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Indian Languages Made Easy: Chhattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi to English to Chattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi

Indian Languages Made Easy: Chhattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi to English to Chattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi:
Till date, it's mostly spoken in Chhattisgadh which was divided from Madhya Pradesh, province of India.
A very beautiful state with lots of jungles and aboriginal people, Raipur being one of the fastest growing city in India and capital. It's an exceptional case being energy excess state of India. This state/ province have lot of coal reserves, power plants,  iron and steal and aluminium plants.   
Thanks to Father who has translated all these sentences. Mr. Manohar Govind Urkude who stayed in Madhya Pradesh and was part of building several railway lines since 1962, on both the tracks to and fro ….. on the section Nagpur-Delhi (In fact Bhopal-Bina, etc. Nagpur-Itarasi, etc. sections they call it). On complete track he has some memories. When he was called as a consultant for the third track, at his age of 75 years, recently, none had attended their age of 50 years that he had experience in this field of railways. So, he could explain the labourers in Chhattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi, to top bosses in English and others in Hindi and then was getting the work done.

Thus, no need to say, these are all original contents, my Father knows this language and he helped me.

  1. English:: I ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey

  1. English:: He ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo

  1. English:: She ::Chattisgadhi::  Wo

  1. English:: You ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey

  1. English:: It ::Chattisgadhi::  Ye

  1. English:: This ::Chattisgadhi:: Ye

  1. English:: That ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo
  2. English:: A ::Chattisgadhi::

  1. English:: Yes ::Chattisgadhi:: Ha
  2. English:: Come ::Chattisgadhi:: (to come)…..AA

  1. English:: Came ::Chattisgadhi:: Ais (‘Ice’ in English)
  2. English:: Will come ::Chattisgadhi:: AA
  3. English:: Open ::Chattisgadhi:: (to open) Khol

  1. English:: Opened ::Chattisgadhi:: Kholis
  2. English:: Will open ::Chattisgadhi:: Kholih
  3. English:: Sit ::Chattisgadhi:: (to sit): Baith

  1. English:: Sat ::Chattisgadhi:: Baithis
  2. English:: Will sit ::Chattisgadhi:: Baithihi
  3. English:: Walk ::Chattisgadhi:: (to walk): Chal

  1. English:: Walked ::Chattisgadhi:: Chalees
  2. English:: Will walk ::Chattisgadhi:: Chalbe
  3. English:: Eat ::Chattisgadhi:: Kha

  1. English:: Ate ::Chattisgadhi:: Khaees
  2. English:: Will eat ::Chattisgadhi:: Khabey

  1. English:: Drink ::Chattisgadhi:: (to drink): Pee

  1. English:: Drank ::Chattisgadhi:: Peeis
  2. English:: Will drink ::Chattisgadhi:: Beebey
  3. English:: Win ::Chattisgadhi:: (to win): Jeet

  1. English:: Won ::Chattisgadhi:: Jeetiha
  2. English:: Will win ::Chattisgadhi:: Jeeteehee

  1. English:: Go ::Chattisgadhi:: (to go): Jaa

  1. English:: Went ::Chattisgadhi:: Jaees

  1. English:: Will go ::Chattisgadhi:: Jaab
  2. English:: Run ::Chattisgadhi:: (to run): Doud

  1. English:: Ran ::Chattisgadhi:: Daudees
  2. English:: Will run ::Chattisgadhi:: Daudabey
  3. English:: I go ::Chattisgadhi:: Main Jathav

  1. English:: He goes ::Chattisgadhi:: wo Jaathey
  2. English:: He eats an apple ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo Seb Khavat hai

  1. English:: He is eating an apple ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo Seb Kha Rahis Hai
  2. English:: He ate an apple ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo Ek Seb Khaees
  3. English:: I saw the film last week ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey peechhale hapta mey ek cinema dakhey hawe.

  1. English:: She came by bus yesterday ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo kali bus mey aaise.

  1. English:: She came by her own vehicle yesterday ::Chattisgadhi:: Wok aapan khood key gaadi mey aay rahis.

  1. English:: They went to the temple ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo mun Mandir ma gayeen.
  2. English:: They went to the church ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo mun Chrach ma gayeen.
  3. English:: They came from the mosque ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo masjeed ley aawe haway.

  1. English:: He slept the whole night ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo raatbhar soeen haway.
  2. English:: He wrote well in the examination ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo pariksha maa acchcha leekhan hai.
  3. English:: He has eaten ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo khaleen.

  1. English:: He will eat ::Chattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi:: Wo khahin.

  1. English:: He will go ::Chattisgadhi/ Chattisgarhi:: Wo jaahi.
  2. English:: He will come ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo aahi.
  3. English:: What is your name? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tor Nam Ka Haway?

  1. English:: What ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaa?
  2. English:: Is ::Chattisgadhi:: Haway.
  3. English:: Your ::Chattisgadhi:: Tor.

  1. English:: Name ::Chattisgadhi:: Naam.

  1. English:: What did you do? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tumhan Kay Karat Haw?

  1. English:: What should I do? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey Ka Karav?

  1. English:: What can I do? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey Ka Karat Haw?

  1. English:: What are the questions? ::Chattisgadhi:: Prashna Kay Havay?

  1. English:: What were the questions? ::Chattisgadhi:: Prashna Kay Rahis?

  1. English:: What is the last question? ::Chattisgadhi:: Aakhari Prashna Kay Rahis?

  1. English:: What is written in the letter? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tola Kay Bataees Hai?
  2. English:: What you had been told? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tola Kay Bataees hai?

  1. English:: What will be the answer? ::Chattisgadhi:: Uttar Kay Hobey?
  2. English:: Why did you come? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaabar Aye Hus?

  1. English:: Why did you sleep? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey Kaabar Soyas?

  1. English:: Why did you tell him to go? ::Chattisgadhi:: Wola Jaybar Kaabar Kahes?
  2. English:: Why did he bring the bag? ::Chattisgadhi:: Who kaabar jhola/ zola laais?
  3. English:: Why did she pay the money? ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo kaabar Paisa Deis?
  4. English:: Why did they sit there? ::Chattisgadhi:: Vo man kaabar ooha baithey haway?
  5. English:: Why do you drive the car? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaabar car chalawathas?
  6. English:: Why are they late for the meeting? ::Chattisgadhi:: Baithak maa ayala kaabar der hois?
  7. English:: How did you come? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaise aaye hus?
  8. English:: How did you sleep? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaise Sothas?
  9. English:: How did you drive the car? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey car kaise chalawat hus?
  10. English:: How did you write? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaise likhat hus?
  11. English:: How many apples are there in my hand? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mor haath ma katek seb haway?
  12. English:: How many did you take? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kitana Liye Hus?

  1. English:: How much money did he pay? ::Chattisgadhi:: Wo katek paisa deis haway?
  2. English:: How much distance to go? ::Chattisgadhi:: Aoor Katek dooriya jaave key hay?

  1. English:: How was the journey yesterday? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kalke Pravas Kaise Rahis?
  2. English:: Which way did you come? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaune Deek Aaye Hav?

  1. English:: Which is your favourite colour? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tumhar Pasand Key Rang Kaunse haway?
  2. English:: In which room did you sleep? ::Chattisgadhi:: Toomhan Kaunsey Kamara maa soye rahees?
  3. English:: Which story did you tell? ::Chattisgadhi:: Yoomhan Kaun Kahhanee Batayees?
  4. English:: Which is the sweetest fruit? ::Chattisgadhi:: Sabal Meeththta Fal Kaun Haway?
  5. English:: Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? ::Chattisgadhi:: Hindi maa kuansa paper bdhiya haway?
  6. English:: Which state has the largest population? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaun Prant maa sabase jyada jansnakhya haway?
  7. English:: Where did you come from? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kahase aaye hus?
  8. English:: Where did you sleep? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey kaha soye rahas?

  1. English:: Where is the manager’s cabin? ::Chattisgadhi:: Vyavasthapak key kholi kahan havay?
  2. English:: Where should I go? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey kahan Jav?
  3. English:: Whom should I meet? ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey kaunla Meelahoo?
  4. English:: Is it a book? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaa ye keetab haway?

  1. English:: It is a book ::Chattisgadhi:: Ye Ek Poostak / Keetab haway.
  2. English:: Is it the answer? ::Chattisgadhi:: Yech oottar aay.
  3. English:: It is the answer ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey mor sang aabey kay?
  4. English:: Will you come with me? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey mor sang aabey kay?
  5. English:: I shall come with you. ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey tor sang aahoo.
  6. English:: Will you give me your pen? ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey mola pen debe kaa?
  7. English:: Will anybody give me a pen to write?/ Please give me a pen to write… ::Chattisgadhi:: Koi mola likhey var pen dehi.
  8. English:: Can you give me something to drink? ::Chattisgadhi:: Koi mala peeye par paani dey sakathey kaa?
  9. English:: Can you write the Exams? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaa tey oottar likh sakwey?
  10. English:: Can you write the Answer? ::Chattisgadhi:: Kaa tey oottar likh sakwey?
  11. English:: Can you lift this box? ::Chattisgadhi:: Ka tey baksala ootha sakabey?
  12. English:: Did you have your lunch? ::Chattisgadhi:: Toomhar Doophar key bhojan ho gayees?
  13. English:: How are you? ::Chattisgadhi:: Aapaman / Toomhan kaaise hav?

  1. English:: I am fine. ::Chattisgadhi:: Mey kooshal huv/ hav.

  1. English:: You come to my room after the exam. ::Chattisgadhi:: Tey/ Toom/ Aapaman – Mor kamara maa pariksha key baad aay huv.

  1. Chhatisgadh/ Chattisgarhi      to Marathi:: Chhatisgadh :: Tey :: Marathi:: Tu

  1. Chhatisgadh/ Chattisgarhi      to Marathi:: Chhatisgadh :: Toom :: Marathi:: Tumhi
  2. Chhatisgadh/ Chattisgarhi      to Marathi:: Chhatisgadh :: aapman :: Marathi:: Aapan

Coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Let's Go Proactive in making inclusive growth. Educational Schools, Governments, WB, UNO should go to people than people go to them

Just look at the contrasting situations....on one had..people don't know where to spent...on other hand people don't know how to earn? 
On one hand, people spend 100 USD on one meal, on the other hand same money can fetch whole monthly grocery of Indian family...On parties too millions are some relatives and few friends don't go to party instead they donate the same money for the fees of a orphan child's education, and then few people in our own World Bank say, "Inclusive Growth is not Charity" or "Financial Inclusion isn't charity it's absolutely business...and this is a business opportunity.".....

@WBG_Gender "Financial inclusion isn't charity, it's absolutely business...and this is a business opportunity" --@HenrietteKolb #SheforShield

Even when we can give them formulae or road willingness to contribute..."It means they are not working proactively".... "They want people to come to them"... and do...this high handed approach will ruin World Bank and UNO.... World Bank and UNO should go to people....even Governments also should go to people....Schools and hence Education should go to people than people go to them in case proactive growth is required and inclusive growth is required. 
Given a chance, I can fetch at least a billion business than this person or group working there in World Bank....I'll go to places and make it happen my self...than seating in office like these people...CHARITY is not the word....proper here...ask many people have costly dogs breed at their home, why can't they have a human child of poor in place, are humans not better than dogs to take care? Ask the persons....can't they avoid one party and let that money goes to orphanage home....ask's a personal matter when we see our humans are treated worst than dogs in the houses of super rich or highly placed people.....these people who are poor belongs to all kinds of religions, societies, classes, dogmas, castes, creeds,.....nations....places....
Request them to"Bro and more more proactive... to bring inclusive growth....otherwise we all humans who will be called having "Haves" will be called Parasites and Cannibalistic" by "have nots"....."
The discussion was on Women Insurance Policies and it's a Trillion Dollars business....I said, "In India there is not a single complete policy that covers ladies problems in India....I know it as I was insurance agent for LIC ....."..However, my last point was not included such points where we've helped our nearby poor families to grow and educate and make progress in their lives....have proved how almost 100 families have come out of poverty, how, almost 100 physically challenged people came out of  their agony.... how, when I got exceptional in my job in family helped a physically challenged business man buy a wheel cart...and he excelled further...etc. 
Another example, that's live in our life is, we educated and settled one child....we spent almost Rs. 60000 at that time on her. Even later we arranged her marriage and let her settle...she is buying Rs. 1 million Insurance policy....isn't it inclusive growth? ....
Broad minded approach and magnanimous minds are required, in case each and every person on earth or in heart or on other planets and places has to excel, the reason being, if all are not included in growth then it will be an isolated growth of human society meant for only few. I already claimed in case we think money is the criteria, then only billionaires of the world are financially literate and they only know the business others including me, we don't understand the business, even my Ph.D. in Business is null an void in case someone proves, that what I'm saying is not business cum charity. 
Let's not think and go on extreme paths or war paths... Let's go on golden middle win I win...everyone wins...
Yes, why can't be there be middle path of Charity and Business be there, for inclusive growth that gives immense satisfaction to the doer the taker and the society at large. 
Let peace and prosperity be on earth and everywhere. 
Aum. Amen. Amin. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India....

India requires smart marginal farmers,villagers,and agrarians who always keep working hard, that too, on urgent basis, to avoid suicides.

In 2008, we were working  on a publication, that was dealing with suicides of farmers in Vidarbah, i.e. around Nagpur. I always, said, "Let my high impact publication go in to dust-bean, let me publish on WWW so that at least millions read that article...than putting that article into copyrighted or patented and read only by few scholars...." we worked day and nigh and published this article: and also other articles in which we suggested there should be 24X 7 guiding Farmers TV channels in local languages, for Indian public 50% of whom were dependent on agrarian jobs at that time. After this article I got almost 100 calls everyday on Agrarian Business Guidance, I directed them to Mr. Thosar or the place where they can get near their place...what a satisfaction....however, after 2010...slowly it stopped as people came to know where to get guidance and such facilities were known to them and governments worked on it...policies are/ were there but knowledge of it was unknown even to Ph.D.'s in India that too in Agrarian field.... at that time....a shame .....we literally cried sometimes. 
Any person having heart, conscience and soul intact, if goes 15 km out side Nagpur, will hear a case or two in every village....whose heart will not burn? No benefit reaches directly to the people who really need it, and if reaches, they have many documents to much formality to do that....finally the family thinks better....avoid Sarakari Help....i.e. any help from Government...if they don't trust us...Now, when, misuse it told to them...they say, "If a person can misuse it like us why we would be dying of hunger here.... Rich farmers having all these documents get benefit within few days, while we, as we don't understand many thing we don't get workers are they the rich and decorative farmers......we're hard workers...teach "shyanpan"=knowledge to them, not to us..."...
We're speechless at this point. 
Now, everyone is talking about smart cities, which I already suggested India requires 300 cities of the size of Nagpur, as India has 3 million square kilometers area....and those cities should be job providers unlike a person from corner of Arunachal Pradesh goes to Mumbai or Delhi who can't get a holiday of more than 15 days, as he requires 7 days to reach his village there... Some one from USA said, "Our dollar drainage is in New York, you pour unlimited stuff it will engulfed in no time....which are your cities?" My friend immediately said, "Mumbai and Delhi." We laughed a lot. He said, "In what way people earn is immaterial but ultimately it lands here and gets multiplied toooo..."
Coming to PURA that is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's dream, we require Smart Villagers, Farmers, they are already hardworking....
We require combination of Hard Workers+Smart Workers both, otherwise, only smart people ...we know what they can do....but if .... our Indian Farmers, Agrarians becomes smart who are already proved hard workers they won't be committing suicides.... rest of the survey on what are the reasons ans where the work is required we already have put in the publications.... Mr. Shriram Thosar the co-writer literally used this knowledge that we are collecting and let reach to grass-root level....
More than 10,000 recorded suicides....and lot of show-offs from lot of corners of the country but at ground level....Zero Act.
Hence, we devoted lot of time to understand what exactly is happening....In fact, uncle Mr. Shriram went to lot of farmers and offered lot of education about....lot of father Mr. Manohar did the much as he could....The reason being, if we required to go to village none were willing to come, for longer than a week there is hardship there, but, if someone wants to go to big city/ cities...all were willing...Why people are afraid of earthing there hands in earth like farmers do.....the earth doesn't have only Viruses and Bactria that are willing to kill helps us grow our food.....something is wrong in this thought process....that soil spoils your fact, soil gives us in our experience.
Why there are selfie contests? Why me, mine, my marketing, my this and my that contests and selfish and vanity competitions are there? 
Why not 'help farmers' contest is there? Why not help refugees from war ridden places, earthquake disturbed Nepal,.....kinds of things are there? Even TRP rating of the TV should be based on how much ground work they have done in  such situations....all news papers should be more responsible require effective media...even it could be part of CSR activities....could be part of 15G act of income tax to pay fees of a child who is por and needy....
The whole system has become selfish... it seems.... when we heard the agony and pains of many such farmers....and still keep listening to their sorrows. 
We need to be broad minded in globalized economy, and "Stop saying inclusive growth is not charity"......."We should go proactive in making inclusive growth"......otherwise, we would look parasites and cannibalistic in the global economy who talk for trillions or may be quadrillions in next decade, but when it comes to our own human resources we don't have even thousands or millions to let each marginal farmer, agrarian, villager grow, become self-reliant, smart too, to their hard work pay fruits. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

Sunday, 4 October 2015

I remember God at every moment as I feel it's the last last moment to live, for me....Answer to request for spiritual discourse

Someone specially requested to me, "Can you deliver a spiritual discourse?"
I said, "Why not, but it could be my first and last one?"
She asked, "Why do you say so?"
I said, "I remember God at every moment as I feel it's the last last moment to live, for me.
When I wake up I remember God and request him to be with me all the time, every time.
When I brush my teeth I remember God,
When go for important work, I remember God,
When I take class lecture I start with him and finish it's with him.
When start driving to home, I remember him.
When reach home, remember him.
While driving alert though mechanically I chant many shlokas/ hymns as you know."
Further Question was asked, "Are you afraid of something? Because when I remember God, it's only when I'm afraid of something otherwise, I don't."
I said, "Afraid of what?
You see, our life is terminal happening, terminal case for all the doctors, it has to end at certain moment,
and this is the reality of life, and even if you live 40 years you feel, life has passed like a moment,
Same we might think at the end of 100 years too.
Whether it's a matter of a second or 100 years, it's one and the same thing when we look back,
then why not live as if this is the final moment of life?"
The person said, "Ok."
I said, "That's all I've to say, you know, I don't waste time,
this could be my first and last discourse, because,
if you can't understand if I tell you once, you might not understand the whole life, what I'm saying.
God is in every moment, you realize it, whichever situation,
you are up-down, elated-sorrow, win-lose, normal-critical, diseased-healthy, feel liberated-feel trapped, it's a continuous flow but physically it stops once your body falls.
Though, soul keeps moving from time to time, that too, from this specie of birth to that,
But, for us this is our last birth, this world waits for none, stalls for none.
This is our final moment.
I request God, "God let me be one with you".
Our soul which is drop like get merged with infinite soul and that is the spiritual merger.
Later body may live or drop, the godly journey continues.
Whether on job, or out of job, young or old, child or matured, at home- outside, living with hopes or out of hopes, poor or rich, villager or city-boy, this place that place, this stature that stature, this world or that world, every body, every organism has to perish.
No more discourse, our action should speak louder than words.
Let's devote our life to god, this world, for betterment of society in this world and other worlds.
Let's live positively in spiritual bliss and joy, like an enlightened soul.
May god bless all."
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

"Sir, but, we would like to migrate to rich and developed nation, where there is a system, unlike in our country," few students, on contrasting views

"Sir, but, we would like to migrate to rich and developed nation, where there is a system, unlike in our country," few students, on contrasting views:

Once, I told this incidence,
few agreed, however, few opposed.
 They had contrasting views.
"Sir, what kinds of values you're talking? The unity in family is vanishing even in India. Where is the system? You are from Maharashtra and you've Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad like places for good jobs, how about us? In our state not even our capital city matches the 10th rank city of Maharashtra. We would like to migrate to nations like New-Zealand or Australia or USA or European nations or even to Canada or any best country to live and do job or business. What kind of system we have, corrupt becomes rich in India, politicians grow geometrically in their lives and grab wealth which even their 100th generation can't digest. What kind of system are you are talking about, where are values? Money speaks from every angle, power speaks from every direction, they talk about eradication of poverty have they been able to achieve it? It's not charity, politics is most profit making business in India. We've seen government of every party, BJP, Congress.....but our city never changes....our state never changes..."

"Ok. Boy. Have you prepared yourself for that?" Dr. Ashish.

"No, Sir, but our family has made up our minds...." The student.

Other student started speaking like he wake up and came in the class, and said, "Sir,..."... everyone laughed..."Sir, we have been to Dubai, Singapore and we've seen the infrastructure....we would like to migrate there..."

We told him, how difficult it's to get immigration/ permanent residential.... visa. Then he said, "May be USA, my uncle migrated there in 1990's itself, he is from IIT. We'll work there for 7 years and then we get green card there...." and told everything about success that has brought to his uncle in USA.

So the debate student said, "Sir, we like to live peacefully, we don't agree there are borders in this world to's for living peacefully we would like to migrate....and which ever country has best norms we would go, we've everything money, degree, skills, ....everyone one in our home deserves USA, we're all professionally qualified have business, or are CEO/ Director in some companies in our joint family...some are super-specialists Doctors.....etc. We believe India is going to be supplier of the Human Resources to the world, due to English speaking professionals and what's wrong in that? You said, every house in your city have at least one person living in USA...because of this. What we earn and can contribute and see the progress in front of our eyes, while working, we can't be able to see in India....Politicians create money-black-holes in their houses and they siphon-off money from the Indian system, sir. We won't like to live in India."

When, I was teaching International Marketing to students from multiple countries, they said, "We believe in global citizenship as you Sir, we believe in border-less society, we're businessmen and / or entrepreneurs, let others do what they wish, we will do our business and will create more jobs worldwide, that's our contribution to society. We like your poem...whether you hate me whether you love me, I'm going to contribute, contribute, contribute...."

Many spoke, but, YES and NO, Positives and Negatives, ....the debate continued and everyone could prove his point well.....proving this world is full of talent and if these students get an opportunity to prove ....this world will be still better.

Aum. Amen. Amin.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

"Richer the country,bigger the golden fire,you keep pouring in, it consumes all,it becomes golden black hole"Thought of octogenarian people in 1990's

In 1990's, we came across, a group of octogenarian people, all oldies, they said, "Ashish, never migrate to rich nations....they are big black holes of the keep pouring in, and you never know where the money, resources, efforts, values .....have gone? "
"Why do you say, all such things multiple multinational Grandpas?"...Ashish.  They laughed a lot. 
They said, "People migrate here. They buy a car on loan. They try to pay back loan. Then they buy house, pay back loans...cycle continues and by the time they are old, their next generation gets used to for the system here and they can't move back to their nation of origin, it includes many NASA scientists, ....Doctors... Engineers...Top professionals.... People do not think about their next generation....even if their father was big scientists or top businessman... what next generations are doing, do they think back about India or nation of origin, in fact do they get time to think, the life is so busy and mechanical here that even the most emotional people can become robot after few years...."
First, we all laughed at this thought... but, when, all oldies claimed same thing...we thought it must be true. A counter question, was, "Why do you people say that?"
"Ashish, look at the consumption for petrol/ gasoline or coals, or nuclear energy or electricity or living style or .....everything is going to increase as it develops faster...billion to trillion to has no end...but does the money reaches to common man? No my boy...humans may reach moon, but they will establish, moon stock exchange and people from rich country or rich will earn more....from other planets too but they will not let it rich to bottom....there are so many lacunae in human systems that you may try for millions of years but poor will remain poor and richer will get more richer....since time immemorial it's reality of life...the rulers of all the nations may be rich or poor show lolly pop to common man and they loot the nations...."
Being youngies, we could not digest this reality of life, we said, "No, but, poor are reducing... more and more people are becoming middle class now a days....etc."
"You are simple man, you'll not understand how  crooked this world;ll realize this when you'll be as old as us Ashish...."..
What more can I write?
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,, Nagpur, India

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Can 95% Non Residence Indian(NRI)/Any country Invest back in India/ country?A question true to all migratory from non rich nations.How about rest 5%?

There are YES answer and NO answer as well. However, investment for huge industrial set up....etc. is what we are talking about...though we know, no nation was built in a day and drop by drop a glass if filled...still, it's advisable to think laterally as well as theoretically as well as practically....
Imagine, a family migrated with bright future to USA a land of opportunities or to Australia or to New Zealand or Canada or in Europe or in Gulf.....
Just a case in a past or today.....
Suppose 90% send the Remittances to India up to 10 years. Later when they get permanent residence or citizenship, then?
Also, if their parents back in India and other old relatives are replaced by the juniors, will they sent the Remittance? Definitely, No.
We have seen some cases, when, children once got used to the conditions and systems of USA, UK and their parents came to India, the children could not survive....parents had to take them back and after these children got married, they didn't let their children came back to third world's a case of 1990's though, but, it's a fact. Even there is no communication and remittance coming from them.... now this genius family is citizen of USA.... is it loss to India or gain to USA or gain to the humanity or gain to global citizen that's a new issue now. Once they got rich. Now, they are not willing to invest back in India. The investment climate and 'let investors earn' climate is not good, they are saying. The counter question was, "Don't you want to serve your nation of origin?" The counter and fantastic rather classical answer was, "We can't ditch the nation we live." True. This is the story/ tale of 4.90%. 
Later, once, a lady had a call for arranged marriage, from Indian family, she refused on the ground that the way the Indian Hindi movies show, she can't touch feet of her in-laws time to time....she is not interested to come back to India and her parents are not willing to invest back in backward country like India. This is the tell of many. 
One of the friend of mine said, "Ashish, we earn mere USD 3000/= or  we earn "X"and can hardly save USD 50/ month, how can we remit or invest in India? We earn in dollars and spend in's you back in India those calculate  USD 1 = INR 65 or 50 or 45 or 35's all ....not true...Studying is costly, gas is costly, nay how even if we live frugal life....we can't....."...This is the tale/ story of 95%.
Now, left are 0.1%, who are really rich and famous and this and that....ask them "Will they do the business in case they don't earn much or if they have no freedom or if they have more taxes or if they have no choices for HR policies or...."...
Thus, if countries like India, have to progress, they have to create climate like such rich people are born and let excel in India itself....otherwise, there are many hurdles to catch them back...and on moral ground to how can citizens of other nations be called our people, who will help us everyday? Once in a while it's ok, but, everyday, 24 X 7 X 365/ 366....they will call us headache country, if we demand investment everyday....even if they invest in our stock market, if they see a loss in it frequently, they might stop doing it...
Some of the people are thinking like this.....They may attend the party, make merry, but when it comes to investment...they will wait and watch obviously.... It's difficult but not impossible though to bring their confidence back...or them back.....but people lost are lost for ever... Take example WITH DUE RESPECT of His Highness President Obama, will he go back to Kenya again?.... Answer is No, he is devotee of USA now which has given him everything. He might invest something but at the end of the day it's majority of businessmen those have to invest and if investment climate, environment, ecology, HR practices are not favorable to them, and image of the nation is not ok, then....impossible. Similar is the case with majority of highly literate migratory people.....
Then what's the option left?
One word answer is: "Indigenisation".
Developing by taking your own people into confidence, allowing them to excel....creating favorable HR policies for all the organisations...keeping vigilance department to let the whole country and all countries work like top 10 best companies to the world....standard norms for wages/ pay package that are at par with developed nations.....doing business is at least ok if not great....Later, if you built confidence of your own people back in your country then, these people will tell yes it's ok to invest in India or the name...
I'm well wisher of this world, in fact,....hence, this effort. 
Aum. Amin. Amen.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India.