Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Are we heading towards ideal and advance technological integration and integrated society but practically disintegrated world again?

Are we heading towards ideal and advance technological integration and integrated society but practically disintegrated world again?
BRExit. Proves it. 
"London is the only Global city in EU...with more than century old ....cultural and business, education and.....domination, but, in case, it suffers the challenge from other nations.... they know how to get back their domination, they have ruled half the world in the past...."... An expert. 
Another points which is also important is this.
I repeat, "Common man like us, wants to live peaceful life in integration and help his family and society/ societies live too, it's the disintegration created by influencers and who are few and influencing these world policies....and they are unknown still....and will remain unknown due to the fact that they are always hidden from the world and play from behind the scenes, since ages, ..., they train their next generation to be like that....and it continues....forever.... The Prime Ministers and Presidents are just show off positions.... Resignations of British PM proves it again, what I'm saying."
Other points are, just look at the polarization of world again from the politicians and rulers of the nations' perspective than the common man perspective. 
1. EU disintegrated. 
2. SAARC is there but India-Pakistan dent is there, though Pakistan is responsible for that. We will say, it may be due to any entity but disintegration is there. 
3. NAFTA, SAFTA, ....... are there but internal conflicts are there. 
4. USA outsource so much that go to Wal-Mart and more than 50% products are China made.
5. Look at India more than 80% petroleum products are imported. Same is the case with more than half the nations on the earth, and for Petro-Wars, again, integration of few and disintegration of few nations are there. Someone say domination someone say imperialism, someone say to much dependence some one say, too much independence from petroleum products. Mostly those who have petro source and some who don't have it and are dependents.
6. Same with Nuclear know how and technology. 
7. Same is with Space age technology.
8. Same with Technology, Pharmaceutical, ....... patents. 
9. Same is with.....Law and order, stable governments, ...... business environment, education, hospitality, medical facilities, ..... peace loving ....
10. Will it then head towards hate crime online and offline and will they lead to word wars and actual full-fledged wars? God knows.
Let's make this world better and peaceful, and think about masses as well as classes of this world....otherwise.... viruses can live for billions of years together but the most intelligent specie on earth will die due to disintegrated societies. God bless us all. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Indian Languages Made Easy: English to Bishnupriya Manipuri Language to English

India is great due to this diversity. Though many languages have origin of Sanskrit but the diversity is too much.
Bishnupriya Manipuri Language, 39th Indian Language
English Bishnupriya Manipuri Language
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude Mr. Tapan Sinha (Agartala, Tripura)
1 I Mi
2 You Ti
3 We Ami
4 She Tei
5 He Ta
6 Go Jaga
7 Come I
8 This/ It Aego
9 Eating Khaudi/ Khana
10 Food Khanorta
11 Reading Tamkorani
12 Studying Tamkorani
13 Buy Lona
14 Sell Besani
15 Walking Aataani
16 Sleeping Ghumaani
17 Phone Phone
18 Sitting Bohani
19 Child Shogo/ Shou
20 Young man Gourapa
21 Young Woman Purijelai
22 Colour Rong
23 Red Ranga
24 Blue Nil
25 White Dola
26 Black Kaalaa
27 Green Tenuwa
28 Mountain Tengada
29 River Choraa
30 City Shahar
31 Parrot Tenuwa
32 Village Gaang
33 Water Pani
34 Air Bou
35 Mother IMA
36 Father Baba
37 HAN Is suffix for simple words
38 GO Is suffix for big things and round figures
39 What is your name?  Tor Nang Han Kihan?
40 My name is Ashish. Mor Nang Han Ashish.
41 Langugage Thar
42 Teacher Oja (Gurukul Teacher)
43 Boat Nauka
44 Student Porua (Gurukul student)
45 Airport Airport (Modern words same)
46 Bus Bus
47 Road Path
48 Pen Kolam
49 Sister Bonuk
50 Brother Beyok
51 Friend Itau
52 Birds Pahiya
53 Animal Poshu
54 Fruits Fall
55 Leaves Pata
56 Wood Rook/ Ruk
57 Firewood Darau
58 Spectacles Anak
59 Shoes Jutey (Hindi)
60 Socks Moja
61 Pant Pant
62 Shirt Aangee
63 Head Mor 
64 Eyes Ahi
65 My eyes Ahigo
66 Nose Naak
67 Toungue Ju 
68 Teech Daat
69 Neck Gar
70 Hands Aat 
71 Legs Jangh
72 Nails Nok
73 Skin Chaamdaa
74 Vehicle Gaadi
75 Rice Choul
76 Wheat Gom
77 Floor Aataa 
78 Fish Maas
79 Job Chaakri
80 Bulb/ Lamp Lem
81 Dog Kukur
82 Cow Geyi
83 Ox Bolda
84 House Ghar/ Gor
85 My home/ my house Mor Gorgo
86 God Bhagawan/ Dou
87 Grand Father Bura Ba/ Aapu
88 Grand Mother Buri Ma/ Aabo/ Dango
89 Son Putak/ Pitak
90 Daughter Jilak
91 Wheel Chaka
92 Iron Lowa
93 Copper Tamba
94 Silver Rupa
95 Gold Huna
96 Book Lerik
97 Neckless Kaathi
98 Ring Aangthi
99 Bangles Kharou
100 Light Mingwal/ Gwal
101 Dark Aadhar
102 Sports Khela
103 What is your profession?  Ladies:
104 Ti kita kororigo?
105 Gents:
106 To kita kororgo?
107 I'm a Professor! Mi Masteri Korirogo. (For Both same answer)
108 I'm waiting for my turn. Mi Basia Asu Mor Samaiha Kumpaka Aitoita.
109 North East are beautiful states. North East Hoba Jagaahan.
110 Sunday Lamwoyising
111 Monday Ningthowapa
112 Tuesday Leyipankpa
113 Wednesday Insa-Insa
114 Thursday Sucklecell
115 Friday Eireyi
116 Saturday Thungchaa

India is great due to this diversity. Though many languages have origin of Sanskrit but the diversity is too much.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Indian Languages Made Easy: Languages in Arunachal Pradesh: ADI Language

Indian Languages Made Easy: Languages in Arunachal Pradesh: ADI Language: 35th Language

For other Arunachal Pradesh Languages:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India


ADI Language
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude Ph.D. student Ms. Purnima Dai and Ms. Mum Lego
1 What is your name? Ngok amin e ingkum?
2 Answer Ngok Amin e Ashish.
3 Where do you live? Ingkol no dudum?
4 Answer Ngo Nagpur lo du dung.
5 I Ngo
6 You No
7 They Budu
8 Father Abu
9 Mother Ane/ Ayi
10 Younger Brother Biro
11 Elder Brother Bibing
12 Sister Birme
13 Food Donam
14 Peace
15 Angry Maarmam
16 House Ekum
17 School School
18 Language
19 Ladies Mime
20 Gents Miloko
21 Child Ko
22 Grandfather Babu/ Ejing
23 Grandmother Ojo/ Nane
24 He/ She (in general) Be
25 Cooking Kedung
26 Village Dolum
27 Plain Land Area Among
28 Hill Area Ditta
29 Pen Pen
30 Wandering Mogodung
31 Learning Inom Dung
32 Medicine Kusereng
33 Water Asi
34 Blessings Akemar
35 Ear ring Tagyir
36 Neckless Lungu
37 Bangles Kopung
38 Death Sinam
39 Living Turnam
40 Husband Milo 
41 Wife Meng
42 Tree Esing Ane
43 To buy Renam
44 To Sell Konam
45 Vegetable Oying
46 Doctor Doctor
47 Minster Minister
48 Insect Tokum
49 Ant Taruk
50 Monkey Sibeng
51 Tigre Simyo
52 Deer Sidum
53 Bear Situm
54 Mustard Leaves Pattu 
55 Iron Erem
56 Rice Apin
57 Fish Engo
58 Sun Donyi
59 Moon Polo
60 Star Pakal
61 Sky Taleng
62 Forest Mone
63 River Korong
64 Hair Dumid
65 Eyes Aimik
66 Ear Nyorung
67 Nose Nyobung
68 Mouth Nap pang
69 Teeth epang
70 Country Knam
71 Pain Kinam
72 One Aatal
73 Two Anyi
74 Three engum
75 Four Appi
76 Five Pilongo
77 Toilet Yogum
78 Washing  Aarnam
79 Kitchen= Fire place Meron
80 Cloth ege
81 Child (Male and Female both) Ko
82 Young Male Yame
83 Young Female Mimum
84 Old Female Ojo 
85 Old Male Mijing
86 Plate ekung
87 Wood esing 
88 Hand Alakh
89 Legs Ale
90 Fingure Lakeng
91 Fire emeh
92 Red Yaleng
93 Blue Yamong
94 White Yasing
95 Black Yaka/ Yoreng
96 Yellow Yage
97 Green Yaying
98 Nails Lagin
99 Fell down Olat
100 Rise again Gerep Nam
101 Sun Rise Donyi Sadung
102 Sun Set Donyi Omit Nam
103 Moon Shine Polo Lolak
104 Rain Pendong
105 Summer Lobo
106 Cold Ansing
107 Song Miri
108 Singing Gognam
109 Welcome Aaipaa Aalaankaa
110 Good Aina
111 Bad Aimana
112 Thank You Air do
113 People Aami
114 Our Country Ngo luk among
115 Their Country Buluk Among
116 Check Mopum
117 Neck  Aling
118 Lips Nep Bel
119 Goat Soben
120 Chicken Perok
121 Leaves  Aane
122 Head Attu
123 Foot Alek
124 Stone Eling
125 Soil Kegong
126 Toungue Aayo
127 Earth Tani Among
128 Sun Donyi
129 Moon Polo
130 God Donyi Polo

Indian Languages Made Easy: Languages in Arunachal Pradesh: Nishi and Tagin and Galo Languages: Only pronunciation is different

Indian Languages Made Easy: Languages in Arunachal Pradesh: Nishi and Tagin and Galo Languages: Only pronunciation is different

Languages in Arunachal Pradesh, having 26 tribes, and these 3 and Adi, i.e. 4 languages are main. 

English Nishi, Tagin, Galo
1 I Ngo
2 You Nog
3 Father Abu
4 Mother Ane
5 Elder Sister Ayi
6 Brother Bro
7 Head Dumpo
8 Eyes Nerung
9 Mouth Gam
10 Neck Lungpo/ Lungun
11 Hands La
12 Legs Le
13 Hair Dumu
14 Road Lumpya/ Lumtek
15 Tree Sangner
16 Sky Nedomyo
17 Sun Donyi
18 Moon Polo
19 Friend Ajin
20 Grand Mother Papu
21 Grand Father Ato
22 Young Man Yapa
23 Young Woman Nijer
24 Vegetable Au
25 Earth Khade
26 Air Dori
27 Wood Asang
28 House Naam/ Namlo
29 Teacher Sar
30 Student School Ame
31 Red Langchi
32 Blue Yiyaji/ Jevi
33 White Yaping
34 Black Yakya
35 Green Yafi
36 Water Asi
37 Fire Ame
38 Monkey Sebe
39 Dog Aki
40 Fruit Sang se
41 Hill Miyodi
42 River Asi Sovo
43 Stone Alung
44 Knife Gechi
45 Fly Jarne
46 Walking Yangne
47 Run Jugne
48 Buy Rene
49 Sell Pugne
50 Cloths Aje
51 Forest Moro
52 Man Nyaga
53 Woman Neme
54 Living Sangne
55 Dead Sine
56 Wandering Gyakarne
57 Sitting Dungne
58 What is the time? Edu Baji Pa?
59 What is your name? Nog Meng Min e ye?
60 My name is Ashish. Ngo meng min e Ashish.
61 Leader/ Pujari Nebu Abu
62 Negum Abu Head of the village
63 Day Ala
64 Salt Alo
65 Night Ayo
66 Noon Adyum
67 Morning Aro
68 Dwan Aro Kamchi
69 Flower Apun ayor
70 People/ Society Dolo
71 Doctor Datar
72 Cap Byopa
73 Shoes Lakuk
74 Intelligent Niki Nyoro
75 Dumb Pachcha Damaa
76 Win Mayaa
77 Winner Mayaa Bo
78 Loser Pama Bo
79 Sports Khela/ Kheli
80 Sleep Yepme
81 Jocking Soyming/ Nyerming
82 Wake up Grub
83 Eating Done
84 Drinking Tangne
85 Non-Veg Soding
86 Fish Nyoyi
87 Teeth Fee
88 Fingures of Hands Laachaang
89 Fingures of Legs Lachang
90 Children Hi Meku
91 Mala Old Nilo
92 Female Old Fung Fo
93 Palm Laachho
94 Foot Lacho
95 Knee Labang
96 Elbow La Abang
97 Hand Nails Laafing 
98 Leg Nails Lefing
99 God Dyoni Polo
100 Demon Eye
101 Animal Sabe/ Mithun
102 Cow Sey
103 Goat Sebing
104 Pig Erek
105 Leaf Nane
106 Good Aley
107 End Karu/ Alema
108 Good Morning Aley Aru
109 Good Bye Paya Ling Cho
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

Practically BRExit is mostly for securing jobs/businesses of next generation,though remaining in EU is better theoretically/ ideally.It was expected.

Practically BRExit is mostly for securing jobs and businesses of next generation, prove me wrong,if you can. Ask any dad or mother, they want their child in Britain to get job than going to a person in other states....similarly for business....though remaining in EU is better theoretically/ ideally, but, ..... at the end of the day.... Similar views are there about BPO's and Outsourcing in many developed/ developing/ under developed nations, so not new. It's a expected result. Few may call it imperialistic mindset, but, they are trying to secure their future of next generation, and it's another side of the coin. 
Hence, I always say, all the nations should devote more and more time for creation of jobs, jobs and jobs, in organised sector, in case they have to keep their economy going. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Most used words in English, Marathi, Hindi, Hindustani, Sanskrit, Sanskrut Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude's Indian Languages Made Easy Series

The Most used words in English, Marathi, Hindi, Hindustani, Sanskrit/ Sanskrut:
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude's Indian Languages Made Easy Series:

SN English Marathi Hindi/ Hindustani Sanskrit/ Sanskrut
1 I Mi Mai Aham
2 You Tu/ Tumhi Tum/ Aap Bhavan
3 He To Wo Saha
4 She Tee Wo Saha
5 We Aamhi Hum Wayam
6 Mother Aai Maa Mataa/ Janani
7 Father Vadil Pita Janak/ Pitru
8 Sister Bahin Bahen Sahodaraa
9 Brother Bhau Bhai Sahodar / Bhatru
10 Hand Hat Hath Hast
11 Leg Pay Pair Paad
12 Eyes Doley Aankhey Chakshu, Netra, Lochan, Netra
13 Ears Kaan Kaan Shravanedriya
14 Nose Naak Naak Nasika
15 Hair Kes Baal Kesh
16 Water Paanee Paanee Jal/ Payoho/ Ambu
17 Air Havaa Havaa Vayoo/ Marut
18 Land Jameen Jameen Pruthvi
19 Fire Agni Agni Agni
20 Sky Aakash Aakash Aakash/ Kha
21 Mother in Law Saasoo Sasoo Shwashroo
22 Father in Law Saasaraa Sasoor Swasroo
23 Road Rastaa Raastaa Marg
24 Pen Lekhnee Pen Lekhnee
25 Touch Sparsh Sparsh Sparsh
26 Write Lihine Likhanaa Likhiti
27 Sit Bas Baith Upvishyati
28 Inspiration Preranaa Preranaa Prerayati
29 Acquire Milawane Milanaa Vindati
30 Think Vichaar karane Sochna Chintayati/ Vimrushati
31 Counting Mojaney Ginanaa Ganayati
32 Tell Saanganey Bataanaa Kathayati
33 Steal Chorane Churanaa Chorayati
34 Advertise Ghoshanaa Karaney Sabako Bataanaa Ghoshayati
35 Talk Bolaney Baatchit  Udeeryatey
36 Enter Aat yene Andar Aanaa Vishati/ Pravishati
37 Standing Ubha Khadaa Daksha Sthiti
38 Satisfied Santushta Santushta Santushta/ Rajyate/ Trupyati
39 Criminal Aparaadhi Aparaadhi Aparaadhi
40 Hipnotise Mohit Mohit Mohit
41 Join Jodaney Jodanaa Yujyate
42 Exists Aahe/ Asaney Rahanaa Vidyatey
43 Calm down Shaant honey Shaant honaa Shaamyati
44 Accepted Maanane Maananaa Maanyate
45 Demand Maaganey Maanganaa Arthyatey
46 Listen Aikaney Sunanaa Aakanayati
47 Drawing Chitra Kaadhaney Chitra Nikaalanaa Aakruti Aalikhati
48 Troubling Traas Deney Takaliph Denaa Udvij
49 Leaving Sodaney Chhodanaa Vimunchati
50 Blessings Aashirvada Aashirvada Aashirvada
51 Create Nirman Karane Nirman Karanaa Srujati
52 Trembling Thar Thar Kaapaney Thartharaanaa Sphurati
53 Died Maraney Maranaa Mriyate
54 Aggressive  Maajaney Mastaayaa Maadyati/ Drupayati
55 Reached Pohochaney Pahuchana Prapadyatey/ Aapadyate
56 Resting Vishram Karaney Vishram Karanaa Vishramyati
57 Throw Fekaney Fekanaa Khipati
58 Discover Shodh Karaney Anveshan Anvichchati
59 Walking Chaalane Chalanaa Charaiveti
60 Mistake Chukaney Galati Karanaa Pramaadyati
61 Wander Bhatakanti Ghumanaa Bhramyati
62 Tired Thakane Thakanaa Shraamyati
63 Wish Ichchaa Karane Ichcha Rakhanaa Ichchati
64 Order Aadesh Dene Aadesh Karanaa Aadishati
65 Drown Budane Dubanaa Nimajyati
66 Love Prem Pyaar Sniha
67 Respect Aadar Karane Aadar Karanaa Aadriyate
68 Advice Upadesh Upadesh Upadesh
69 Ask Vicharane Puchchanaa Pruchchati
70 Fry Bhaajane Bhunjanaa Bhrujjati
71 Cut Kaapane Kaapanaa Kruntati
72 Clean Shudhdha karaney Shudhdha Karana Shudhyati
73 Complete Poorna Karaney Poora Karanaa Sidhyati
74 Angry upon Raagaavane Gussa Honaa Krudhyate/ Kshubhyate
75 Avoid Taalane Taalanaa Pariharati
76 Faster Lavakar Jaladi Shighra
77 Attack Prahaar Prahaar Prahaar
78 Kill Jivanishi Maaraney Jaanse Maaranaa Sanharati/ Hinsati
79 Convene Ekatra Yene Ek Jagah sab log aanaa Samaavhyayate
80 Challenge Avvahan Dene Chunouti Denaa Aaavhayati
81 Laugh Hasaney Hasanaa Vihasati/ Hasati
82 Produce Ugavane Ugaanaa Jaayate
83 Call Haak Maraney Bulaanaa Vhayate
84 Prosperous Samrudhdhi Samrudhdhi Samrudhyati
85 Frightened Bhay Daranaa Trasyati
86 Hate Dvesh Dvesh Dvesh
87 Dancing Naachane Naachanaa Nrutyati
88 Suffer Sahan Karaney Sahanaa Sahati
89 Daring Dhadas Karaney Dhadas Bandhana Utsahatey
90 Leader Neta Neta Neta
91 Brother in Law Jaavai Jamaat/ Jijaji Jamatru
92 Guru Guru Guru Guru
93 Metro City Nagar/ Shahar Nagar/ Shahar Nagari
94 Sun Bhanu/ Surya/ Savitru Bhanu/ Surya/ Savitru Bhanu/ Surya/ Savitru
95 River Nadi Nadi Nadi/ Saritaa
96 Cow Gaay Gaay Dhenu
97 Gentleman Sajjan Sajjan Suhrut/ Suhrud
98 Beautiful Sundar Sundar Charu/ Manohari
99 Wood Lakud Lakadi Daru
100 Thread Dori Dor Rajju
101 Stone Dagad Paththar Drushad/ Drushat/ Paashan
102 Break Todanaa Todanaa Chhindati
103 Awake Jagrut Jagrut Jagrut
104 Sister in Law Nanand Nanand Nanaandru
105 Watered Eyes Ashru/ Aasu Aasu Ashru
106 Honey Madh Madhu Madhu
107 Little Laghu/ Chhota Laghu/ Chhota Laghu
108 Audience Shrotrugan Shrotrugan Shrotrugan
109 Praising Prashansa Prashansa Shanstru
110 Speaker Vakta Vakta Vaktru
111 Beak Choch Chonch Chanchu
112 Giver Denaaraa Denwala Yachchat
113 Truth Satya Satya Satya
114 This Ha/ Hi/ Hey Yah Idam/ Etad
115 All Sarva Sabhi log Sarva
116 Read Vaachane Padhana Path
117 Distribute Vitaran Karane Vitarit Karanaa Vitarati
118 Bow down Pranaam Karane Pranaam Karanaa Pranaam
119 Exam Pariksha Pariksha Pariksha
120 Bath Snaan Snaan Avagahe
121 Defend Rakshan  Rakshan  Trayate
122 Forgive Kshamaa Karaney Khshamaa Karanaa Khamate
123 Defeat Paraajit Karane Parajit Karanaa Paraajayate
124 Win Vijayi Hone Vijai Honaa Vijayate
125 Fly Udane Udanaa Uddayati
126 Yawing Jamabhai Dene Aalas Nikalana Jrumbhati
127 Behave Changala Wagane Achcha Bartav Karana Samaacharati
128 Swim Pohane Tairanaa Tarati
129 Meeting Bhetane Milanaa Sangachchate
130 Roaring Garjanaa Garjanaa Garjanaa
131 Smell Vaas Ghene Sunghanaa Jighrati
132 Eat Khane Khanaa Kahadati
133 Play Khelane Khelanaa Khelati
134 Drink Pine Pinaa Pibati/ Aachaamati
135 Sing Gane  Gaanaa Gunjati
136 Talkative Badabadne Badabadana Jalpati
137 Following Magun Jaane Pichchese Jaanaa Anugachchati
138 Understand Samajane Samajhanaa Awagachchati
139 Go away Jawal Jaane Paas Jaanaa Apanayati
140 Go near Dur Jaane Dur Jaanaa Upanayati
141 Fall Padane Giranaa Patati
142 To be a Celebrity Prakhyat Hone Badaa Aadami Bananaa Prathatey
143 Glittering Chamakane Chamakanaa Dyotate
144 Marriage Vivah Vivah Parinay
145 Dog Bite Kutra Chaavane Kutta Katana Kukur Dashati/ Danshati
146 Meditate Dhyan Dhyan Dhyan
147 Answer Uttar Dene Uttar Denaa Uttar/ Pratibhashate
148 Praise (the lord) Devache Gungaan karane Bhagawan ko Yaad Karanaa Bhajati
149 To Serve (Food) Vadhane Parosanaa Prarohati/ Rohati
150 Work Hard Yatna/ Prayatna Prayaas Yatna/ Prayate
151 Announcement Nivedan Karane Nivedan Karana Nivedayati
152 Stir Manthan Manthan Manthan
153 To Know Jaanane Jaananaa Jaanaati
154 To elect Nivad Karane Chunana Vrunite
155 To buy Vikat Ghene Kharidanaa Krinaati
156 To differ Vegalepanaa Dakhawane Alag Alag karake batanaa Shinasti
157 Obstacle Adathalaa Aanane Baadhaa laanaa Runadhdhi
158 To send Paathavane Bhejanaa Hinoti
159 To plan Yojanaa Aakhane Yojanaa Karanaa Yunkte/ Yunakti
160 Enjoy Mouj karane Mouj karanaa Bhunakti