Friday, December 28, 2007

Evolving Technologies, Tools, Techniques, Talents and Research

Evolving Technologies, Tools, Techniques, Talents and Research:

Coming links/ URLs that can be handy to anyone:

Moving the Atom with precise force for Nanotechnology usage:

Robots Riding Bicycle: Thanks to Video:

smart robots:

T.V. on cellphone and on web and on other small gadgets:



Multiterrain Vehicle:



Genetically Modifeid Marvels:

Lean Technologies:


Information and Computer Computer Technologies:

Chess Playing Computers:

Species living in extreme conditions and their usefulness to Humankinds:

Evolution and Development of All Terrain Species:

Daily needs and useful technologies and tools:

Fuel Cell Technologies:
Original Stan Meyer Fuel Cell: thanks to youtube:

Education in Knowledge Economy:

e-Learning and Faculty interactions:
e-Learning Procedure:
Game based e-Learning on energy sources:
Roadmap of e-learning:
e-Learning at Tata Consultancy: TCS e-Learning Website on various software courses.
E-Learning e-Schooling Policy Changes Required:
eTeaching: Social Scinece and Humanities:
eLearning System: Computer aided langauge teaching:
e Learnig implemented in Bangladesh:
e Learning case study of UPS:
e Learning/ Distance Learning at IIT Powai/ Mumbai
e Learning for Life:
International Commission on Work force development:
e Learning communities:
e Learning at Wiki:
Details abour WikiEducator: Strategy phase 1, 2, 3:
e-Learning in World Bank:
e-Learning Video from Russia:
Education Reform in Brazil after e-Learning breakthroughs:
Incentives to improve Teaching and Education:
e-Learning and Lifelong skills:

What happens to old technologies when new get generated?

What is required to develop new technology in new economy?
Read What Bill Gates and Mr. Steven Ballmer and Sergey Brin and others Say about tech-visas for USA:

Evolving Research in Automtive sector:

Corporate Children's Websites:

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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Friday, December 14, 2007

"Daring to Dare not bunking classes?" A lesson for Solving an Ethical Conflict between Individual against Mob

"Daring to Dare not bunking classes?" A lesson for Solving an Ethical Conflict between Individual against Mob:

Enlightenment was groomed in disciplined family and disciplined neighboring atmosphere. Regularly going to school, playing and exercises, chanting hymns of god every morning and evening, reading news paper every day, Sunday house cleaning, respecting elders and older, regular homework, one hour meditation in the morning and in the evening, reading the best books, etc. were part of discipline. Up to school and higher secondary and 12th grade/ standard it was okay, and for his consistency Enlightenment was admired by all over in his small world and earned praise from all corners. Then he got admission in reputed engineering institute. He entered into the harsh real world where speaking and actions goes in exactly opposite direction while theory and practices goes 180 degrees opposing directions. For few months it was okay till it did not strike the ethical chord. However, later, in the month of October suddenly students started bunking classes. Finally, only student left was in the institute to attend the regular lecture was Enlightenment. Enlightenment did not know what was happening. The lectures were regular and only student in the class was Enlightenment. Professors said nothing. They felt Enlightenment will never know this all new paradigm, till Vicky arrives in the institute.

However, once after 15 days, due to sheer importance of the topics all the students attended the regular lectures of some subjects/ modules. After first lecture, one student came and loudly said, “Vicky has come into college and has asked to start bunking as Diwali / Deepawali is just one month away. Even day-scholars will not attend.” Everybody was happy. There was pumping in the air and joy all over. Enlightenment still kept attending the lectures. After 3-4 days, Vicky came to know that still institute is regular. He asked students since last 10 years it never happened. Few Students, tried to explain the situation to him. Finally Vicky ordered one student to send final warning to Enlightenment. On that warning Enlightenment said, “Let come that Vicky I’ll throw him on moon.” The message was conveyed to Vicky. Vicky and Enlightenment never saw each other till then. Hence, Vicky and all students laughed at the statement. In the recess, all students came into the class and said to Enlightenment, “Enlightenment Vicky has come, and requesting you to bunk the classes.” Enlightenment said, “No. I’ll throw him on moon, even if I was ill I had attended the classes since childhood then why should I do it now?” Suddenly Vicky appeared before Enlightenment. He put his hand on the desk and asked Enlightenment, “Ok. So try lifting my one hand only, you were to throw me on moon?” Enlightenment looked at the giant figure of Vicky 6 feet 5 inches tall with 18 bicep, who could bend the steel-rod at-will and was wrestling champion and used to lift 100 cc bikes up. There was situation and everyone was laughing. Enlightenment looked at the situation and started laughing. In fact, he laughed at himself and shook the hand and got rid-off from the classroom, no, ran, ride his bike and went at 100 kmph speed to home. While Enlightenment was running Vicky said, “Come in January only, Bunk has started.”

Later Enlightenment came to know that out of 2800 students in all the four years of Bachelor of Engineering, almost 2500 were from all over India and their travelling time was 4 to 7 days, hence there was huge union among them and were pressing Enlightenment to bunk the classes and get the obvious advantage. However, it was not conveyed to Enlightenment till then.

Enlightenment's point of view was, "I cannot afford to lose important lectures of stalwarts and I cannot afford the extra tuitions and classes. My house is 20 kilometers away and there is commutation problem due to non availability of vehicles and bad road conditions and heavy traffic. Hence I attend the classes as I learn almost 95% from the top class teachers themselves in the class. If I have problem I can solve it with Professor himself. Also, I like to do the entire Practical on own at least twice or thrice to master the theory as well as the practical applications."

As he had put this point earlier and hence no student took objection as such, hence, there was no fight till date. However, when only 15 days left for Diwali / Deepawali students made a nice plan and executed it in above mentioned fashion.

Those were Great promising days for all the new Engineering and Technological Institutes which had started due to new government policy on private institutions. Later an understanding was reached among all day scholars and out-siders and now I heard there is no problem or issue left in the Institute.

Another factor in this ethical conflict is going against the stream of flow, going against the mob, going against the public will, even if you are right. It also needs courage as well as understanding among individual and the public. Otherwise, students could have taken extreme step and Enlightenment could also had made complaint, and further possibilities were there. But there was positivism in daring and challenging the daring. Both sides were right and hence took it light heartedly.

The amicable outcome of this positive conflict in all this daring and the sheepish-lighter end was so fantastic that all other institutes in that part of India followed the same pattern for holidays. Later on for examinations style/ pattern was also modified to suite the students, who were the customers of new generation.

Thus, finally all humanitarian ideas always won, if they are dealt in humanitarian ways.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lean and other the Best Car Manufacturing Processes Around the World

Lean and other the Best Car Manufacturing Processes Around the World:

What will happen to them once the Petroleum stock is over?

Thanks to

The Toyota Way: Lean Thinking: TPM:

Official Children's Website by Toyota on this issue:

Visual Lean Management:

Example of Lean Manufacturing:

Toyota Talent : Jeffrey Liker:

Car Manufacturing:

TPM 1970:

Mapping value stream:

Dupont Case Study:

Value Stream Maturity Model:

2 Bin System:


NUMMI : 2:

University of Kentucky:

Robotic Assembling:

Volkswagen Portugal Assembling Plant:
Thanks to

Nissan Infiniti:


Rolls Royce:

Renault Laguna:

Ferrari Factory Tour:


Factory McLaren:

Technology Center McLaren:

Burton Factory:

Chain Theory:

Theory of Constraints:

Lean and Lean 6 Sigma in Research:

Thanks to Free Video Providers and .
However, I have one Question for the viewers and readers that is, in case Petroleum stock on earth ends in 2050 A. D. all the human efforts will go waste?

Hence, other side of Lean Economy at Macro level:

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Monday, December 10, 2007

Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Indigenous Technology" : A must for India's Total Independence

"Indigenous Technology" : A must for India's Total Independence:
There is an article cum News on URL: on the on December 01, 2007. This is what my PhD Thesis proves, "Indigenous Technology: A must for India's Total Independence, otherwise we become dependant on several fronts: Technology, Economy, and socio-eco-techno dynamics”.
Thus, Indigenous Aircraft Carrier should be developed @ faster rate and few more should be ordered to multiple places.
Any how, it is ridiculous to say that $1 Trillion Economy and 1 billion population country is not ordering few more Aircraft carriers and / or not developing it indigenously at faster rate. It must be in pipeline is what I feel.
On the other hand, I'll put here the thoughts what we have thought since early childhood when we saw the first the aircraft carriers, the space shuttles, the stealth fighters and the submarines, and the vertical take off-aircrafts:
1.For the country like India 10 Aircraft carriers, 100 submarines, 1000 stealth aircrafts is must to protect the economy and its people and its culture. 100 Vertical take-off aircrafts must be there for Rajasthan, south-Eastern, Himalayan regions and for the Aircraft carriers as well.
2.With sheer number of graduates and super brains in the business in the country, with the proper utilization of HAL, ISRO, BARC, IIT, IISC, India should be able to develop indigenously better Multi-purpose Space Shuttles, even better than what NASA and ROSCOSMOS does, to travel beyond Moon, Mars and come back.
Otherwise it is sheer waste of time, economy and the vast talent pool India has since ages.
No problem in coming 10 years we can do that we have talent pool and supporting Economy. By involving all-Public, Private, Semi-Private, NGO, SHG and Military and Para-Military, and State-Forces India can do that. Certainly. Yes Certainly, Young India is a Confident and Result oriented lot. Just give them chance, encouragement we can do that.
Remember, Indigenous Technology is a must for India's Total Independence. In fact for any country to become "totally and fully" independent like China it is must.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

WB world's Federal Bank, UNO Multiverse Federal Government for Taking Human Civilization Moon, Mars and Beyond

WB world's Federal Bank, UNO Multiverse Federal Government for Taking Human Civilization Moon, Mars and Beyond:

Just imagine something happens on earth, human civilization will vanish. Hence, since childhood I am thinking why cannot we go moon, mars and beyond? Hence, to start the real fabric I had designed the world governing bodies as well they were in nutshell like this:

1. World Bank becomes the world's Federal Bank, and all the banks will work under it, Thus, hierarchy chain will be an ABC Bank then Federal Bank of that Country, and finally the World's Federal Bank called World Bank. I am ready to pay 1% extra tax to World Bank for the benefit of humanity.

2. UNO as world's prime governing body and all other Government become part of it. Thus, chain of authority is linked in hierarchy like Province to Country to UNO. I am ready for this kind of authority as Citizen of the World. There will be democratic election in which whole 6 billion onward population can vote online and …..

3. Similarly there must be a Federal Earth Multiverse Council for Space under which NASA, ISRO, ROSCOSMOS, and other space agencies will work. I am ready accepting the fact that humanity will be in danger if something happens to earth. I am ready to accept there are many civilizations existing in the multiple Universes/ Multiverse.

I have dream to see human settlement on Moon, Mars and beyond in my life time, hence, this suggestion and discussion. I believe this way humans will not only sustain and survive but also will expand their bases in the Universe and Multiverses.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude