Monday, October 29, 2007

Don't Victimize the Victims

Don't Victimize the Victims

Yesterday, one mother send her only child with a known person for a walk. Child ate lot of chocolate, came home and his shirt, pant, face were fully coated with chocolate.
Mother asked him, “Who gave you so many chocolates?”
Child, “Uncle”.
Mother called that boy who was also just 15-16 years old and scolded him for giving so many chocolates to her child. Then she scolded her child as well.
Looking at situation the child’s other parent i.e. his father jumped in and said, “You only send him with that boy now you are scolding that child, what is his fault? Why are you victimizing a victim?”……So both looked at each other and then they realized their mistake as they raised their voices before their child and kept mum for a while and they decided not do such things again.
The crux is like this. It has been observed time and again that Victims are always made scapegoat, escape-sheep, escape-route by lot of parties in the world showing their in-competence to deal with such situations.
One of my seniors told me one story, which is very apt over here.
“One day, one office-boy took unwanted stuff with him to his boss which was in turn handed over by his boss and in the middle one more added some unwanted stuff into it. Thus, office-boy had little knowledge about the content.
However, at the end of the day he was made scapegoat for carrying unwanted stuff.
Thus, this world always searches for such simpleton/ sheepish people as scapegoat to correct their own work… or ….for correcting their un-correct work”.
I thank/ed him for this story.
Hence, my own request to this world is, “Just don’t victimize the victims-the innocent people, who already are suffering in their own life/lives”.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scientists and Science needs to RETHINK, Reinvent, Re-discover, Rekindle ideas about following concepts once again

Scientists and Science and Humanity needs to rethink about following concepts once again:
In the New York Times, October 26, 20007, there was an article and a hot discussion over thinking again on the concept of Steam Engine and Automobile Technologies.
I agree with the comment of Mr. Steve Kindel. He talked about smaller version of Steam Engine.
We need to look into this steam engine of smaller size.
I personally know few people who can do that. I personally saw them building a one cubic centimeter engine.I have seen experts doing lot of such extraordinary advancements in many kinds of engines including diesel engine, petrol (gasoline) engine, and steam engine.However, the "gone era" syndrome or phobia haunts the new researchers and they don’t rethink about this technology again.In fact there are many concepts which need a Re-look:
1. We need to rethink about Steam Engine,
2. We need to rethink about the “Ether” Concept put forth by Isaac Newton’s Corpuscular Theory, which put forth that, 'This Universe is field with some unknown material called ether through which light can travel as fast as 300,000 kilometers per second'. Now a day Scientists are talking about Dark Matter but proving something beyond atoms, electrons and protons and Quarks is something intolerable for few people. In fact there are particles beyond the conception of Science.
3. We also need to rethink about Theory of Relativity of Mr. Albert Einstein and his other theory the special Theory of Relativity. These theories prove that light cannot travel faster than 300,000 km per second. As I know special cases of Taconic speeds i.e. particles / matter traveling faster than the speed of light.
4. We also need to Rethink about the concept "Species cannot survive anywhere in any environment in the Universe or Multi-verses". As everyone knows that there are species which can survive in extreme to intolerable conditions. So there "are" species which can survive in extraterrestrial conditions. May we don’t have technology to detect them but that does not mean they don’t exist. Before 1800 A.D. nobody could think about Computer and its existence but now it is almost every day and every home phenomenon. Thus, it is matter of time, we find them and they find us.
5. We need to Rethink about the Survival of the fittest. Because I know species which are the weakest among the weakest and could be crushed and destroyed but still survive and keeping well since billions of years.
6. We need to Rethink about Matter and / or Energy cannot be multiplied. Yes, they can be multiplied.
7. Still Spirituality, Biotechnology, Engineering , ICT and Electronics Engineering are not mixed up well for developing Super Capability among the species to use for positive, ethical purposes, which could be useful to go to places in the Universe and Multiverses. 8. Cold Fusion and Energy Generation.
9. There is the most famous concept of All-Pervading and Omnipotent, Omniscient God. Few call it Super-Consciousness which is present everywhere in the Universe and Multiverses. Which could have been called as Ether by Sir Isaac Newton, but Science and Scientists failed to recognize it at that time. However, time is ripe to Rethink, Rekindle, Rediscover and accept the facts and figures. In fact Reiki, Tao, Anant Koti Brahamand Nayak (Infinite Billion Galaxy Owner God) also proves the same why cannot Science accept or work on this fact? Hope the scientists who accepted the concept of Conscious will also come to conclusion very soon on this. Many have this experience of all pervading God hope Scientists will also come to the same conclusion as the Spiritual Scientists came this conclusion.
10. Travelling at the Speed of Light or even Travelling at the speed of Thought and Teleportation.
11. There are few more points have I put on my Blog:

Thus, whatever one can think is also possible to make it come into existence, otherwise ideas wouldn’t have existed. In fact it already exists somewhere in the Multiverses and that comes to our mind is what few believe.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Friday, October 26, 2007

Enlightenment (person): A Positive Person: Positive Personality: Bouncing Personality

Enlightenment (Person): A Positive Person: Having Positive Personality: Having Bouncing Personality

Child 'Enlightenment' always was molded as a positive person by one and all seniors.
Whenever he was asked by anyone, “How are you enlightenment?” He used to utter his most famous sentence, “I am always fine, as same as you.”
Once, child Enlightenment fell down on the street from the Banana-Cover thrown by one mischievous boy.
The person accompanying him asked him, “How are you Enlightenment?”
Enlightenment in sever pain said; “I am always fine, as same as you.”
Both laughed.
Time passed by.
Enlightenment became young gentleman.
He used to take part in many social, sports, and educational activities. He used to take those jobs which require more pain, struggle, patience, and perseverance in the class, at house and with friends and social places.
Once post-graduate students played a game called “Monkey Ear”. In this game a player has to tell one story to other person successively in adjacent person's ear in a chain reaction, and the story is thus repeated and is passed successively to as many as 50 people. Nobody was ready to be the 50th person as they wanted to avoid the …. Real Trap and the Real Fun others would make out of that. However, Enlightenment went on to take that place. All made fun out of Enlightenment.
After the game everyone asked him, “How are you enlightenment?”
Enlightenment said, “I’m always fine, as same as you.”
Once Enlightenment got Zero mark in one subject in one Exam, everyone asked him, “How are you enlightenment?”
Enlightenment said, “I’m always fine". Then in the retake exams (Allowed to Keep Turns-ATKT) he went on to score highest marks in that paper.
People said, “Really he has bouncing personality.”
'Bouncing Personality' is the order of the day and is the requirement of the day.
For few people one failure is everything while for few just one success is everything but for Enlightenment, Life is a journey full of multiple hyper-dynamics, ups and downs, twists and turns, failing and passing in exams, success and failures at the everyday stage of life. He feels it is just a part of his life. He has less time to brood over some matter as he is busy in Contributing most for the most for the betterment of the world.
It also depends on what are your success criteria, significance, and your credo, vision and mission of life and how you are groomed and you look at yourself.
Many friends and the next generation of Enlightenment are saying, “We want to be like Enlightenment, always happy.”

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Biggest Pain and Agony of / on this Earth: An Alarming Warning for / to Humanity

In their personal life, all the greatest of the greatest on this earth never found the worldly joy and happiness. Of course their happiness had nothing to do with the worldly happenings but a thorough analysis shows that they were more troubled from the people than were treated well.
People blamed them, questioned them, tested their authenticity, and even thrashed them. Starting with Lord Ram, 925000 years ago, he was send to Jungle to live a beggars life even when he was man of ethics and was about to get crowned as King of Ayodhya. Ayodhya means non-violance and peace. Great people. Really great.
Lord Shrikrishna, 5000 years ago, was blamed for all his deeds, by most of the people.
Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago, was crucified.
Sai Baba lived in penury and was even doubted. Gajanan Maharaj was blamed for his living style. Both of them, Just 100 years ago.
Saint Dnyaneshwar/ Gyaneshwar was made to cry for simple bread/ food in the early childhood, around 800 years ago.
Socrates was made to drink poison 2000 years ago.
Gandhiji was shot and then died, just 60 years ago.
JFK was shot and then died, just 50 years ago.
Einstein was misunderstood in first part of his life, just 100 years ago.
Edison was thrashed in his early childhood not only by outsiders but from relatives and people at home as well, and just 100 years ago it happened.
After their death all of these great people are glorified and idolized.
Why can’t world understand the importance of such ideal, truthful, honest, idolic, iconic people when they are living.
Why Mother Teresa has to be proved to be a Saint or a Great? How many people can serve the people as much that of our Mother Teresa did in her life?
Why austere Sadhu/ Monk/ Pope/ Fakir/Father/Mulla/ Maulavi even the top Brains, top Scientists, and top Visionaries, have to prove their authenticity?
Why does the world don’t have the vision, eyes, ears, brains, perception, grasping, feelings about such people when such people are existing live on the earth and living life as a normal human being with them?
Pople have time to gossip and do ill deeds and have great time in time wasting ceremonies but they donot have time to know such great people, its really surprising.
It could be an 'alarming warning for humanity' because such people will never come to/on earth if God gets angry with this worldly happenings time and again.
Anyhow with corruption of minds, polluted environment, and, self destructive deeds from/of the most intelligent being (humans) on earth, the mother earth is already in danger but this particular dangerous phenomenon of not respecting, not valuing, and not caring for such stalwarts/ visionaries/ethical embodiments, can starve the Values and Virtues in the human societies in coming generations. It is the greatest agony that people with highest values, ethics, ….are finding it difficult to live in this world. I may not be able to articulate as well as my seniors could, but my Spiritual Guru Swami Madhavnath (Mr. Madhav Vishnu Wakade of Pune) once said these similar words in such a appealing and touching language that everyone in the hall (including the toughest people) literally cried. He said, “After 800 years people go to Alandi to see Gyaneshwar, but, when he was child, people declined offering small piece of bread to him. People offer prayers to Revered Jesus Christ but 2000 years ago people crucified him, mercilessly. People chant 'Ram-Ram' but same people doubted him, send to him to Jungle for 14 years".
The Reason was they tried their level best for, the welfare as well as nirvana of masses and classes for generations.

Aum. Amen.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Social Networking and Interpersonal Excellence towards Self-Governance

Question on : October 09, 2007 on URL:
There was an article by Mr. AjayJain on "Social Networking can land you in a Dream Job".

Then Mr. Shrikant Sudarshan, asked question on how to build social networking for getting a good job? I quote in his words, (Verbatim) "Such activity of participating on sites can't happen from one's workplace. It has to happen at home... or off work, given the amount of commute one does in cities like Mumbai etc. I am not able to spare time to do any active networking.(I believe the time is ripe for phone based networking... as it used to happen in good old days.) How does one then do the online networking?"

My Answer and Further Research and Publications:
There are various ways of Social Networking and Interpersonal Excellence.
This article is for the MBA students who are interested in good placement/ job and to live work - life balance and become Wise human beings. However, I must warn you all social networking links cannot be used only for particular purpose. Remember, my mother says, "In this world of uncertainty, which entity, in which form, in which shakti/ energy/ force/ person will help you, and that too at what moment will help you, you never know. Hence the crux / the gist are being good to all".
Next step, of course, is "Finding God in everyone and God in every entity" like Swami Vivekanand did, "Shivo Bhutva Shivam Yajet"(Become Shiva and Devote life to Shiva by serving it, who is omnipresent in every entity).
Other side of these networking places are also meant to make life worthy, meaningful, and wise.
Now a day, it has become important for MBA students, as well as Managers and Leaders to keep updated at all fronts and to keep in touch with lot of people of diverse cultures and places so that they can excel and live a worthy and wise life.
Here are some points that can help MBA's grow in their life and help them become wiser.

1. Join or Work for some spiritual organizations, like ISKON, Ramkrishna Mission, Local Church Community, Local Muslim Community, Local Jain community, Local Sindhi community, Local Gurudwara community, or of your own choice irrespective of cast, creed, dogmas, Sampraday, and religion. Go to Temple, Gurudwara, Masjid, Mandir, either regularly or at least once a weak. Work on holidays for some cultural or spiritual event. E.g. some Puja, Havan, Ide, Christmas, Mahavir Jayanti, Jhulelal Jayanti/ Birthday, and contribute and take part. I saw my friend been picked up by one MNC General Manager, as he could find devotion to work in my friend. He was B.Tech. from BITS Pilani and …..he is in the same job since he joined and he commutes from USA to India like we go to Grocery shop from house every day. He is software specialist. He was picked up by the MNC before Campus interview in the First Year itself. In fact my friend was always busy in studies sports, co-curricular activities, every place he went. He wanted experience of life and he always thinks that by participation in multiple activities he gets that.

2. Join Rotary, Lions, Greencity, and such top clubs and take part in their activities. After few months the leadership and job will come to you. One of my other friends was lifted from one world class organization while delivering lecture on Paradigm shift.

3. Join your Alumni of colleges; there is always a whole amount of understanding in one particular school or college as they know the environment over there. They help each other. One of my friends was lifted from SAP course and he is always wandering around the globe on implementing SAP projects.

4. Join functions of your relatives. Though many times relatives find negatives in you, but, when it comes to trust, relatives always put faith and trust in relatives. At least twenty two of my relatives and friends around my locality were "college lifted" in the final year itself when there was no trend of campus placement.

5. Go to National, International Conferences, Seminars, Tech Fairs, Computer Fairs, Gatherings, Education Fairs, Agro-business Fairs, and other fairs and 'Take Active Part' in Events and Functions. Your work is noticed by one and all. At least the experience you gain is noted by seniors, they have keen eyes and they know who you are and what your interests are and what you do and can do. My distant brother was selected by one organization like that now he is Vice-President of one of the IT companies in India.

6. Take active part in Research Activities with your colleagues, peers, subordinates, seniors, students, staff, relatives, friends, at par with cut to cut. Generate ideas and put those thoughts before seniors and in the conferences. Represent yourself on big dais. Organizations always, like people putting their name on big platforms.

7. Make your SWOT Analysis. If you want to know how to do it and how to succeed please go to my Blog. Go to SWOT and read from the blog. , especially read how to do it and why to do it. My students find it very interesting and are excelling in their work as well as in life.

8. Never underestimate any job/ work, any opportunity to work in different environment, different and contrasting cultures, almost juxtapose working situations, working with negativity or and opposing personalities. The major reason being bogging down for some time, or making some adjustment, teaches you how to put you in the high trajectory even if you are down but not-out. For example, I always go to office by my office bus, as it saves my time and as I reach on time. My colleagues have status and esteem attached to them in my last organization and hence could not do that as they wanted to keep distance with other colleagues and students and staff so as to maintain status. Man time is more important than anything else. Another advantage is like this. In the bus along with my students, we generated three research papers and ideas for putting papers in the conferences. With few students developed business plan that won the first prize in the national level event. All my students who worked on such Research and Business Plans like crazy Researchers are now working in Top Three Information Technology Organizations of India. The networking developed was so great that they are still in touch with each others and are producing miracles for the organizations they joined. At the end of the day, not where you spoiled your cloths is counted, but what you did.

9. Network with everybody essentially at the humane level. Don't underestimate what other professionals or non-professionals say. E.g. Some times what driver says or pan shop owner says or Grocery shop owner says can also become important as they have their experience of life and are in business due to networking only. Even automobile mechanics, electricity fitters, contractors, housing agents, Insurance agents, sports players, celebrities, childhood friends, and childhood enemies come to help. Yes, one of my friends is working with his childhood enemy. Now they laugh at that childhood enmity.

10. One of my friends used to go for the buying grocery, vegetables, household needs every week end. One more top guy from top notch organization noticed it. He was GM and he also liked to go to buy green vegetables in that vegetable market. Down the line my friend was picked up for having down to earth personality.

11. Never, Never, Never, underestimate Mother, wife, sister, brother, Father, relatives, neighbor, yourself, your young brother/ sister, even children. One of my friend got job as he helped his sister's friend in getting some nominal stuff and he improved his networking later with her father. That girl child wanted a chocolate and my friend helped that millionaire getting all important chocolate for his child in the traffic jam. The friend was on the Bike and that child was crying in the Merc...

12. Orkut, Yahoogroups, MSN groups, college groups, alumni groups, social groups, community groups, religious groups, management groups, sports groups, like minded groups, conferences in your field, government conferences, to name a few are possibilities. People have helped across the boundaries, across cultures, across religions, and in extreme conditions and situations. E.g. During 9/11 you will find a case when a Palestine boy was lifted and saved by a person from Israel, a Pakistan citizen helped Indian, an Indian helped Pakistani, Russian helped American, American helped Russian, .... Thus, human relations and interpersonal excellence and belonging-ness always have brought miracles in the world.

13. Remember the most famous poem in UK in medieval age. "I envy nobody, no not I and nobody envies me". "The miller of the dee" who happens to be the Hero in the Poem, believed that there is absolutely no competition in this world, everybody gets his share once he reaches the Wisdom of achieving that particular pinnacle position. Hence, ethics, values, honesty, truthfulness matters in this transparent and hyper communication explosive world.

14. Join some Self Help Groups (SHG) or Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) like CRY, SEWA, which help orphan children, poor and needy or to physically challenged people in their various activities. Know how good conditions you are placed in as compared to them. The organizations of repute like Green Peace, Salvation Army, Health Service Department of some Missionaries, or even you may join Government's some task force, and do the job/ work. The exposure and contacts you develop is great. Many have developed contacts beyond getting job.

15. Join some Political Party and take part in their activities. One of my friends Dinesh did this. He is sticking to one party and one man. He has become now treasurer of one big politician. Consistency matters. Follow their ideology. It could be Indian National Congress, CPM, BJP, SP, BSP, TDP, AIADMK, DMK, Shiv Sena, or any party to which suites your ideology. I hope you know how they have contacts and how they all help each other. In fact I have seen people from different parties helping each other AFTER the WAR called ELECTION. They know their ideology is different but at the end of the day all are human beings and needs and wants of all the human beings are similar.

16. Join Professional Group. If you are engineer then join The Institution of Engineers (India), SAE, etc. If you are Management Graduate join AIMA, AMA, etc. If you have Commerce, Arts, background join some organization of your choice. Taking parts in Event and professional activities develop solid contacts. In fact working with them should start in the student age in the college itself. It exposes you to future of you work and life. Many of my friends and I had been part of the Institution of Engineers (India) since our second year of graduation. Later we became member.

17. Take part in local and domestic festivals. Lokmanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhiji literally moved the world through these activities. Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja, Pongal, Dasera, Diwali/ Deepawali, other village festivals. Take part in the most major festival of local communities. E.g. In Nagpur Shobhayatra of Ram on the Lord Ram's birthday is the biggest festival next only to Diwali and Dasera. People develop their own buggies and send the message. One million crowd watches that yatra. If you are in Saudi join Id festival, if you are in USA, UK take full devoted part in Christmas, if you are Sindhi take part in Jhulelal festival, if you are ….. thus, stick to your community and develop with you others as well. Tilak literally moved Maharashtra. Gandhiji moved the nation. Festivals are great contact builders.

18. Join your own community and bring others to the world map.

19. Call friends to your birthday and go to their, but decide the limitations and your aims in life while you do that.

20. Go to trip together with likeminded people. One of my friend had hobby of watching stars in the night, he had spent his pocket money in buying telescope and he used to go alone. Later one group was formed by one Astro-physics Professor in Nagpur called Kutuhal. My friend joined that group. Now he is working in USA on Astro-Physics project of his interest.

21. Join health club, yoga club, and library, go for walk every three days in a week, and see the change. You meet friends in diversified life styles. Talk to them, don’t make faces. Remember the tree which is loaded with fruits of Wisdom looks always down to earth (Tamil, Kannad, Marathi, Sanskrit-Proverb). Few words and you are friends forever. Ex. Mr. Ambani goes to walk in the morning with one young friend, they generate contact while jogging only.

22. At least once in a year contact every one you know well. One of my Grandfather used to bring 365 post cards and write a post card each day to each relative in a different families, to friends, to Prime Minister (yes one of the PM was his student), that too at the age of 90 years. Thus, he kept himself busy and people used to get Fatherly advice on important matters/ issues.

23. One of my Grand Fathers had a fantastic habit. He used to eat fruits every day, and later he used to collect properly the seeds of those fruits till the monsoon arrived. At that time we stayed in the heart of Nagpur. In the monsoon, he used to travel in a train from Nagpur to Delhi, then Nagpur to Chennai, then Nagpur to Kolkota and then Nagpur to Mumbai. He used to keep those bags of seeds near him. He was freedom fighter, thus he enjoyed journey for no tickets or ticket for less price. Always he used to seat near the window and door both. Thus, whenever the Ghats/ Mountain range arrive he used to drop the seeds at proper places. Whenever the train stopped he used to get down or used to tell young people from the train to plant those seeds at the place he wanted where he thought to be cultivable. Once I was with him he told me "Ashish that is the plant I planted in 1982, that is the plant I planted in 1979", etc. Soon, he developed so much great youthful contacts that he never was alone in his life till end. He had youthful friends in Bhajani (Spiritual Hymns) Mandal, in the Independence day celebration at his locality, at grocery shop, at vegetable market, in all political parties, in nearby schools (as he was past Principal) , everywhere, at least one in a crowd of 1000 in Nagpur knew him due to his positive contributions everywhere. Above all he was freedom fighter, and he also had worked with Dr. C. V. Raman in one of his projects in 1919 when Dr. C.V. Raman worked with the Institute of Science, Nagpur. Those were really great people who kept themselves always busy and that too in Humane and Positive activities. In fact, you could locate my grandfather at particular time at particular place every time in week. That was the reputation and discipline he had. Great contribution towards nation, and towards world at large.

24. Even your habits, likes, and every moment task can fetch you million friends. My friend developed a fantastic Web-log (Blog) and now he has at least thousand new friends who could be useful any time he wishes.

25. Where ever you go, help others. My friend ABC used to help others. Once he helped a patient in the hospital. It was ABC's down time in his life. The patient, Mr. XYZ to whom he helped was alone in his life. Later it was discovered that XYZ was a big shot in Mumbai/ Bombay. After his recovery XYZ called ABC and thanked him. ABC at that time was going to market with his mother. Suddenly his mother cried and told XYZ that he is jobless. The person immediately called his assistant and got a place created for him. He is working in the hospital owned by that big shot person-XYZ, to whom my friend helped. Thus, god helps them who help others and who also help themselves.

26. In USA there is Harley-Davidson Fan club, Elvis Presley Fan club, UFO club, this club and that club, this group and that group, and people share vision, life's experience in those meetings and huge gatherings.

27. In India there are so many social clubs and activities happening since last few thousand years that this page will be short to mention.

28. In case you are father, (For Ex-PGP/ Executive MBA students), go to the annual gathering of your child at least once and develop contacts with teachers, and your child's friends. …..see miracles. One of my friends is developing software for the Hospital of his child's friend’s Father, the contact started like this only.

29. One of my uncle staying in Mumbai, he uses his traveling time in reciting hymns of God for first half an hour, then next half an hour he contacts at least one friend every day. On every last Sunday of the Month he appears for an interview of at least one company/ organization and gets experience of what are the requirements of the day/ job/ higher posts/ different domain. In 12 years he has worked for only 3 companies as he selected the best in the lot. He always has the choice. He never has been bitten by the bug called status or esteem; though he is General Manager (GM), he travels by Local Train and reaches within time to his office every day, except for some un-towards incidences. Man, time is more important than status, esteem, and furthers other useless thing, is what he claims. He feels that he is more than self-actualized person due to this interpersonal excellence and belongingness he has developed over the years.

30. One of my PhD students is businessman. Along with PhD, he is also pursuing MA from one distance learning institute and MA from other. For PhD survey he uses his every day business contact keep the record of every person he meet, right from Hon. Mr. Anil Ambaniji, Hon. Mr. Lalkrishna Advaniji, Hon. Mr. P. Chidambaram, Hon. Mr. Prafulla Patel to other Professors and he sends greetings to them on their birthdays and on special occasion. He finds time out from his busy schedule whenever any stalwart he likes comes in his city. As I told you these people also respond him positively. He is person to observe, watch and to be learned. At 27 he has so many achievements in business and he is holding more than five degrees. He says, "Contacts always help me to keep my ethical foundation intact and also to build my life and business." Once he uttered these words, I realized that these are next generation MBA's.

31. One of our neighbors (An Aunty) had a knack of getting address of the people with whom her maid-servant worked. Then she used to call these all ladies for kitty-party and then the contacts used to grew to any extent. Somehow this always hurt the maid-servants as they could not bunk any day. Hence, within a year all maid servants used to quit the job. Thus, every year Aunty used to get new maid-servant and new contacts. The fact is Aunty was living in Industrial Belt of Maharashtra. Slowly her popularity grew and she became the President of top women association in that area. Slowly, Rotary Club, Lions Club, local schools called her to talk on "How to build interpersonal excellence through good relationship with every one". Finally she became Head HR in India's one of the top ten blue chip company in 1990. Thus, every link at house and from house is very important. That is why in India family and associates including maid-servant became integral part of decision making in some classical houses, where one maid-servant serves for three generations. Yes, don't laugh, we have one Gangamai, who had changed the nappies of few billionaires, ministers, and we all still treat her as our real grandmother and ask her for advice on some household medicine, etc. We are all children before her. No Billionaire, no Minister, no Doctor, no Professor, no this or that. That's interpersonal belongingness she has generated through time and her self-less services to all of us.

There are umpteen possibilities for social networking and cohesive, synergistic way of living.All these build our Self-Governance as well. Wise people say that you become good to you and to all.

Come on, Life is short and let us give it for great, greater to the greatest cause. Let us develop our wisdom and become wise human beings on the earth, universe, and Multiverses.

Hope MBA students will make their MBA as a real next generation MBA that is Master in Behavioral Excellence Applications.

All the best.

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This article of mine is published on following websites as a Research Paper or Free Study Material, may be with or without permission but they have kept my name and email hence I know. Let world get benefitted from thsi article. Let friend ship grow among across the boundries and cultures and nations and religions and castes and creeds and among multiple Universes and domains.
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Hoping coming more. Let everyone get benefitted.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Websites for Spiritual Guidance/ Hymns/ Bhajans from all religions/sects accross the World

Spiritual Bhajans/ Hymns Websites:

Possible Biotechnological and Scientific Miracles on space ship called earth

We'll Patent it later?
First, I am going to contribute, contribute, contribute:

Few Take away ideas:

1. Students will store everything in pen drive and there will be biomedical device fitted in the brain to convert that into hand action. Thus will type or write the Answer Paper in the Exams.

2. Injections of French, German, Hindi, English, Russian, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Spanish will be developed and will be injected intravenous or so in the body and that person will be master of that language till the antidote is provided. He will write, speak and live that language. Similarly, another possibility is, in the night the book will be read by Computer and will be stored in the memory bank and gray matter of human brain will store it and in the morning will produce in the Examination by special selection process of human choice.

3. Stem Cells will develop body parts and human being will be immortal or at least live a longitivity / long life. As same as the Automobile parts being replaced and the life of the Automobile is increased.

4. Superman/ Supermen/ Super-Women

5. Super Skilled people.

6. Bio-Technological Man/Men/Women running at the speed of 1000 kilometer per hour will start from Delhi and cover the distance of 15000 kilometer to Moscow in 15 hours. Good bye to Vehicles, Airplanes, etc.

7. Like the movie "Evolution" with Hero as Mr. David Daconvi, fast generation of species for special purposes will be possible.

8. Super-Hyper-Super Computers in link with human brain and working for super projects.

9. Disease free species.

10. Special purpose developed species.

11. Nobody will be able to speak a lie. Everybody will speak truth.

12. Nobody will die hungry.

13. A bio-technological-man can construct his house within few minutes like cartoon network fast pace action.

14. Man once take food need not take food for rest of his life. Or will be autotropic like Revered Sun Baba of India, who is alive only by taking and eating Sunlight.

15. Man who can live 500 years and will travel into space till Mars and come back after and with five generations on earth. S/He will tell experience live to the whole world.

16. Species that can grow on Moon, Mars, Titan, Europa, Venus as per the local environment with no need of Artificial Environments.

17. Human being will convert itself into just a composition of Quarks and can travel at Taconic speed and will reach stars and will take again into human form over there.

18. Human being will convert itself into chromosomes and will wander on the oceans of Titan, Europa, and all the gas planets and come back and will tell experience to next generation.

19. Like Dinosaurs could be regenerated in Jurassic Park Movie, human being will regenerate his past generations on earth or by taking some genetic material of human being over there.

20. Human being will crush themselves to such a small size like movie ----I crush them small, that they will be able to see atoms, electrons, protons, even basic material Quarks and will tell that experience by getting original shape. .....If you want more I have some more Unlimited Radical Ideas but Human Beings are not Ready, Truthful, Ethical, and Capable of moving to other planets at this juncture. Unless truthfulness, devotion, honesty comes into actual practice humanity cannot go to distant places. Reason, suppose there are lots of people traveling in the space ship. Everybody is assigned a task. If everybody does it in "own" time and in "own fashion like on earth", then that space ship will have NO second chance to survive. Hence, honesty, truthfulness, punctuality, discipline, ethics, values are important otherwise humanity is heading towards self destruction.

Life is a short let us give it for great cause, time is less, let us start today.

Amen. Aum.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Lakmi Mittal About Tata (His Competetor) (True Stalwarts of India)

Really true leaders appreciate their competetors as well. As they understand actually their is no competetion in this world. Every one has his own share, domain and positives and negatives. Really Great to listen or read this article on Tatas and Tata Nagar. This is true Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship and world citizenship as well.

True Contributors.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

What citizens of India think and are contributing to the democracy

India is a huge country. One billion population and there are one billion activities occur in India at every moment. However, this article is for those who think life is easy, good and for enjoyment, who think there is all-well everywhere in the world. For them the world is but closed compartment, not for me and my family, we live life with open eyes, listening ears, understanding all. Hence here are few life awakning news for my real frinds:

What Real Contributers are doing in India:

Mr. Baba Amte: Man on Mission:
Mr. Lokhande: Maharashtra:
Mr. Chewang Norphel: Glacier Man of Leh-Kashmir:

Mumbai Dabbawalas:

Youngest lot of Soldiers: How they are contributing?:
Captain Harshan: The Youngest Ashoka Chakra Winner:
Col. Venugopal:

If common man become Prime Minister in India "What will he do?":BBC NEWS:

What India's rich population do?

What Middle Class Citizens think and are doing?

What Farmers are doing in India: Articles from Times of India:
Why are they doing it? : His Highness Honorable Prince Charles and experts has this analysis:
What Government of India is doing for Farmers?:
Waiver of Rs. 60,000 Crore = USD 15 Billion to Farmers:
National Disastor Maangement:

What Indian poor population is doing?:

What India(Urban) and Bharat (Rural) thinks?

What the real Young Leaders are doing?: Thanks to

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Some NEWS from CHINA

China's own indigenous AirCraft: Thanks to my favourite News Channel BBC:

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tom and Jerry and other the best Cartoons: Thanks to You Tube for reminding childhood memories

Some the most Favourite Tom and Jerry and other the best Cartoons: Thanks to You Tube for reminding our Childhood memories. Every Sunday with Tom and Jerry had different story and life's episodes:

Enter Full URL upto "=" sign:

The best one because of which in childhood we became Tom and Jerry fan: Jerry and Jumbo:

Ynkee Doodle Mouse: Oscar Winning:

Dogs: Love that Puppy:

Vanishing Duck:

Tom and Jerry: Guitarist Uncle:

Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry: Midnight Snacks:

Tom and Jerry: Invisible Mouse:

Tom and Jerry and Truce Hurt:

Tom and Jerry: Little Quaker:

Tom nd Jerry:Jerry's Diary:

Snowbody Loves me:

Kitty Foiled:

Christmas Episode Preview:

Injured Duckling Migrating:

Fishing, Cat, Mouse, Dog Guard:
Experimento de Tom:

The missing white mouse:

Tom and Jerry:

Milky Waif: Little Nibble:

Polka dot puss: Chicken Pox:

Golf Tee for Two:

Jerry and the Lion:

The little Orphan Nibble:

The best: Little Elephant from Circus is missing:

Thanks to the Youtube websites: Copy Paste full URL up to "="sign:
Tom and Jerry: Copy Paste full URL up to "="sign:
Tom and Jerry: The Woodpecker egg and the Jerry: Copy Paste full URL up to "="sign:
Tom and Jerry: Guitarist Uncle:
Tom and Jerry: Sleeping time Tom:
Tom and Jerry: Happy Go Ducky:
The Road Runner Show: The Popeye: The Didi's Comedy Show:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

How can I change the Indian Presidential Election Process so that One Billion citizens of India can elect him / her?

Dear All,

How can I change the Indian Presidential Election Process so that One Billion citizens of India can elect him / her?I am serious. Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, was the most popular candidate but he could not be elected once more due to some technical difficulty.It doesn’t mean the any candidature is not eligible but just to take popularity and clean behavior, I have mentioned Dr. Kalam. His contribution to the nation is also beyond doubt. All President of India must be as great as Dr. Kalam. He is leaving legacy to be followed by his successors. Hence this question to all. Expecting a great contribution from all.

Dr. Ashish:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,
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Blog 2:

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Car Stunt Videos - Extreme Car Stunts

Watch these car stunts you'll know why people are crazy about cars and automobile engineering and Formula 1 - F1 race. Thanks to the respective websites.

Hyundai Avante: 360Degrees, 540 degrees, Reverse, and more:

Ford Mustang:

MGM Photostudio:

KIA Motors:

Disney Land Motor Show:

Bike stunts and few words used in stunts:

Dr. Ashish Urkude

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ancient Literature, Masters and Thought Leaders around the World

Ancient Literature, Masters and Thought Leaders around the World

Rig-Ved, Yajur-Ved, Saam-Ved, Atharv-Ved ,
Ramayana (Valmiki), Mahabharata (Ved Vyasa), Puran, Arthshastra (Chanakya/Vishnu Gupt/ Kautilya), Samudrik Shastra, Brahma Sutra, Yog Sutra (Patanjali), Dnyaneshwari (Dnyaneshwar), Geeta (Lord Krishna), Shakuntal (KaliDas), Raghuvansh (KaliDas), Malvikagnimitra (KaliDas),
Masters/ Incarnations: Shri Ram, Shrikrishna, Buddha, Mahavir and 24 Tirthnakar of Jains, Gurus of Sikhism, Yogis of Nath Sampraday like Gorkhnath, to Dnyaneshwar, Saint Ramdas, Bhagavan Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekanand, Adi Shakaracharya, ........

Confucius, Laozi, ......

Homer, Herodotus, Plato, Aristotle, Demosthenese, .......








Some Ancient Scholars:
Valmiki, Ved Vyasa, Vishnu Gupt/ Chanakya/ Kautilya,
Socrates, Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Ptolemy,

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Ready Beckoner Few the best Sports Websites

Ready Beckoner Few the best Sports Websites ,,,12306,00.html

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Some Inspiring and Beutiful Thoughts from eclectic sources

Please Note: If I am wrong in translation or in expression please correct me. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Aum. Om. (Sanskrit - One letter God).

Let noble thoughts come to us from all universes. (Rigved/ Rug-Ved).

Everything comes from this universal god and goes to him. (Bhagavad Geeta-Brahmarpanam Brahmahavir Brahamagnou Brahmanahutam Brahmaiv Ten Gantavyam Brahmakarma Samadhina) .

God, Thy will be done. (Bible).

(Allah O A-Kabar) has lot of tremendous meanings:
I bow to Allah who is immortal and hence whose Kabar cannot be built or
I bow to that Allah, whose Kabar cannot be built or
I bow to that Allah who is so big that who is beyond the Kabar or
I bow to that Allah who is so big that every Kabar will be smaller if it tries to accommodate Allah. (Kuran) .

Every Action has Equal and Opposite Reaction. (General Science, Physics, and Chemistry and Thermodynamics).

The best creation of God is Man.

"Shivo Bhutva Shivam Yajet", Swami Vivekananda.

"Unlike common man, Saints can see, visualize and experience, existence of God at every moment, event and phase of life.” Swami Madhavnath-Mr. Madhav Vishnu Wakde, Pune.

"In the infinite time frame, even billions of years is smaller time frame. Thus, even if one lives here on earth for 1425 years like the Yogi Changdeo (at the time of Saint Gyaneshwar) he will not be satisfied. Hence, let us try for Salvation, Mukti or Nirvana, which will make your life really fruitful." Dr. Keshav V. Belsare, Malad, Mumbai.

"The best Kings, the incarnation of Gods, the richest of the rich, the Scholars of the Scholars, the best singers, the Enlightened souls, the poorest of the poor, the highest of the highest authority, the most powerful among the powerful people, the worst among the worst, the best among the best, the tiniest among the tiniest, the biggest among the big, and all who ever came on earth have died and are dying will die, that is the birth-live-die cycle. Hence, the best way to get rid of this cycle is to attain Mukti-Nirvana-Moksha.” Swami Ramdas-Dasbodh.

Come on life is small/short, with all these religions let us go to multiple universe/s and let us explore the universal god at various places in the Universe/s.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Monday, October 01, 2007

Few Challenges and Opportunities in the Computer Field and Linguistic Domain

 Few Challenges and Opportunities in the Computer Field and Linguistics domain

1. Security from hacking.
2. Networking in multiple domains.
3. Interactive software and hardware.
4. Troubleshooting without hindrance, and finding solution and implementation.
5. Self up-dation of software
6.Mouseless children friendly PC
7.Life Battery operated PC
8.Solar operated PC
9.Water, Air, Sky operated PC
10. Saving states/ countries/ organizations from hacking threats:
11. Putting a Language Translator and if you put one word in any of the language other from the dictionary automatically appears there.
English to Marathi to Hindi to Sanskrut in this table of 350 words: An automated translator can many problems of communication around the world:

SN English Marathi Hindi/ Hindustani Sanskrit/ Sanskrut
1 I Mi Mai Aham
2 You Tu/ Tumhi Tum/ Aap Bhavan
3 He To Wo Saha
4 She Tee Wo Saha
5 We Aamhi Hum Wayam
6 Mother Aai Maa Mataa/ Janani
7 Father Vadil Pita Janak/ Pitru
8 Sister Bahin Bahen Sahodaraa
9 Brother Bhau Bhai Sahodar / Bhatru
10 Hand Hast, Kar, Ank Hast, Kar, Ank Hast, Kar, Ank
11 Leg Pay Pair Paad
12 Eyes Doley Aankhey Chakshu, Netra, Lochan
13 Ears Kaan Kaan Shravanedriya
14 Nose Naak Naak Nasika
15 Hair Kes Baal Kesh
16 Water Paanee Paanee Jal/ Payoho/ Ambu
17 Air Havaa Havaa Vayoo/ Marut
18 Land Jameen Jameen Pruthvi
19 Fire Agni Agni Agni
20 Sky Aakash Aakash Aakash/ Kha
21 Mother in Law Saasoo Sasoo Shwashroo
22 Father in Law Saasaraa Sasoor Swasroo
23 Road Rastaa, Maarg Raastaa, Marg Marg
24 Pen Lekhnee Pen Lekhnee
25 Touch Sparsh Sparsh Sparsh
26 Write Lihine Likhanaa Likhiti
27 Sit Bas Baith Upvishyati
28 Inspiration Preranaa Preranaa Prerayati
29 Acquire Milawane Milanaa Vindati, Labdhwa
30 Think Vichaar karane Sochna Chintayati/ Vimrushati
31 Counting Mojaney Ginanaa Ganayati
32 Tell Saanganey Bataanaa Kathayati
33 Steal Chorane Churanaa Chorayati
34 Advertise Ghoshanaa Karaney Sabako Bataanaa Ghoshayati
35 Talk Bolaney Baatchit  Udeeryatey
36 Enter Aat yene/ Pravesh Andar Aanaa Vishati/ Pravishati
37 Standing Ubha Khadaa Daksha Sthiti, Tishtha
38 Satisfied Santushta Santushta Santushta/ Rajyate/ Trupyati
39 Criminal Aparaadhi Aparaadhi Aparaadhi
40 Hipnotise Mohit Mohit Mohit
41 Join Jodaney Jodanaa Yujyate
42 Exists Aahe/ Asaney Rahanaa Vidyatey
43 Calm down Shaant honey Shaant honaa Shaamyati
44 Accepted Maanane Maananaa Maanyate
45 Demand Maaganee Maanganaa Arthyatey
46 Listen Aikaney Sunanaa Aakanayati, Shruyatam
47 Drawing Chitra Kaadhaney Chitra Nikaalanaa Aakruti Aalikhati
48 Troubling Traas Deney Takaliph Denaa Udvij
49 Leaving Sodaney Chhodanaa Vimunchati
50 Blessings Aashirvada Aashirvada Aashirvada
51 Create Nirman Karane Nirman Karanaa Srujati
52 Trembling Thar Thar Kaapaney Thartharaanaa Sphurati
53 Died Maraney Maranaa Mriyate
54 Aggressive  Maajaney Mastaayaa Maadyati/ Drupayati
55 Reached Pohochaney Pahuchana Prapadyatey/ Aapadyate
56 Resting Vishram Karaney Vishram Karanaa Vishramyati
57 Throw Fekaney Fekanaa Khipati
58 Discover Shodh Karaney Anveshan Anvichchati
59 Walking Chaalane Chalanaa Charaiveti
60 Mistake Chukaney Galati Karanaa Pramaadyati
61 Wander Bhatakanti Ghumanaa Bhramyati, Bhrmanen
62 Tired Thakane Thakanaa Shraamyati
63 Wish Ichchaa Karane Ichcha Rakhanaa Ichchati
64 Order Aadesh Dene Aadesh Karanaa Aadishati
65 Drown Budane Dubanaa Nimajyati
66 Love Prem Pyaar Sniha
67 Respect Aadar Karane Aadar Karanaa Aadriyate
68 Advice Upadesh Upadesh Upadesh
69 Ask Vicharane Puchchanaa Pruchchati
70 Fry Bhaajane Bhunjanaa Bhrujjati
71 Cut Kaapane Kaapanaa Kruntati
72 Clean Shudhdha karaney Shudhdha Karana Shudhyati
73 Complete Poorna Karaney Poora Karanaa Sidhyati
74 Angry upon Raagaavane Gussa Honaa Krudhyate/ Kshubhyate
75 Avoid Taalane Taalanaa Pariharati
76 Faster Lavakar, Jalad Gatine Jaladi Shighra, Jalad
77 Attack Prahaar Prahaar Prahaar
78 Kill Jivanishi Maaraney Jaanse Maaranaa Sanharati/ Hinsati
79 Convene Ekatra Yene Ek Jagah sab log aanaa Samaavhyayate
80 Challenge Avvahan Dene Chunouti Denaa Aaavhayati
81 Laugh Hasaney Hasanaa Vihasati/ Hasati
82 Produce Ugavane Ugaanaa Jaayate
83 Call Haak Maraney Bulaanaa Vhayate
84 Prosperous Samrudhdhi Samrudhdhi Samrudhyati
85 Frightened Bhay Daranaa Trasyati
86 Hate Dvesh Dvesh Dvesh
87 Dancing Naachane Naachanaa Nrutyati
88 Suffer Sahan Karaney Sahanaa Sahati
89 Daring Dhadas Karaney Dhadas Bandhana Utsahatey
90 Leader Neta Neta Neta
91 Brother in Law Jaavai Jamaat/ Jijaji Jamatru
92 Guru Guru Guru Guru
93 Metro City Nagar/ Shahar Nagar/ Shahar Nagari
94 Sun Bhanu/ Surya/ Savitru Bhanu/ Surya/ Savitru Bhanu/ Surya/ Savitru
95 River Nadi Nadi Nadi/ Saritaa
96 Cow Gaay Gaay Dhenu, Gau
97 Gentleman Sajjan Sajjan Suhrut/ Suhrud
98 Beautiful, Splendour Sundar Sundar Charu/ Manohari
99 Wood Lakud Lakadi Daru
100 Thread Dori Dor Rajju
101 Stone Dagad Paththar Drushad/ Drushat/ Paashan
102 Break Todanaa Todanaa Chhindati
103 Awake Jagrut Jagrut Jagrut
104 Sister in Law Nanand Nanand Nanaandru
105 Watered Eyes Ashru/ Aasu Aasu Ashru
106 Honey Madh Madhu Madhu
107 Little Laghu/ Chhota Laghu/ Chhota Laghu
108 Audience Shrotrugan Shrotrugan Shrotrugan
109 Praising Prashansa Prashansa Shanstru
110 Speaker Vakta Vakta Vaktru
111 Beak Choch Chonch Chanchu
112 Giver Denaaraa Denwala Yachchat
113 Truth Satya Satya Satya
114 This Ha/ Hi/ Hey Yah Idam/ Etad
115 All Sarva Sabhi log Sarva
116 Read Vaachane Padhana Path
117 Distribute Vitaran Karane Vitarit Karanaa Vitarati
118 Bow down Pranaam Karane Pranaam Karanaa Pranaam
119 Exam Pariksha Pariksha Pariksha
120 Bath Snaan Snaan Avagahe
121 Defend Rakshan  Rakshan  Trayate
122 Forgive Kshamaa Karaney Khshamaa Karanaa Khamate
123 Defeat Paraajit Karane Parajit Karanaa Paraajayate
124 Win Vijayi Hone Vijai Honaa Vijayate, Jitaha
125 Fly Udane Udanaa Uddayati
126 Yawing Jamabhai Dene Aalas Nikalana Jrumbhati
127 Behave Changala Wagane Achcha Bartav Karana Samaacharati
128 Swim Pohane Tairanaa Tarati
129 Meeting Bhetane Milanaa Sangachchate
130 Roaring Garjanaa Garjanaa Garjanaa
131 Smell Vaas Ghene Sunghanaa Jighrati
132 Eat Khane Khanaa Kahadati
133 Play Khelane Khelanaa Khelati
134 Drink Pine Pinaa Pibati/ Aachaamati
135 Sing Gane  Gaanaa Gunjati
136 Talkative Badabadne Badabadana Jalpati, Vadati
137 Following Magun Jaane Pichchese Jaanaa Anugachchati
138 Understand Samajane Samajhanaa Awagachchati
139 Go away Jawal Jaane Paas Jaanaa Apanayati
140 Go near Dur Jaane Dur Jaanaa Upanayati
141 Fall Padane Giranaa Patati
142 To be a Celebrity Prakhyat Hone Badaa Aadami Bananaa Prathatey
143 Glittering Chamakane Chamakanaa Dyotate, Prakhar
144 Marriage Vivah Vivah Parinay
145 Dog Bite Kutra Chaavane Kutta Katana Kukur Dashati/ Danshati
146 Meditate Dhyan Dhyan Dhyan
147 Answer Uttar Dene Uttar Denaa Uttar/ Pratibhashate
148 Praise (the lord) Devache Gungaan karane Bhagawan ko Yaad Karanaa Bhajati
149 To Serve (Food) Vadhane Parosanaa Prarohati/ Rohati
150 Work Hard Yatna/ Prayatna Prayaas Yatna/ Prayate
151 Announcement Nivedan Karane Nivedan Karana Nivedayati
152 Stir Manthan Manthan Manthan
153 To Know Jaanane Jaananaa Jaanaati
154 To elect Nivad Karane Chunana Vrunite
155 To buy Vikat Ghene Kharidanaa Krinaati
156 To differ Vegalepanaa Dakhawane Alag Alag karake batanaa Shinasti
157 Obstacle Adathalaa Aanane Baadhaa laanaa Runadhdhi
158 To send Paathavane Bhejanaa Hinoti
159 To plan Yojanaa Aakhane Yojanaa Karanaa Yunkte/ Yunakti
160 Enjoy Mouj karane Mouj karanaa Bhunakti
161 Happy Aanand Aanand Aanand
162 Sad Du Khi Du Khi Du Khi
163 Forehead Kapaal Mathaa Patal
164 Head Dok Sar Mastak
165 Throat Kanth Kanth Kanth
166 Brain Mastishk, Mendu Mastishk Mastishk
167 Mind Man, Chitta Man, Chitta Man, Chitta
168 Jungle, Woods, Forest Van, Jangal, Aranya Van, Jangal Van, Jangal, Aranya, 
169 Sleep Needraa, Jhop Needraa, Soonaa Needraa
170 Eagle Garud Garud Garud, 
171 Vulture Gidhaad Gidhdha Gidhdha
172 Dog Kutra  Kutta    Kukur   
173 Pea Cock Mayur Mayur Mayur
174 To See Paahaney Dekhanaa Pashyati
175 King Raja Raja Raja
176 Time Vel Vakt, Samay Kaal 
177 Vehicle Vaahana Vaahana Vaahana
178 Ball Chendu Gend Kanduken
179 My Maaz Meraa Asmaakam
180 Sweet God Meetha Madhur
181 Gender Ling Ling Ling
182 Tense Kaal Kaal Kaal
183 God Dev, Bhagavaan Dev, Bhagavaan Dev, Bhagavaan
184 Mother Toungue Matrubhaashaa Matrubhaashaa Matrubhaashaa
185 Dynasty Kool Kool Kool
186 Play Ground Kridangan Kridangan Kridangan
187 Crack  Bheg Darar Bhanj
188 Living Jaganey Jindaa Rahanaa Jivati 
189 Take  Ghene Lenaa Yachcha
190 Give  Dene Dena Dadaati 
191 Stop Thaamb Thahernaa Nirudhdha
192 Mattress Aasan, Sataranjee Aasan Aasan
193 Dead, Death Melaa Mar Gayaa, Mrutyu Nirvaan, Mrutyu
194 Fruit Fal Fal Fal
195 Flower Ful Ful Ful
196 Tree Vruksha Vruksha Vruksha
197 Blame Ninda Ninda Ninda
198 Here Yethey, Ithe Yahan Yatra
199 India Bhaarat, Hindusthan Bhaarat, Hindustan Bhaarat, Jambudwipe, Hindusthan
200 Indian Bharatiya, Hindusthani Bharatiya, Hindusthani Bharatiya, Hindusthani
201 Finger Nail Nakh Nakhul Nakh
202 Relatives Suhrud, Naatewaik Suhrud, Aaptswakiy Suhrud
203 Later Nantar Baadmey Pashchaat
204 Universe Brahmand Brahmand Brahmand
205 Solar System Soorya Kool Soorya Kool Soorya Kool
206 Far away Dur   Dur   Dur
207 Nearby  Jawal    Paasmey Samip
208 Fragrance Parimal, Sugandh Parimal, Sugandh Parimal, Sugandh
209 Fool Moorkh Moorkh Moorkh
210 Capable Samarth Samarth Samarth
211 Incapable Asamarth Asamarth Asamarth
212 Successful Safal Safal Safal
213 Unhappy Dukhi Dukhi Khed
214 Destroy Naash Naash Naash, Vinashyati
215 Parrot Popat, Shuk Shuk, Totaa Shuk
216 Crow Kaak, Kaawalaa Kaak, Kouvva Kaak
217 Too much Jaast Bahotsaaraa Ateev
218 Lion Sinh Sher Sinh
219 Engrossed Mugdha, Tanmay Khojaanaa Mugdha, Tanmay
220 Villain Kutil, Khal, Durjan Kutil, Khal, Durjan Kutil, Khal, Durjan
221 Hero Neta, Sajjan Neta, Sajjan Neta, Sajjan
222 Spongy Sachchidra Sachchidra Sachchidra
223 Special Vishesh Vishesh Vishesh
224 Difference, Different Vegala, Anya Alag, Anya Adrush, Bhed, Anya
225 Same Saarakha Samaanataa Sadrush
226 Vanish Adrushya Adrushya Adrushya
227 Go out Baher Jaane Baahar Jaanaa Nirgachchati
228 Human being Maanav, Dwipad,  Maanav, Dwipad,  Maanav, Dwipad, 
229 To catch hold Pakadun Thewane Pakadanaa Dhaarayati
230 Mirror Aarasaa, Darpan Ainak, Darpan Darpan
231 Face Mukh, Chehraa Mukhdaa Mukh
232 Reflection Pratibimba Pratibimba Pratibimba
233 Lamp Diwaa Diyaa Diwaa
234 Direction Dishaa Daakhawaney Dikhaanaa Suchyate
235 Soft spoken Mrudubhaashi Mrudubhaashi Mrudubhaashi
236 Give up Sharan Sharan Sharan
237 Female Stree Stree Stree
238 Male Purush Purush Purush
239 Doubt Sandeh, Sanshay Sandeh Sandeh, Sanshay
240 Comedy Vinod, Haasya Vinod, Haasya Vinod
241 Crocodile Makar, Magar Makar, Magarmachcha Makar
242 Sin Paap Paap Paap
243 Good Karma Punya Punya Punya
244 Again, Repeat Punha, Punah Punah Punah
245 Wake up Uttishthat, Jaage Vhaa Uttishthat, Jaago Uttishthat
246 Good omen Sudaiva Sudaiva Sudaiva
247 Bad omen Durdaiva Durdaiva Durdaiva
248 Fast Running Dhaavane Doudnaa Vegen Adhaavat
249 Bear Bhaaloo, Aswal Bhaaloo Sukar
250 Tigre, Tiger Vyaaghra, Vaagh, Shaardul Vyaaghra, Baagh Vyaaghra, Shaardul
251 Ride Aaroodh Aaroodh Aaroodh
252 Animal Pashu Pashu Pashu
253 Night Raatra Raat Ratrou, Nishaa
254 Hunting Shikaar Shikaar Mrugayaa
255 Stable Sthir Sthir Sthir, Akampat
256 Thankless Krutaghna Krutaghna, Aisaan Faraamosh Krutaghna
257 Faith, Belief Vishwas Vishwas Vishwas
258 Home Niwas-sthaan Niwas-sthaan Niwas-sthaan
259 Ground Bhoomital Bhoomital Bhoomital
260 Roots Mooley Mooli Moole
261 Masculine Pullingi Pullingi Pullingi
262 Feminine Streelingi Streelingi Streelingi
263 To Hurt Peedaa Dene Peedaa Denaa Peeda
264 For what? Kashaa Karataa? Kyon? Kimartham?
265 Trick Yukti Yukti Yukti
266 Fear Bhay Bhay Bhay
267 Fearless Abhay Abhay Abhay
268 Soundless Chupchaap Chupchaap Suptamrusham
269 Neglect Bahishkrtu Bahishkrtu Awalokya, Bahishkrut
270 Descardable Tyajya Tyajya Tyajya
271 Tunnel Guha, Kandar Guha, Kandar Guha, Kandar
272 Good Qualities Gun Gun Gun
273 Bad Qualities Dosh Dosh Dosh
274 All Sarv Sab Sarve
275 To Ditch Avishwas, Dhokaa Avishwas, Dhokaa Avishwasarham
276 Fast Nakt, Upwaas Upwaas Nakt, Upwaas
277 Get down Awatarit, Utaraney Utaranaa Awatarit
278 Better to give away Tyaajya Tyaajya Tyaajya
279 Proverb Mhani Vachan, Kahaavat Vachan
280 Better way to do Yogyarityaa Yogyaritisey Yogyarityaa
281 Sandalwood Chandan Chandan Chandan
282 Rubbing Ghaasaney Ghisanaa Mathyamaanaat
283 Efforts, Endevours Yatna, Prayatna Yatna, Prayaas Yatna, Prayatna
284 Cloud Dhag Baadal Megha, Jalad
285 Sweet words Subhashit Subhashit Subhashit
286 Poet Kavi Kavi Kavi
287 Poetry Kavita, Padya Kavita, Padya Padya
288 Prose Gadya Gadya Gadya
289 Big, Giant Vishaal Vishaal Vishaal
290 Small Laghu Laghu Laghu
291 Vacant Rikta, Rikama Rikta, Khali Rikta
292 Donkey Gaadhav Gadhaa Kharaahaa
293 Fluet Baansuri, Venu, Paavaa Baansuri Baansuri, Venu, Paavaa
294 Indian Drums Tabla, Drums Tabla, Drums Tabla, Drums
295 To Remember Aathawan Thevaney Yaad Rakhanaa Smarami
296 To help Sahaayataa Karane Sahaayataa Karanaa Sahaayataa
297 To heat Taapawaney Tapanaa Taptam
298 To Complete Poorna Karaney Pooraa Karanaa Pooryitwa, Bharitah
299 Judgement, Law Nyay Nyay Nyay
300 Lawless Anyay Anyay Anyay
301 Child Baal, Baalak Baal, Baalak Baal, Baalak
302 Science Shastra Shastra Shastra
303 Food Khaadya Khaanaa Khanyamaanah
304 Money Arth Arth Arth
305 Wise, Pandit Pandit, Pradhnya Pandit Pandit, Pradhnya
306 Slow Mandgati Mandgati Mandgati, Mandam
307 Accept Swikaarney Swikaarnaa Swikaroti
308 Reject Aswikaar Karaney Aswikaar Karanaa Vimunchati, Aswikaar
309 The Best Sarvottam Sarvottam Sarvottam
310 Cool Sheet, Thand Sheet, Tthanda Sheetam
311 Possible Saadhya Saadhya Saadhyam
312 Impossible Asadhya Asadhya Asadhyam
313 Energetic, Enthusiastic Utsahani Utsahasey Utsahen
314 Dejectedly Nirutsaah Nirutsaah Nirutsaah
315 Helpless Asaahaytaa Asaahaytaa Asaahaytaa
316 Relentless Satat Satat Satat
317 Scientist Vaidhnyanik Vaidhnyanik Vaidhnyanik
318 Turmeric Haladi Haladi Haridraa
319 Decorate Sajjibhoot, Sajawane Sajjibhoot, Sajaanaa Sajjibhoot
320 Ayurved Ayurved Ayurved Ayurved
321 Owner Swamitva Swamitva Swamitva
322 Great Mahaan Mahaan Mahaan
323 Anne Dominian Khristaabda Khristaabda Khristaabde
324 Worth following Anukarniya Anukarniya Anukarniya
325 Battle Sangharsha Sangharsha Sangharsha
326 To get Milaney Milanaa Sammilya
327 Thought leader Pranetaa Pranetaa Pranetaa
328 Poor Garib, Nirdhan Garib, Nirdhan Alp Dhani, Nirdhan
329 Rich Dhanadhya Dhanadhya Dhanadhya
330 First Day Pratham Din Pratham Din Pratham Din
331 Student Vidyaarthi Vidyaarthi Vidyaarthi
332 Thousand Hajaar Hajaar Sahastra
333 Hundred Shambhar Sou Shat
334 One Ek Ek Ekam
335 Hundred Thousand Ek Lakhya Ek Lakhya Ek Lakhya
336 Ten Million Ek Koti Ek Karod Ek Koti
337 One Billion Shambhar Koti Sou Karod Shat Koti
338 Old, Historic Prachin, Aitihasik Aitihasik, Purne Jamanemey Prachin
339 Recent Arvachin, Aajkaal Aajkal Arvachin
340 Knowledge Vidya, Dnyaan Vidya, Dnyaan Vidya, Dnyaan
341 Authority Adhikaar Adhikaar Adhikaar
342 Looks good Shobhatey Shobhaymaan Shobhatey
343 Honour Gourav  Gourav  Gourav 
344 Useful Upayukta Upayukta Upayukta
345 Humble Vinay Vinay Vinay
346  East  Poorv  Poorv  Poorv
347  West  Paschim  Paschim  Paschim
348  North  Uttar  Uttar  Uttar
349  South  Dakshin  Dakshin  Dakshin
350  North East  Ishaanya  Ishan  Ishaanya
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Lives on the ground, India.