it or hurt anybody.
Take example of Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Sant Dnyaneshwar (Gyaneshwar), Sant Tukaram, Saint Joseph, Saint Patric, Mohammad Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Mohammad Tajuddin, Sant Nanak Dev, Saint Mirabai, Pop John Paul, Pop Benedict, Sant Gajanan Maharaj, Sant Gora Kumbhar, Bhagawan Mahavir, Bhagavan Buddha, Bhagavan Meher Baba, Bhagavan Ramkrishna Paramhans, .....the list is un ending.
In Christianity, they are collecting miracles happened in the life of , take example, Mother Teressa, then they declare that devotee of God as Saint. Just read the news about her holiness Mother Teresaa:

Some websites to refer for such faithful miracles in different faiths:
Jesus Christ: , , etc.
Sai baba:
Dnyaneshwar/ Gyaneshwar:
Mahavira and other Teerthankars:

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Most famous: The Scientific and Medical miracles:

After multiple surgeries little Lakshmi (child) can walk:,21985,21182108-5012507,00.html

Combination of Scientific and Religious miracles:

Medical Miracles of the Holy Koran:

Power of Prayer on Health:

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Technologies in Focus in 2008 and organisations behind them

Technologies in Focus in 2008 and organisations behind them

World's top 100 blogs for Management and Leadership

World's top 100 blogs for Management and Leadership

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2008 Results: World's Top 10 Organisations from different perspectives

2008 Results: World's Top 10 Organisations from different perspectives

By Ethics: Top 10 Most Ethical Organisations:

By Worth:

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His Wisdom and Hon. Mr. Narayan Murthy's Guidance to Youth

His Wisdom and Hon. Mr. Narayan Murthy's Guidance to Youth

Hon. Mr. Narayan Murthy


The way he Lead Infosys:

His Leadership Development Ventures:

Student Development Center:

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Dr. Ashish Urkude,

The WILL Power of NARESH to Reach IIT Even after his physical challenges

The WILL Power of NARESH to Reach IIT Even after his physical challenges:

Thanks to

Just read the article and get inspired.

God bless him and people like him.

Now he has graduated from IIT.

Some additional Articles on this issue from various sources:

Naga Naresh Karutura has just passed out of IIT Madras in Computer Science and has joined Google in Bangalore.
You may ask, what's so special about this 21-year-old when there are hundreds of students passing out from various IITs and joining big companies like Google?
Naresh is special. His parents are illiterate. He has no legs and moves around in his powered wheel chair. (In fact, when I could not locate his lab, he told me over the mobile phone, 'I will come and pick you up'. And in no time, he was there to guide me)
Ever smiling, optimistic and full of spirit; that is Naresh. He says, "God has always been planning things for me. That is why I feel I am lucky."

Read why Naresh feels he is lucky. ..............

Childhood in a village I spent the first seven years of my life in Teeparru, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, on the banks of the river Godavari. My father Prasad was a lorry driver and my mother Kumari, a house wife. Though they were illiterate, my parents instilled in me and my elder sister (Sirisha) the importance of studying.
Looking back, one thing that surprises me now is the way my father taught me when I was in the 1st and 2nd standards. My father would ask me questions from the text book, and I would answer them. At that time, I didn't know he could not read or write but to make me happy, he helped me in my studies!
Another memory that doesn't go away is the floods in the village and how I was carried on top of a buffalo by my uncle. I also remember plucking fruits from a tree that was full of thorns.
I used to be very naughty, running around and playing all the time with my friends.. I used to get a lot of scolding for disturbing the elders who slept in the afternoon. The moment they started scolding, I would run away to the fields!
I also remember finishing my school work fast in class and sleeping on the teacher's lap!
January 11, 1993, the fateful dayOn the January 11, 1993 when we had the sankranti holidays, my mother took my sister and me to a nearby village for a family function. From there we were to go with our grandmother to our native place. But my grandmother did not come there. As there were no buses that day, my mother took a lift in my father's friend's lorry. As there were many people in the lorry, he made me sit next to him, close to the door.
It was my fault; I fiddled with the door latch and it opened wide throwing me out. As I fell, my legs got cut by the iron rods protruding from the lorry. Nothing happened to me except scratches on my legs.
The accident had happened just in front of a big private hospital but they refused to treat me saying it was an accident case. Then a police constable who was passing by took us to a government hospital.
First I underwent an operation as my small intestine got twisted. The doctors also bandaged my legs. I was there for a week. When the doctors found that gangrene had developed and it had reached up to my knees, they asked my father to take me to a district hospital. There, the doctors scolded my parents a lot for neglecting the wounds and allowing the gangrene to develop. But what could my ignorant parents do?
In no time, both my legs were amputated up to the hips.
I remember waking up and asking my mother, where are my legs? I also remember that my mother cried when I asked the question. I was in the hospital for three months.
Life without legs,I don't think my life changed dramatically after I lost both my legs. Because all at home were doting on me, I was enjoying all the attention rather than pitying myself. I was happy that I got a lot of fruits and biscuits.

'I never wallowed in self-pity'

July 28, 2008

The day I reached my village, my house was flooded with curious people; all of them wanted to know how a boy without legs looked. But I was not bothered; I was happy to see so many of them coming to see me, especially my friends!
All my friends saw to it that I was part of all the games they played; they carried me everywhere.
God's hand, I believe in God. I believe in destiny. I feel he plans everything for you. If not for the accident, we would not have moved from the village to Tanuku, a town. There I joined a missionary school, and my father built a house next to the school. Till the tenth standard, I studied in that school.
If I had continued in Teeparu, I may not have studied after the 10th. I may have started working as a farmer or someone like that after my studies. I am sure God had other plans for me.
My sister, my friendWhen the school was about to reopen, my parents moved from Teeparu to Tanuku, a town, and admitted both of us in a Missionary school. They decided to put my sister also in the same class though she is two years older. They thought she could take care of me if both of us were in the same class. My sister never complained.
She would be there for everything. Many of my friends used to tell me, you are so lucky to have such a loving sister. There are many who do not care for their siblings.
She carried me in the school for a few years and after a while, my friends took over the task. When I got the tricycle, my sister used to push me around in the school.
My life, I would say, was normal, as everyone treated me like a normal kid. I never wallowed in self-pity. I was a happy boy and competed with others to be on top and the others also looked at me as a competitor.
Inspiration I was inspired by two people when in school; my Maths teacher Pramod Lal who encouraged me to participate in various local talent tests, and a brilliant boy called Chowdhary, who was my senior.
When I came to know that he had joined Gowtham Junior College to prepare for IIT-JEE, it became my dream too. I was school first in 10th scoring 542/600.
Because I topped in the state exams, Gowtham Junior College waived the fee for me. Pramod Sir's recommendation also helped. The fee was around Rs 50,000 per year, which my parents could never afford.
Moving to a residential school Living in a residential school was a big change for me because till then my life centred around home and school and I had my parents and sister to take care of all my needs. It was the first time that I was interacting with society. It took one year for me to adjust to the new life.
There, my inspiration was a boy called K K S Bhaskar who was in the top 10 in IIT-JEE exams. He used to come to our school to encourage us. Though my parents didn't know anything about Gowtham Junior School or IIT, they always saw to it that I was encouraged in whatever I wanted to do.. If the results were good, they would praise me to the skies and if bad, they would try to see something good in that. They did not want me to feel bad.
They are such wonderful supportive parents.
Life at IIT- Madras, Though my overall rank in the IIT-JEE was not that great (992), I was 4th in the physically handicapped category. So, I joined IIT, Madras to study Computer Science..
Here, my role model was Karthik who was also my senior in school. I looked up to him during my years at IIT- Madras.
He had asked for attached bathrooms for those with special needs before I came here itself. So, when I came here, the room had attached bath. He used to help me and guide me a lot when I was here.
I evolved as a person in these four years, both academically and personally. It has been a great experience studying here. The people I was interacting with were so brilliant that I felt privileged to sit along with them in the class. Just by speaking to my lab mates, I gained a lot..
'There are more good people in society than bad ones'

July 28, 2008

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to Prof Pandurangan and all my lab mates; all were simply great. I was sent to Boston along with four others for our internship by Prof Pandurangan. It was a great experience.
Joining Google R&DI did not want to pursue PhD as I wanted my parents to take rest now.
Morgan Stanley selected me first but I preferred Google because I wanted to work in pure computer science, algorithms and game theory.
I am lucky. Do you know why I say I am lucky?
I get help from total strangers without me asking for it. Once after my second year at IIT, I with some of my friends was travelling in a train for a conference. We met a kind gentleman called Sundar in the train, and he has been taking care of my hostel fees from then on.
I have to mention about Jaipur foot. I had Jaipur foot when I was in 3rd standard. After two years, I stopped using them. As I had almost no stems on my legs, it was very tough to tie them to the body. I found walking with Jaipur foot very, very slow. Sitting also was a problem. I found my tricycle faster because I am one guy who wants to do things faster.
One great thing about the hospital is, they don't think their role ends by just fixing the Jaipur foot; they arrange for livelihood for all. They asked me what help I needed from them. I told them at that time, if I got into an IIT, I needed financial help from them. So, from the day I joined IIT, Madras, my fees were taken care of by them. So, my education at the IIT was never a burden on my parents and they could take care of my sister's Nursing studies.
Surprise awaited me at IIT After my first year, when I went home, two things happened here at the Institute without my knowledge.
I got a letter from my department that they had arranged a lift and ramps at the department for me.. It also said that if I came a bit early and checked whether it met with my requirements, it would be good.
Second surprise was, the Dean, Prof . Idichandy and the Students General Secretary, Prasad had located a place that sold powered wheel chairs. The cost was Rs 55,000. What they did was, they did not buy the wheel chair; they gave me the money so that the wheel chair belonged to me and not the institute.
My life changed after that. I felt free and independent.
That's why I say I am lucky. God has planned things for me and takes care of me at every step.
The world is full of good people, I also feel if you are motivated and show some initiative, people around you will always help you. I also feel there are more good people in society than bad ones. I want all those who read this to feel that if Naresh can achieve something in life, you can too.

The Best Transaction Banking Awards 2008

The Best Transaction Banking Awards 2008

These are conducted by Asset on March 08, 2008.
Let us watch the standings and pictures showing who won what?:
The kinds of Awards:
2007 Awards:
Who are Asset?
Research and Intelligence:
The kind of Research:
Why this Benchmark?
To keep Banking and Financial activities the best in the world.

TFR Award in the Field of Finance: The List of 2008 and details:

Global Customdian Agent Bank Reveiw: 2008:

FT Sustanable Banking Awards:
The Only Indian Bank is this is YES Bank.

Awards of Excellence 2008:

Other Awards:

Merchant Banking Awards: 2007-2008 in Sweden:

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

Thank God (Poem)

Thank God (Poem)

Hey God, thanks a lot to you.
For, all these things.
You let me know, the ever perishing quality of this world.
You let me know, your hidden powers to do anything and everything.
You let me know, your compassion, and your motherly love.
You let me know, your power to destroy billions of galaxies at a time.
You let me know, nothing can move, stand without your will.
You let me know, even biggest of the biggest authorities will die.
You let me know, your tyrant qualities.
You let me know, your infinite positive qualities.
You let me know, your system, methods, and distribution of authorities.
You let me know, how troubles become opportunities for new generations.
You let me know, your infiniteness, vastness.
You let me know, your tiniest creatures and creativities.
You let me know, that you can create heaven instantly in even in the land of death.
You let me know, your unfathomable depth of knowledge.
You let me know, your nature of infinite time and lengths.
You let me know, your un-comparableness.
You are unique,
You are one,
You may be called with different names,
But, you are omnipotent and omnicious.
YOU are the creator of this known and unknown world, worlds and beyond.
I leave everything to you, as I know, you know about me, my past, present and future better than I know myself.
God take care of this world and beyond.
Thank God for allowing to express what really I feel about you and beyond.
Thank God.

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Open Course Ware, Free Course ware, Free Lectures, Free Learning Material providing websites

Open Course Ware, Free Course ware, Free Lectures, Free Learning Material providing websites:

These are all open education sources and they provide step by step and complete material on almost any desirable topic of interest.

Remember they are hard work of many million Professionals and Professors, hence thanks to each website and individual who has made this Learning experience a worth. God bless them, us and all. IBM MIT and HBS Wharton

IIT Powai, Mumbai, India:

Other places:

Finding open course ware/ free course ware online in many languages:

Open Education Resources:


Learn Free Online: News on BBC:

Open Text Books:



Top 10 Universities in this field:


Free Science Courses:


Please check authenticity where ever required and take care of copyrights, patents, if any.

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Economics of Magician and his Magic

Economics of Magician and his Magic

Interesting how Magician has kept it going his business of Magic:
Thanks to

Top 20 Information Technology Companies in India

Top 20 Information Technology Companies in India

Normally how much time is required to double your money?

Normally how much time is required to double your money?

Rule of Thumb on Wikipedia:, it is 9 years by rule of 72.
Rule of 72:
Rule of 16:
Time Value of Money:
and see several sub-topics in it.

UFO: Experience shared by UK's investigator Nick Pope on New York Times (NYT)

UFO: Experience shared by UK's investigator Nick Pope on New York Times (NYT)

Just click and read:
UFO news, articles and more, on NYT:
Some more: F-16 watched UFO:
Some more elsewhere:
British Military:

Hope it proves that by Dr. Frank Drakes formula Human Beings are not the only most intelligent entities in the Universe and Multi verse.

Please see the Dr. Frank Drakes Equation of existence of intelligent beings in the Universe:

Please see: Kardashev Scale:

Please see: Fermi Paradox:
Fermi Problem:
Anthropi Equation:
Stein's example:'s_example

See also:
Carl Sagan and SETI:

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, , India

Glass is super cooled liquid but there is one mystery in it

Glass is super cooled liquid but there is one mystery in it

This we studied in 6th grade (standard) but scientists are still not been able to solve one problem with glass. Read it on NYT:

Some thing about Glass: Thanks to Wikipedia:

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NASA Completes 50 years of space achievements

NASA Completes 50 years of space achievements:

Official NASA website:

NASA Missions:

Calender of NASA:

coming more.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

An up coming technology in Computers:

It has solid impact on Electronic Businesses:

Some Gartner surveys and results:

coming more.

Truth fears no questions

Truth fears no questions

Once Mr. Enlightenment was child, he came across the politics of biggies.

Once there was a quarrel on who saved master Dh. Mr. X said, "I did, and explained with all false wordy line up."
Than Mr. Y and then Mr. Z.

Suddenly, child Enlightenment came there and he saw the quarrel for taking away credit.

The grand father asked child Enlightenment, "Who saved Mr. Dh?"

"It'w me. Dh was falling into the water tank near our bathroom and I just pulled his legs, ask him. Even Ms. A, Master S, and Master Al were there."

Everyone in the crowd felt ashamed about their foolish act as, there was so much innocence and truth involved in it.

Grand father asked everyone, "Any questions?"

Everyone said, "Truth fears no questions". First they felt ashamed then everyone laughed.

Everyone said, later, "Every time in this false world, the real person who does the work and the person who takes away credit are different. However, we realised that the real doer remains always happy and he is always active and always can save many more people like this. While the credit takers always Bragg their one deed. However, Truth fears no questions."

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There are many around us who are multiple achievers and still down to earth

There are many around us who are multiple achievers and still down to earth

This is a well known story, which I am putting here. However, later I am going to add, few more. As I get this email every fortnight, I belive it is a matter of shairng with all.

Line of Fire Vivek Pradhan wasn't a happy man. Even the plush comfort of the First Class air-conditioned compartment of the Shatabdi Express couldn't cool his frayed nerves. He was the Project Manager and still not entitled to air travel. It was not the prestige he sought, he had tried to reason with the admin guy, it was the savings in time. A PM had so many things to do! He opened his case and took out the laptop, determined to put the time to some good use. "Are you from the software industry sir," the man beside him was staring appreciatively at the laptop.
Vivek glanced briefly and mumbled in affirmation, handling the laptop now with exaggerated care and importance as if it were an expensive car. "You people have brought so much advancement to the country sir. Today everything is getting computerized." 'Thanks," smiled Vivek, turning around to give the man a detailed look. He always found it difficult to resist appreciation. The man was young and stocky like a sportsman. He looked simple and strangely out of place in that little lap of luxury like a small town boy in a prep school. He probably was a Railway sportsman making the most of his free traveling pass.
"You people always amaze me," the man continued, "You sit in an office and write something on a computer and it does so many big things outside." Vivek smiled deprecatingly. Naivety demanded reasoning not anger. "It is not as simple as that my friend. It is not just a question of writing a few lines. There is a lot of process that goes behind it." For a moment he was tempted to explain the entire Software Development Lifecycle but restrained himself to a single statement. "It is complex, very complex." It has to be. No wonder you people are so highly paid," came the reply. This was not turning out as Vivek had thought. A hint of belligerence came into his so far affable, persuasive tone.

"Everyone just sees the money. No one sees the amount of hard work we have to put in." "Hard work!" "Indians have such a narrow concept of hard work. Just because we sit in an air-conditioned office doesn't mean our brows don't sweat. You exercise the muscle; we exercise the mind and believe me that is no less taxing." He had the man where he wanted him and it was time to drive home the point. "Let me give you an example. Take this train. The entire railway reservation system is computerized. You can book a train ticket between any two stations from any of the hundreds of computerized booking centers across the country. Thousands of transactions accessing a single database at a given time; concurrency, data integrity, locking, data security. Do you understand the complexity in designing and coding such a system?"
The man was stuck with amazement, like a child at a planetarium.This was something big and beyond his imagination."You design and code such things." "I used to," Vivek paused for effect, "But now I am the project manager," "Oh!" sighed the man, as if the storm had passed over, "so your life is easy now." It was like being told the fire was better than the frying pan. The man had to be given a feel of the heat."Oh come on, does life ever get easy as you go up the ladder. Responsibility only brings more work. Design and coding! That is the easier part. Now I don't do it, but I am responsible for it and believe me, that is far more stressful. My job is to get the work done in time and with the highest quality. And to tell you about the pressures! There is the customer at one end always changing his requirements, the user wanting something else and your boss always expecting you to have finished it yesterday."

Vivek paused in his diatribe, his belligerence fading with self-realisation. What he had said was not merely the outburst of a wronged man, it was the truth. And one need not get angry while defending the truth. "My friend," he concluded triumphantly, "you don't know what it is to be in the line of fire." The man sat back in his chair, his eyes closed as if in realization. When he spoke after sometime, it was with a calm certainty that surprised Vivek. "I know sir, I know what it is to be in the line of fire," He was staring blankly as if no passenger, no train existed, just a vast expanse of time.
"There were 30 of us when we were ordered to capture Point 4875 in the cover of the night. The enemy was firing from the top. There was no knowing where the next bullet was going to come from and for whom. In the morning when we finally hoisted the tricolor at the top only 4 of us were alive."
"You are a..." "I am Subedar Sushant from the 13 J&K Rifles on duty at Peak 4875 in Kargil. They tell me I have completed my term and can opt for a land assignment. But tell me sir, can one give up duty just because it makes life easier. On the dawn of that capture one of my colleagues lay injured in the snow, open to enemy fire while we were hiding behind a bunker. It was my job to go and fetch that soldier to safety. But my captain refused me permission and went ahead himself. He said that the first pledge he had taken as a Gentleman Cadet was to put the safety and welfare of the nation foremost followed by the safety and welfare of the men he commanded. His own personal safety came last, always and every time. He was killed as he shielded that soldier into the bunker. Every morning now as I stand guard I can see him taking all those bullets, which were actually meant for me. I know sir, I know what it is to be in the line of fire."

Vivek looked at him in disbelief not sure of his reply. Abruptly he switched off the laptop. It seemed trivial, even insulting to edit a word document in the presence of a man for whom valour and duty was a daily part of life; a valor and sense of duty which he had so far attributed only to epical heroes.
The train slowed down as it pulled into the station and Subedar Sushant picked up his bags to alight. "It was nice meeting you sir."
Vivek fumbled with the handshake. This was the hand that had climbed mountains, pressed the trigger and hoisted the tricolor. Suddenly as if by impulse he stood at attention, and his right hand went up in an impromptu salute. It was the least he felt he could do for the country.

The incident he narrates during the capture of Peak 4875 is a true life incident during the Kargil war. Major Batra sacrificed his life while trying to save one of the men he commanded, as victory was within sight. For this and his various other acts of bravery he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra - the nation's highest military award.

Take away:
Live humbly, there are great people around us, let us learn!

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World's most beutiful Waterfalls: Just have a look

World's most beutiful Waterfalls: Just have a look:

World Bank's Millennium Development Goals (MDG): Worth reading, worth participating and worth achieving

World Bank's Millennium Development Goals (MDG):
Worth reading, worth participating and worth achieving:

Online WB MDG Data:

Atlas of MDG:


MDG Map:

MDG: Model and Website:

Per Capita Income (PCI) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of nations accross the world

Per Capita Income (PCI) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of nations accross the world:

GDP General:
Per Capita Income:
Purchasing Power Parity:
Currencies of Nations:
World Bank Report: 2007:

Battlefield Tank : Comparison of technologies around the world

Battlefield Tank : Comparison of technologies around the world

PLASTIC Roads in Bangalore: A ROAD AHEAD


(This is the forwarded email from many Bangalore people, hence here)

BBMP's model of using plastic for laying roads is cost-effective and ensures that the piled-up plastic waste is buried with the roads Bangalore: The plastic experiment on Bangalore's roads is set for the next level. As holders of the technology patent get ready to upgrade the plastic-bitumen blend model, the city can look forward to the promised smooth drive, on more durable roads.The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has used plastic on about 600 km of roads, including many thoroughfares and arterial roads. It uses the plastic blend in at least 25% of the road-laying works, including the present project to upgrade about 45 roads in the city.The plastic model was successful on major roads in Bangalore, including Shankar Mutt Road, K H Road, M G Road (towards Trinity Circle), J C Nagar Road, Miller's Road and Cunningham Road. The rise in bitumen costs over the past few years has also made the plastic model more cost-efficient. To top it, plastic is not recycled but buried with the roads, forever.In 2001, Ahmed Khan, MD, K K Plastic Waste Management (KKPWM) Pvt Ltd, tried out the plastic-bitumen blend on roads in Maddur. Of the two models of mixing plastic and bitumen, KKPWM follows the dry model.The company plans to upgrade to the wet model, where the plastic-bitumen mixture is directly blended with tar. "A unit for the wet process requires an investment of about Rs 10 crore. We are looking at venture capitalists. With the present model, we have not reached the break-even stage,'' Khan said. The BBMP purchases plastic waste from KKPWM at Rs 27 per kg. The plastic-bitumen roads have proved twice as durable as normal roads. The TV Tower Road and Shankar Mutt Road, laid in 2002, are still motorable.The technology, vetted through research in association with academic institutions and road research institutes, allows the mixture of plastic and bitumen — both not bio-degradable — to use on roads and in the process, address the issue of plastic waste that's piling up.THE DRY MIX PROCESSKKPWM pays ragpickers Rs 6 to Rs 12 per kg of plastic waste, based on the quality of plastic. The waste is brought to the KKPWM unit, segregated and powdered. At the construction site, monitored by KKPWM staff, the powder is blended with bitumen (in equal proportion) and the blend is further mixed with the prescribed aggregates before it's put on the road.
Collection crunch Khan says collection of plastic waste continues to be a concern. Though about 35 tonnes of plastic waste are generated in the city every day, only about 2 tonnes reach KKPWM. The company has partnered with schools in an initiative through which students take plastic waste from homes and dump it in bins at the schools. The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) is also expected to clear installation of 200 additional bins in schools to collect plastic waste.

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OUT of the BOX Jump

Thanks to
OUT of the BOX Jump
If you have to think out of the box then you have to jump out of the box.
Great Jump.

Videos and Advertisement of/ from Indian Military Services

Videos and Advertisement of/ from Indian Military Services:

Thanks to

Indian Army:

Indian Navy:

Indian Air Force:

coming more.

Some Spiritual Videos from various sources from various religions

Some Spiritual Videos from various sources from various religions

Sahastrachandi Yadnya:



coming more

Fantastic Videos on Shaolin Koong Fu and other Martial Arts

Fantastic Videos on Shaolin Koong Fu and other Martial Arts:

Thanks to NGC, and

Martial Art on NGC:

Shaolin Koong Fu:

Young Bruce Lee and his guru:

Martial Art Gymanastics:

World's oldest Martial Art:

coming more.

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Olympic Opening Rehearsal: Watch Pictures from Beijing, China

Olympic Opening Rehearsal: Watch Pictures from Beijing, China:
Watch Video on BBC:
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Hand Mudra to cure illness: Amazing Read the ancient pathy

Hand Mudra to cure illness: Amazing Read the ancient pathy:

coming up.

India's Foreign Tourism Industry 2008 latest Report shows growth

India's Foreign Tourism Industry 2008 latest Report shows growth:

Industrywise Report:

Growth of 22.2% Jan 2008 to June 2008 as from same period in 2007:

Tourism around the world reports:\

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How to implement CRM Solutions for more productivity, profit and performance?

How to implement CRM Solutions for more productivity, profit and performance?

Pedagogies of CRM: Like what is CRM, etc. :

CRM and incresing ROI are in great demand:

Customer as a Market:

Saas CRM:

On Demand CRM by Saas:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0:


Some truths about on demand CRM:

How to integrate CRM:

How to increase Call Center CRM productivity:

CRM Using Cellphone:

Oracle CRM:

Peoplesoft has become: Oracle Peoplesoft:

Oracle CRM on demand:

Other major organisations are:

Sieble (Taken over by Oracle):



About Gartenr study on IT And CRM:

Customer Intelligence:

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10 Topmost Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Vendors in the World

10 Topmost Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Vendors in the World:

These software vendors own the top 10 spots in AMR Research's customer management market.

Please READ As Below:

Ranking/Organisation/ CRM '07 Revenue / '06-'07 Growth Rate:

1. SAP/ $2.7 billion / 20% (Number 1 in revenue generated)
2. Oracle / $1.9 billlion / 39%
3. $749 million / 51%
4. Cegidim Dendrite/ $602 million / 82% (Number 1 in growth rate)
5. Amdocs/ $522 million / 14%
6. Aspect/ $480 million / -2%
7. Verint Witness Actionable Solutions/ $395 million / 78%
8. Microsoft/ $360 million / 39%
9. SAS/ $323 million / 34%
10. Avaya/ $267 million / 2%

Thanks to Source: AMR Research, 2008.

Computer Network Security: The Biggest problem of Fortune 1000 companies

Computer Network Security: The Biggest problem of Fortune 1000 companies

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Future energy sources for millions of years

Future energy sources for millions of years

Solar Energy:

Natural Gas/ Methane Gas Hydrates from Sea-bed:


Helium 3 from Moon: China news.

Tidel Energy:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and few classical ventures

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and few classical ventures:

This is what I saw one organisation "akshaypatra" regularly doing in Bangalore Schools:
"Feeding hungry children is our responsibility and not obligation".

Let us see what others are doing:

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to file Income Tax Return in India?

How to file Income Tax Return in India?

1. Go to Chartered Accountant get it done.

2. help article:

3. Income Tax:

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Amazing Moving Skyscraper building videos, articles and photo

Amazing Moving Skyscraper building videos, articles and photo

The engineers are raring to go and build new ventures and implement newer ideas provided they are allowed to. It is great venture and soon all the happening places in the world will have such more buildings and other such ventures.


Huffington post:

You Tube:

Few more videos on Tech Video News:

Rediff video and Article:

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Job and Production Cuts in Automobile Organisations

Job and Production Cuts in Automobile Organisations

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Biggest Stock Exchanges in the World

Biggest Stock Exchanges in the World:

Other biggies like Euro, etc.:
See the web site:

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FUEL Prices going high and WALLET content going down: Cartoons and Jokes on Fight between Fuel and Wallet

FUEL Prices going high and WALLET content going down: Cartoons and Jokes on Fight between Fuel and Wallet
People have amazing brains when they design such classical cartoons. Great.

Currencies of all the countries and Currency Converter

Currencies of all the countries and Currency Converter: Ready Reckoner on various websites

Thanks to all the websites.

Just put the currencies and get the result:
Free Services by XE:


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Monday, July 14, 2008

All expect immediate response on email, phone call and S.M.S.

All expect immediate response on email, phone call and S.M.S.

A good survey and article on NYT:

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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India.

Events, Stadiums and Time Table of Beijing 2008 Olympics

Events, Stadiums and Time Table of Beijing 2008 Olympics:
(Thanks to respective URLs)

A Ready Reckoner for sports lover:

Olympic Stadiums at Beijing:

The Bird's Nest Stadium:

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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

Successive Success because of Bouncing Personality

Successive Success because of Bouncing Personality

What is Bouncing Personality and how to bounce back?

Example of Enlightenment:

How Wisdom helps:

By living Balanced Life:

Daring to live Ethical and Value based life:

Building success by goal setting: (Thanks to this website):
How to set Goal:
Goal Setting process:
Priority Setting:
Getting organised:
SWOT Analysis:
Achieving Success: Few Secrets:
Aspects of life like health, finance, family, social networking, etc. that have direct impact on your life:

Avoiding Fatigue and achieving Success:

Skills required for success:

How do successful people manage all:

Confidence and Positivism and your growth:
(Thanks to website)
Attitude makes the total change in life:
Positive thinking:
High Self Esteem:
Getting rid of fear for failure:
Motivate keep motivating and motivation:

Helping Child Develop:
What are the aspects of child development: Please Read the important points:

Meditation, Prayer, Namaz, Mass, Seniors Counselling Helps:
There are many articles on these:
Christian Way:
Details on How to pray/ offer/ read/ perform Namaz correctly?
Indian Time Table:
Correct way:

Some other authentic websites on Raj yog meditation:

Brahma Kumaris:
Patanjali yogsutras:

Ultimately in peace and tranquility only a mind and humanity can progress, the more, we are happy, the more we offer prayer to God the more we/ everyone progress the better will be this earth for every entity.

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How Rich people LIVE their lives? A world wide Review

How Rich people LIVE their lives? A world wide Review

Are rich different? (Thanks to website):

Rich children: How they live? (Thanks to CNN):

HBO documentary:

Rich live longer? (Thanks to
Statistics from UK on this issue:

How 400 richest American live?

Full coverage on 400 richest:

Secrets of Self-Made Rich:

Price live well:

Captains of Capitalism The Richest among the Richest:

Mind Blowing Article on RICH and POOR Comparison:

Ethics and Richness can they go hand in hand?

Is it Glory to when you become Rich?
Wikipedia list of billionaires:

Where do they reside?
Some Statistics from UK on this issue:

Shanghai Rich and Poor:
Another website for this issue:
Michael Wolf Photographs on this issue:

How did Rich lived in 19th Century?:

How new billionaires live?

How China's Rich people live?

India's Rich people:
60 Story house of richest Indian:
Their Life style:
How they spend?
India has most number of Rich population:

Comparison between Rich and Poor Indians by New York Times:

When Hard Times come to Rich people and get Rejected, then what they do?

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How middle-class people LIVE? A world wide Review

How middle-class people LIVE? A world wide Review

Middle Class Rich: worldwide:

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How people below poverty line LIVE and spend their lives? A world wide Review

How people below poverty line LIVE and spend their lives? A world wide Review

In few mythological scripts it is mentioned that to be poor person is a kind of sin and few it is blessings in disguise. Let us see both the sides of poor, around the world.

The Concept of BPL:
Government of India:
Some Statistics on India:
Some statistics on Maharashtra the richest province of India:
Same Article:
India's North East States:
India's Some other statistics: PDF shows 30 Crores BPL
India's Rural Poverty:
Mumbai People BPL Survey:
Health facility for BPL in India:

Briton/ UK: Poor Population:

Canadian Poor: BPL is Earning less than Canadian $38,610/ year:

Vietnam: 7% BPL:

Russia: 15.3 BPL:

USA: 12 to 15%:

What UNO says over this issue?
The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report.
United Nations Millennium Campaign:
United Nations Millennium Project:
Regional specific projects and goals:

What WHO have to comment on this?

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Best places on earth for Alternative Energy

Best places on earth for Alternative Energy:

USA: Thanks to
Thanks to World Watch:


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Other fuels and places:

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My 3 earthquake Experiences

My 3 earthquake Experiences

1. Guwahati: When my family visited the Darjiling, we passed through Guwahati, in 1996. We experienced the earthquake. Every one near us started running. My family was in the premises gate hence did not panic but the people inside started ruining haywire.
I kept my self safe near the pillar of the building first and when I saw people panicking I just said to them take shelter near pillar or go out of the door and stand on the ground but away from building.
2. Guwahati: Same on next day.
3. Nagpur: I was seating on the sofa, relaxing and watching the Indian Republic Day (R.D.) Parade on 26 January. Suddenly at 10:30 a.m. my Sofa moved from right side of the hall to left side of the hall. Glasses were intact everything was intact except sides and corners got broken just few millimeters.
However, this one movement at Nagpur was enough to tell me what should be the impact in the Bhuj and the epicenter at Anjar, in Gujarat, when I changed to other Television channel and watched the News.
Most importantly, when I re-shuffled to DD1, suddenly, I saw one thing on the TV, that, one of the guard ran towards Honourable Prime Minster in the middle of Republic Day Parade and told something to Honorable Atal Behari Bajapeyi. Later he confirmed that (Hon. P.M.) was the bad news about the Quake. God bless the souls.
It is sure if Nagpur at 2000 km can get the jolt imagine the damage that might have done in Gujarat.
Nature and God have their own ways of peace and hit. We have to bow before them.

Life, Living and sustained living are the greatest gift of nature.

Life, Living and sustained living are the greatest gift of nature.
Even the tiniest virus survives the wrath of all of us and Whales and Elephants also survive.
Survival of the fittest and survival of the weakest, is the great gift of nature.
Beautiful flora and fauna,
Giant oceans and mountains,
Sunshine, rain and typhoons,
Volcano, earthquakes, and tornadoes,
Peace, tranquility, in the mountains,
Loving and caring of mother,
Live and let live and help others live and take help to live,
“Jivo Jivasya Jivanam” at the same time all is dependent on each other,
The bio-geo-chemical cycle,
The Sustenance of the earth and nature
These are the greatest gifts of the Nature, by the nature and for the nature.

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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Comparison of few National Economies with USA Cities and Provinces

Comparison of few National Economies with USA Cities and Provinces:

One of our Professor Mark J. Perry has compared the USA -Cities and Provincial Economies with the National Economies of UAE, Qatar, Syria, and other countries. As I found this to be great and interesting comparison I am putting his URL here. Anyone may visit his blog and see it.

Thanks to him.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Chinese Mind: Look How It Works

Chinese Mind: Look How It Works

Once I was discussing few important business proposal with my boss and with our client in Toronto.

The competition was among two companies one was lead by an Indian having 100% Indian work force, all Mechanical Engineers from India. Our competitor was a organisation from China, and all of them Mechanical Engineers from China.

Later, Indian lead organisation grabbed the contract as we were on time and produced the prototype of the product before anyone could conceive the idea. It was contract of $110 million for the month of October.

After the deal was finalised Chinese party arrived. (Very late).

Literally one of the person rushed in by opening the door by some amazing way and by keeping the security guard engaged in talking with other Engineers.

While we finalised the deal, this man came with prototype, made that $110 million deal of ours just $50 million and requested the owner to think again.

This contract came to us and to Indian organisation as the deal was finalised but November and later contracts went to Chinese. Still it is going to Chinese without a break. Indians, still could not grabbed the contract again from Chinese and we could not reduce the prices up to $50 million. In fact the $110 million was the lowest price that any other party in the world could offer except Chinese.

I asked one of my Chinese friend, the Mechanical Engineer from the above organisation, "How come it is possible?"

He said, "Asisi (Meant happiness in Chinese and my name is Ashish), you have brought good idea in the manufacturing industry producing prototype as a proof before the contract is grabbed. We were late as our prototype was no ready. However that gave us one more idea, if we can reduce the prices along with other aspects by involving all the stakeholders of the organisation then this contract would be ours forever."

I asked him but how could you know it.

He said, by ethical business intelligence.

After few months again we exchanged communication.

He said further, "In one contract you earned the profit of few millions, but, our organisation grabbed the further contracts and now our organisation thrives on it for years. We have 1200 work-force and this contract has become bread and butter for all of them. You earned the profit only once, we are earning just $1 million profit every month on that contract but our business has survived and sustained. Also later we could grab many such contracts around the world.
Still no other organisation in the world could snatch away that particular contract for the same quality for the same price. In China we think about survival of the weakest and survival of many and not survival of the fittest, or survival of the most intelligent, or survival of few organisations or survival of the richest. We in China think about how to provide bread and butter to many. By doing so automatically the owner earns a lot, as the cost of living is not much in some parts of China".

Still my Chinese friend and me are in touch with each other and he had become top boss in the organisation. He still thank me for his success. I told him OK man it was the idea of mine but it was him who implemented the idea and above all Chinese people allowed him to take responsibility at such a younger age. He said that his boss did not took away credit from him, instead he allowed him to take responsibility of the whole project so that he could concentrate on other.

That is how Chinese mind works.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,
Blog: managementengineering