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By God's grace, Questions Raised since 2004, sometimes on invitation from World Bank, UNO, and World Economic Forum till date for saving Human Civilization

By God's grace, Questions Raised by Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, since 2004, (AS VERY FEW ARE RAISING QUESTIONS OVER WELFARE OF ALL), sometimes on invitation from World Bank, UNO, and World Economic Forum till date for saving Human Civilization:
0th Question:
Dear Hon. Mr. Ban Ki Moon, and Dr. Jim Yong Kim,
Warm Greetings.
Education to children and MDG goes hand in hand.
Please allow me to be honest on this question.
Educating the children requires pro-activism and it can be done with the help of NGO’s, SHO’s, Government and other non-government organizations and motivated honest individuals and technology and procedures and systems to support. It’s our experienced fact that, the little children migrate with their parents, while their work shifts to other cities in many cases in India and Bangladesh, if you take a case of millions of Construction Workers and casual labors.
Don't you feel it's the job of Government machinery to keep track and provide education system and procedure for these children, though, its job beyond 10 am to 5 pm office hours?
Why couldn't the technology and procedures be developed for these activities?
Why can't it be done in deadlines of 10 years or 25 years?
Trust me, if it's not done with deadlines, in the year 2100 we'll be discussing the same things.
Thus, don’t you feel UNO and WB should be Regulatory authority of the world by now to achieve it?
Hoping to include this point in your discussion, please, also if required, honestly, I can become part of it.
Thanks and Regards.
Yours Truly,
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, (Ph. D. Management), India
1.   We can talk about Social accountability, as much as we can, but "Who is to be held responsible(?)" for bad road conditions, non-working of the government machinery in some cases, insurance companies like Aviva Life Insurance threaten to collect premium from its customers, electricity is not there but bills are there every month, telephone doesn't function well but bills are there every month, many road and other infrastructure projects are left without completion, if common man goes to court/ legal the judge seems to be got manipulated by reach individuals or companies,...etc. It's not happening only in India but we've seen elsewhere too. What could be the solution? Who has to be held responsible? What will be the role of World Bank to correct this system in so many countries? How UNO, WB can fix this accountability problem?

2.   We heard seating at their office few people can tell in some instances, who (with exact name and address) has done that poaching in that particular area or who has done theft in that particular area. It's a world known fact, by now, in many Jungle areas. Now, kindly let us know, the exact reason why it can't be stopped, if such a good intelligence system is available, cameras are available, and ....Who provides the loopholes in the system to poachers? Don't you think it seems fishy if someone says poaching can't be stopped? Dr. Jane, I hope you will touch this point, please.

3.   It has been observed that while widening of roads, the trees that are in way could be up-rooted and then could be re-rooted at some other place, can be done, may be at night times, but do not happens in India. It's been standard practice at other places in the world. Hope you agree that, there would be imbalance in nature if it's not done. We've observed that, it also have provoked corrupt practices in India, hence, would like to ask, Have you touched this point in your book?

4.   Many of the rare medicinal seeds, shrubs, fruits, flowers, roots, trees, ..., etc. are available in Himalayas. On the name of Herbal / Ayurvedic Medicines top MNC buy such medicinal shrubs at negligible cost here, we've seen, and they sell their medicines at million times higher prices in global market. Could you please evaluate cost and value of this till the day of this discussion and make a comment on this?

5.   We in India have believed since millions of years that the knowledge that is necessary to survive must be available free of cost to everyone, otherwise, how would we survive? It's time, we make all the necessary and authentic knowledge and authentic data available free of cost, patent free and copyright free, and it's free to all and is available for any point on the globe and beyond. Hope these points will be discussed in this important discussion.

6.   I think, it's not problem of Vietnam only. Even USA could not find a better Women Presidential Candidate yet, in their history. It's a Universal Problem. Probably Politics and ruling is not yet a clean job, in human history. However, being relatively smaller country Vietnamese can find the better solution over more women contribution towards the nation through it's parliament. It could start from a local or a corporate or a sports or an education institutional leadership and the candidate can be nurtured to the level of national leadership. We've tried it in India, and we had a women President, Chief Minister, governors of the provinces and perhaps the strongest woman Prime Minister till date, using this method. Mrs. Indira Gandhi was nurtured this way by her father and the well wishers, since her child hood, including Hon. M. K. Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi-ji). Hope this point may be discussed in this all important discussion.

7.   At our locality, we waste 'Zero' food. The reason being many follow the concept called limited daily food consumption. However, it's been observed that it's the five star or above hotels those who waste more food. What can be done? Another observation is wastage of food while they are stored, even 1% of 100 million metric tons become 1 million metric tons of waste, if we take case of India. Don't you feel immediate action is required on it? What could be the modified role of the World Bank in future when it comes to all these activities?

8.   We had hot discussion and SWOT analyses recently and we found that this world is not ready, at present for direct democracy and transparency and openness, though we all youth around the world in all countries demand it. What are your opinions on these? What could be the process to achieve it?

9.   First thought raised by women here in India is, are women getting same position same wage/ salary or not? Another point is are they made part of decision or not? What are Health, Safety, and other short and long term benefits and facilities they are getting?

10.                Why women are less active in politics around the world? Why even USA could not find a good Presidential candidate till date? Why can't be politics, ruling, governing of nations be made clean enough, around the world, to accommodate both the genders? If it happens then only human civilization can survive for b/millions of years, otherwise, corruption, environment and other problems will wipe it out on earth. Hope this question will be dealt in your discussion.

11.                If gender gap has to be reduced it must be reduced in Politics and Governing of every country. Otherwise, inclusive growth, health to each child, education to all, better infrastructure, free will, and human progress, would be just terms used in Utopic language of Economics. Hope, you all agree on this issue and will have discussion on it, in your, all important discussion.

12.                I've same question that I asked in the Gender Equality, why couldn't USA find a Woman President till date? My second question is, is it possible that we make a common foreign policy agenda for 100 years for all the countries that, there will be no war and will talk about development of this world at all the fronts, and we meet the MDG. Is it possible to modify foreign policies for USA or Veto Power Countries and all the member countries of UNO, for this no-war, only inclusive-progress? Please suggest/ guide.

13.                Hope this diversification in development is also dealing with inclusive growth and favors all the regions in Eurasia? The reason to raise this question is may be after some decades later we'll be discussing, developed, developing and under developed regions in Eurasia despite the so called blessed natural resources. Hope you understand the crux and will add this point in your all-important discussion.

14.                It has been observed that some Universities have more influence than others on Global Development, though, every University passes out millions of graduates in the course of time. Can we have a program in which every university can (in fact should) make a contribution? This will improve the quality of graduates around the world, hence this question. Otherwise, for millions of years graduation would be there, billions will graduate but, without any significant difference, value and impact on the global development on earth, and on further fronts, especially expanding human civilization on Moon, Mars and beyond.

15.                Reaching to every village has always been challenge, similarly, transport in all whether conditions has always been a challenge to humankind. Do you think, that, in coming decade, we would be able to overcome these two problems in all countries? The reason raise this question is, many people feel technology is developing at faster rate than actually it can be implemented and used in daily life.

16.                Probability of climate reversing seems to be nil, thus change will be the only constant in future businesses. Hence, my question is, how would World Bank develop its policies for sustainable businesses, with various countries? Also, how will world bank reach to SME's and micro enterprises and help them sustain? Computers and Internet are still inaccessible to them, as either they don't have employees who can operate Computers or they can't afford it, I've seen it in recent visits to SME's and small agro businesses in distant villages in India, hence, this question.

17.                Congrats to Government of India for reducing the losses during and before the cyclone Phailin. However, when people watched the aftermath, they found that the people had nothing to stay and could not return back, as they had no shelter and living machinery. Hence, my question is, what is the future course of action for these cyclone affected people? Also, we've seen in Uttarakhand that some people are not willing to go back and stay at hills again. Is there any plan of government of India and the World Bank to reduce this fear psychosis among people affected? Also, it's high time we must plan no-living zones in India, where, we think there is chance of extreme disaster/s, is what I started feeling. This will also take care of Ecology as well, ex. Mangroves will be protected near sea; and the Hills and Forests will be protected in Himalayas, thus reducing the impact of future disasters. Do you agree to this, please?

18.                We in India respect our Mother as Goddess. In fact, we treat our parents as our first Guru/ Teacher/ Coach/ Mentor in fact everything. In joint family we respect all the elders. We involve all, including mother, wife, sister, daughters, and even grandmothers, in every important decision, that we take at home. If same thing happens everywhere including homes, offices, government, public places, with all ethics and values, hope violence against women will vanish. Hope, all of us have similar views. Do you agree over this?

19.                My first question is, can the World Bank take job of Train the Trainers of various countries, who are helping youths to start the business, so that more than a million Youth Entrepreneurship start within the span of next 5 years? My second question is, can the World Bank proactively help governments around the world to reduce the lengthy procedures to start the business in various/ respective countries? This question is obvious in case we have to generate more than a few million jobs/ year, in coming decade. This question also has its importance as the solution to this will also boost the spirit of youth brigade from various countries to venture for Entrepreneurship.

20.                We're flushing out all the viruses and bacteria out of their dens, with chemicals, global warming, by deforestation and by encroaching their space. Then how will we define, impact on health measures we're taking today? It'll also have impact on our MDG on health issue.
21. Are we flushing/ pushing the viruses and bacteria out of their nest and inviting to our human domain? Same thing happened in India with Tigers, hence, this obvious question.

22.                Obviously each and every country should take MDG seriously to achieve this goal. Do you feel this is not happening? Another point is do you feel the same that MDG are related more to the masses than the classes? The reason to ask both of these questions is, many television news channels claim that health issues of masses are not taken seriously, but health issue of classes is taken seriously, by all the governments around the world, with the exception of Pulse Polio Vaccination in India. Thus, my final question is, are we not trying inclusive growth and health for all, then how will it reach the grass root level? What's the opinion of World Bank on whole this issue?

23.                Youths around the world are bubbling to go for entrepreneurship/ self-employment or even for a job. However, it’s becoming difficult for some people to start a business due to so many formalities they have to complete. Hence, self-employment is directly proportional to employment generation. If jobs are not generated then, how could new generation would get the jobs? So my first question is can WB help governments to reduce this process of starting business? One more concern is, we again need to balance human resource based economies and technologies based economies, then only it will be possible. Hence, next question is can the WB help governments in planning such socio-economic business and management models? Time is running out faster. We need to act fast.

24.                Congrats to Latin America for Middle Class growing past the poor. Great Achievement by itself. My question is, are governments realizing their worth? Are the governments making them part of public services? Does view of a Middle Class family taken seriously by each government? If not then, how can Government people solve the problems? It's not PPP model that will solve the problem, but, it's the local community be made part of the solution then it can solve the problem is what I started feeling. Thus, Public Private Partnership + Contribution of the local common fearless, sensible and wise public of the area where work in progress of the project is going on can solve the problems. In fact, the local citizens may be made part of the project since its inception only, is what I feel.

25.                Cell phone, Radio, Television, and the whole Information and Communication Technology is the fastest to reach at the grass root level. Then, why the idea of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) did not reach at the grass root level around the world. Where exactly UNO and its organizations like WB...are failing to reach grass root level? I've been to many MBA schools and those even MBA students do not know what are MDG, leave others (including governments who do not take MDG seriously) aside, hence, this obvious question. Hope the question is taken positively and UNO and WB will try to find out an innovative solution on this, to make MDG happen.

26.                Since long, Inclusive Growth is been tried by every nation in their Annual Budget, however, they fail again and again. Can the World Bank act as a Regulator? Otherwise, even after 100 years we'll be talking these basic facts and humanity will face its biggest challenge at that time called hunger, education and health, as all have the same cause, and that is Poverty.

27.                Though we are not against any nation or economy, still, we feel, why big economies always put a pressure on small economies? Can the small economies be made independent from this pressure? Can the world economy be made dollar independent? Why can't there be 10 accepted currencies around the world than only USD? The question is obvious when BRICS have got together recently to form their own cartel.

28.                Please don't mind for such a basic question. I hope World Bank is very clear with what is poverty and about its definition. It is observed that statisticians and governments play with the facts and figures to show poverty is reducing, whereas common man observes juxtapose and that is Poverty is growing day by day. Hence, how would World Bank work in conjunction with such Governments around the world?

29.                India is facing extended Monsoon this year. Since, last 6 months it's raining. Thus, do you think, most of the funds of all the nations in future, might be devoted to infrastructure build up and maintenance only? The obvious reason being, roads gets washed away, telephone cables, water pipelines, electricity cables gets broken, hospitals got washed away, education institutes got washed away...thus, in that case, how could world bank help the nations and what would be its role? Will WB opt for going project by project basis or will it help the nations and work proactively?

30                How can we reduce the time between these utilities are planned and the time it is actually delivered to the end users? Also, what are the best practices around the world that World Bank is thinking to implement to improve this service delivery?

31.                Many have tried to eradicate poverty in India and around the world. They failed. Hence, how feasible is this poverty reduction program? Also, what are the steps that we at World Bank are taking to avoid such failures again?

32.                   In this world of Egotism i.e. "I-Me-Myself-My organization-My Product and Services", one thing that is forgotten is GIVING and not advertising. In many Indian scripts it's mentioned that, 'what right hand donates even the left hand should not come to know'. Hence, the donations and giving and even CSR is not a big part of the Big Budgets of many individuals and organizations. None in corporate world agrees on the principle of 'the more you give, the more will come back to you'. It's not even part of many top Fortune listed companies, or if they have, they take more than they give, is for sure. Then, how would these entities be encouraged to Giving, to Helping others, and the Welfare of all? .....Kindly let's also know, what will be the role of World Bank in these activities?...Kindly let's also know whether you've touched these points in your book?
33. Since decades, building roads, providing electricity, and construction of toilets for every household are part of every year's Budget of every country, but, it could not be achieved, is also a fact. Thus, according to Governments these things are interlinked and are equally important. Now, the question is, can the World Bank take responsibility of keeping track on budgets and helping countries to keep record of every dollar/ taka/ cent / rupee / money spent on these activities? If not then after 2200 A. D. i.e. after 100 years, same question and same discussion would take place and my great grand children will be asking the same question to your counter parts. Hope you don't laugh at this question. However, it's horrible reality of our lives, and hope you'll touch this point in your all important discussion.
34. Hope Right to Education is applicable to poor people in India. This itself is a big question. Now, take a live case, if Government chooses children of poor to be taught, and the parents of those children are construction worker, then? The parents are going to migrate for the job, even to other cities, isn't it? Then how can they keep a track on it? Government machinery can keep a track, but not these illiterate poor people. Also, parents can't leave their children behind....There are hundreds of such cases I know....and thus children are left illiterate and parents are forced to opt for job over education of children. Slowly, children also become earning source for parents in India and Bangladesh too. Also, education and coming out of poverty goes hand in hand in this part of the world. Thus, I believe that, trustworthy government machinery all across the country in conjunction with these poor people, and technology to support, can only alleviate these poor out of poverty. Hope, you'll touch this point in your lecture. Thanks.
35. Hope, while the production of Agricultural Produce in increased, the storage houses will also be built simultaneously, so that the hard work of Agrarian/ Farmers are not wasted and the grains reach at proper places. Hope this point will be touched in this all important discussion.
36. Is human civilization going to fight wars for millions of years? Why can't peace be restored in Africa? Why can't UNO and the World Bank become so powerful that they can keep the people/ organisations/ nations and other entities having vested interest away from Developing the Nation/ Region/ World? Sorry for direct question but, the day has come to call spade a spade, other wise, progress and development of this world will be stalled for ever. Hope you'll touch this point in this important discussion. 
37. Hope, in Africa, while the production of Agricultural Produce in increased, the storage houses will also be built simultaneously, so that the hard work of Agrarian/ Farmers are not wasted and the grains reach at proper places. Hope this point will be touched in this all important discussion. 
38. Are policy makers and implementer, slower than the economic down fall? If it is already predicted by scientists and researchers that in 2015 AD or 2022 AD, there will be economic down fall, then why the policy makers and implementer do not work over time to make the economies move smoothly? Don't you feel there is something fishy? Hope you'll touch this point in this discussion. 
39. Most of the forest areas in China is getting destroyed due to planned and unplanned activities. Then how can this urbanization will remain sustainable, if imbalance in the nature takes place? My second question is, 'Is the formula of 33% land must be accommodated by jungles applicable in each urbanization projects'?
40. Hope this Universal Health Coverage by 2030 A.D. program will be as successful as 'Pulse Polio Drive' in India. Hence, my question is are their definitive weekly goals kept in this program from small village level to each country levels? Are all the steps and procedures and reach made transparent and visible on the World Bank website?
41. Hope Sanitation and Water will be provided to all human beings by 2050 A.D. Thus, they will be part of real human civilization and they will be treated as humans. Hope we've some concrete plan for that. Otherwise, I've started believing that my great-grand children will be asking the same question to the then President of WB and UN-SG. Hope this point will be touched by you'll Honorable members and decision makers of UNO bodies, in this all important high-level meeting, and will definitely leave a legacy for future generations. 
42. These are the words of an almost 100 years old grand father. "Some of the uncertainties in economy/ world economies are manufactured one. They do not come due to natural ups and downs in the economies". Hence, my simple question is, if even USA, Greece, like rich economies could not face this uncertainty properly, how can we expect the Poor African countries can? Thus, what are the extra measures need to be taken care, in their cases?
43. Can we build large African firms? Is the atmosphere conducive for it? The competition, the negativity seems to be over powering the positivism, hence, this question.
44. Are policy makers and implementer, slower than the economic down fall? If it is already predicted by scientists and researchers that in 2015 AD or 2022 AD, there will be economic down fall, then why the policy makers and implementer do not work over time to make the economies move smoothly? Don't you feel there is something fishy? Hope you'll touch this point in this discussion.
45. Hope this Universal Health Coverage by 2030 A.D. program will be as successful as 'Pulse Polio Drive' in India. Hence, my question is are their definitive weekly goals kept in this program from small village level to each country levels? Are all the steps and procedures and reach made transparent and visible on the World Bank website?
46. I've come to the conclusion that, if the corruption persists for 100 years more, then, rivers will be polluted, then lands, then air, and then the human minds and brains, thus leading to the death of human civilization. Most of the environmental damage has been done through corruption only. Ex. Chemicals thrown by the factories in the rivers or oceans...do you agree with this?
47. Human beings are pushing the viruses and bacteria our of their den. same thing happened in India with Tigers. Tigers may vanish. However, don't you think, viruses and bacteria will end the human civilization if provoked? The reason being some viruses were discovered which are 6 million years existing in the oceans floors, and they might have sustained all the chemical and other atrocities by now, and cannot be destroyed by any chemicals now...isn't it a message to the human civilization, to not to disturb the nature too much? Thus, will it not affect the MDG especially the health goals? 
......and many more. 
other questions asked in the past requires some research as I lost them.....However, since 2004 I'm active part of World Bank, World Economic Forum ....UNO...discussions, by God's Grace.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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Top Books, Dailies and Journal Publishers around the world

Top Books, Dailies and Journal Publishers around the world

Internet going.......out...

Some articles worth reading in January-February 2014

Some articles worth reading in January-February 2014

Chinese Progress Ready Reckoner:

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More than 60% WWW/ Internet traffic is not from humans:

Detroit Saved article:

China lost 14 million lives in World War 2:

China Vs. USA in Oil and Gas Sector:

China building longest under sea tunnel: 1600 miles travel distance of Dalian and Yantai to be converted to only 160 miles:

Huge Projects of China:



China may be slow but not out of race:

Hollywoodiens fear of China:


Chinese Investments around the world:

Chinese Investment in USA: Interactive Analyses:

NYT: Chinese building niche auto market in Detroit:


Busy DCBA:

USA will work hard again:

80% USA Ports Managed by foreign organizations:

China can save Detroit, Article:


Silicon valleys Detroit moment:
Economy of Convergence?

San Francisco going Detroit way?
Costly office space:

Atlanta's dying?:

You can't eat ice cream after reading this:
Trying job at google?: Please read this:
Google satellite's clarity of pictures:
Paper replica of a plane:
coca cola formula secret:
Japan's pink flowers:
Beautiful ice sculptures: 2014 winter:
15 horse treks: However, missing here is Himalayas, especially the Jammu and Kashmir's Pahelgam trek, and Massoorie trek:
Beluga Aeroplain:
Can this world remain without Rivalries? Not in this article at least:
NASA's 10 space photographs: 2014:
About Moon missions:
What it takes to reach moon?
Thrill seekers have these things to do:
Airbus Vs. Boeing Vs. Cheap Airlines:
How to improve learning power of your child?

coming more.
Internet Connectivity going....
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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India is scientific by birth

India is scientific by birth


Since Birth of India as a nation, it's scientific, since millions of years.

Take Example:
All Astras i.e. Weapons were discovered in India. Please Check Ramayana, Mahabharat, Puran, etc.
All Yoga i.e. Peaceful living with nature developed in India.
All basics of Mathematics including "Zero"....India.
Arts and culture and Dance and Music....India

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Stress can generate stem cells out of ordinary cells?

Stress can generate stem cells out of ordinary cells?

Radical Thinking in stem cells:

Easier way to develop stem cells:

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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Is this world and all nations ready for "DIRECT DEMOCRACY" and "WELFARE OF ALL"?...Debate

Is this world and all nations ready for "DIRECT DEMOCRACY" and "WELFARE OF ALL"?...Debate

Questions raised:

1. Is it possible that even road side beggar's views are implemented in Democracy like India?
2. Do we waste time again and gain in asking people?
3. Why could not it be made possible in last couple of centuries in so many countries including UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, Japan, China....etc.
4. Is it beneficial?
5. Is the welfare of all the citizens of all the countries...possible?
6. Can any one political party make it possible in some countries?
7. Are the people ready for drastic, sudden, radical, ....change in their life?
8. Is it blue sky policy?
9. Is it a dream of humanity?
10. Was it done earlier in human history? When? Where? How?
11. Why Socrates, Confucius, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, ......sacrificed so many years to make it possible in their lives?
12. Is it day dreaming?
13. Can this world become corruption and all fantastic things free, overnight? Can those corrupt people involved in such bad things suddenly help in building Direct Democracy?
14. Can Direct Democracy be clubbed with Progress of all?
15. Will it not lead to chaos?
16. What are the hurdles in the Direct Democracy?
17. Will the imperialistic mindset, who think other humans are their servant or so called followers, will ever allow the Direct Democracy?
18. Without so called charismatic leaders can the democracy be RUN?
19. Will "Masses can't lead but Classes can Lead" syndrome/ mindset vanish from the world?
20. Will the classes allow the masses to be part of them?
21. Will Rich, Authoritative, mindset people allow this to happen?
22. Will it not go into wrong hand sometime as had happened with the Democracy, Communism, and Monarchies around the world?
23. How to keep watch and control over the things/ happenings?

Going to take in BBA-LLB class.

1. How the law will have to be modified?
2. What will be impact?
3. How constitution will look like?
4. There is no Direct and Perfectly Direct Democracy in the world, students proved with facts and figures.
5. HUGE discussions.

connection got slow.....

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,