Saturday, 6 February 2016

IIT-JEE paper in 10 minutes? What's wrong with the selection criteria of the top institutions and bodies of the world?

IIT-JEE paper in 10 minutes? What's wrong with the selection criteria of the top institutions and bodies of the world?
It happened several times. 
Yesterday, I went to a shop where apps were sold for preparations of IIT-JEE. This time I attempted Chemistry paper. An hour or more paper I could attempt in 10 minutes. That too after 29 years I read those things. One of the child, (she was 12th standard student) said, "Sir, aapne tukka mara hoga?" Meaning, "You might have just casually marked those answers, and by fluke they all are write." I told her, how I came to the conclusions, and how I played with chemistry when worked in the Chemical plant....and told fundamentals those, which are mentioned in no books of the world. Told her as there are faster ways to calculate +, -, Division and Multiplication by Vedic Mathematics or Chinese and Tibetian ways, similarly there are ways for Chemistry and Physics as well. Then, she being child, I explained her each step, and forgiven her when she said, "Sorry Sir." She said, "First time, I saw someone attempting all questions perfectly that too in such a less time." Not even she but my wife and my children and several people around also thought it's fluke....hence this time I was not annoyed. Earlier, I didn't know why people feel like that....
Then, I told her, last time, I attempted Physics paper in 10 minutes and interviewers from IIT background for IIT - JEE classes, said, "We want all the steps, otherwise we won't select you for our institution to teach at (I said, "Mere" and laughed as I'm not money hungry) Rs. 100,000/ month." I said, "Instead, you should have asked me how I solved these questions so fast, as...and now... I'll not tell you, you might be interviewer ....but not students with true curiosity....and I shall tell steps only to students, as at present, I can't treat you as student as we all are grown ups as students, you should have that innocence of children and curiosity as well." Sadly, they didn't agreed. Their ego of they are IIT'ens+ IIM background was reflected while interviewing. Later, several, sms for faculty came from them, but, how can I work with them who think they are already great, even though their contribution to the society at large is minuscule?" .....In fact, one of them was, my class fellow as well. He couldn't believe man can remember all these things even after 30 years. I said, "Once I read it, I can't forget it, if/ till I wish. May be I was not top merit ranker, in the class at that time, but that makes no difference." He thought it has to be read several times and crammed to remember formulae and several things, then only anyone can solve these problems.....I tried to explain.....But in vain.  
Same things happened in GRE, same-thing happened at many places. Including CAT, GMAT, IAS, etc. People said, "You hyperbole"...Once, one of the close relative said, "Tu jast shahanpana nako karoo, tey IIT wale ahyet tyana jast kalat...etc."Meaning, that person is from IIT, you did your Engineering from Nagpur University, you're not as good as him, still you're arguing your answer is correct.... I said, "What answer to question has to do with person's background? I can show you genius persons who have not studied even at road side engineering colleges."....Then I took that friend to such people.... Ultimately, he asked me, "If they are such genius then why they couldn't succeed or market themselves or top NMC or Government bodies could hire them?" 
I said, "Governments, Top World Bodies and Institutions and top MNC's don't have genius recruiters hence..... Just to add boy, the only best recruiter, as you're cricket fan, I tell you, in recent past, was Imran Khan who picked up Wasim Akram... and in the past was Chanakya/ Kautilya who selected Chandragupta Mourya...also, when I got chance, I also have selected few of my colleagues....but...because of my transparent selection criteria I was always in trouble....and hence I'm not Great Ashish....(we laughed a lot)." Then he said, "Come on Ashish uncle, Do you mean the word great or fluke...?" (Again we laughed).
Come on, in the space age if you/we select crammers, how can we move faster? We need people who can find the solutions faster and implement it faster....even in if we're in the hopeless system or situations. 
Once, in the UNESCO conference I said, "I don't understand what IIT, IIM, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and even NASA, ISRO, Roscosmos, CERN, UNO, World Bank, BRICS Bank, ....and other top institution want? Are they really moving at space age or still moving at Bullock Cart speed? Why can't I get selected?" Everyone laughed....when I told them how to solve each and every problem in USA, UNO, India, Russia, etc.....
Earlier also several times, I said, "These entrance exams can be cracked.....not attempted by people who are like me. Even IAS is also like that....etc."....Now, today in the Space and Advanced Computer age also it's true....:
Just check URLs:
..... We don't fit into this criteria.....At least not me, who wants to discuss and solve new problems of this world everyday and let take human civilization to pinnacle.
However, yesterday's child used the fluke word and then I understood, "Oh, for people, they feel I solve the problems at faster speed as I fluke....".
Then, all the best to this fluke world....yes, this world is "Maya" or "Mirage" or "Bubble on the wave of tide of giant cosmic ocean"....truly only if someone realizes then only s/he could understand. 
Hope in future we've truly great world of humanity. All the best to human civilisation.
Aum. Amen. Aman.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, lives on the ground, Nagpur, India

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Let India be immortal, successful and safe (Sanskrit Poem) "Bharat Bhumi Amar Bhav"

Let India be immortal, successful and safe (Sanskrit Poem)
((((Hope everyone agrees now the person who knows Sanskirt (the language of God) knows more than 80% languages in the world))))

Republic India, Independent India, In-defeat-able India, Indefinable India, Let you be always winning. (1)
Well governed India, Interesting India, Well to do India, having Good people, Let you be always successful. (2)
The best among the countries, the most ancient country, the most beloved country for saints, the most beloved country for common men, Let you be immortally loved by everyone.  (3).
My India, Your India, Visitors India, Everyone's India, Let you be always safe. (4)
The place of Ram, the place of Krushna, the place of Durga, the place of Sharda, the land of Gods and Goddesses be immortal. (5)
Let India be always winning,
Let India be always successful,
Let India be loved by all,
Let India be always safe,
Let my country India be immortal,
Let country of Gods and Goddesses be living forever, living forever, living forever.....

Aum. Amin. Amen.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, (Sanskrit Original Below)

What HR department learnt from super senior

Once, a discussion was on. 
Few HR colleagues said, "Now, a days, getting good people is difficult."
One of the super senior said, "But of-course HR department must note all our students and in fact we too are from good, well behaved and well groomed, ethical and trust-worthy family. (We laughed a lot). That's why we've grown so fast and are successful too. How, can you latest HR personnel can't find good and employable people?"
The problem is not finding good people for organisation but are in the eyes of interviewer....all well qualified and skillful people are good in something, what is that you need to find and...then there is not looking back.
Literally, the senior most HR person touched the feet of super senior after this lesson. 
Aum. Amen. Amin. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Infinite Salutations to Mother

Infinite Salutations to Mother: On Mother's Day:

In India, mother is the first God to all children.

In India, your country is also Mother to everyone staying there.

In India, only mother has authority to scold her high profile children.

In India, ..........

Mother is an compassionate entity which always take suffering from / for children.

Mother is an entity who always finds a way to convince her children.

Mother is that complete entity, before whom all the Quality standards fail.

Mother is that entity before who's who also fail to comply 

Hence, Infinite salutations an entity called The Mother.

Any how, mother is mother, always taking care of her child/children at the cost of her life. ....

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

More the indigenisation, more will be the ways of technology development and skilled work forces for each country, and more sustaining each economy would be

More the indigenisation, more will be the ways of technology development and skilled work forces for each country, and more sustaining each economy would be, is the concept of my books on "Indigenisation: The Only Solution for sustainable development of any the multi-polar competitive world"....: 
For example, in case, there are 200 countries in the world and they think independently with competitive scientists to develop solar panels/ solar cells using 200 different chemicals/ semiconductors/ super-conductors....or even cacti or trees or leaves or....what ever it may be, and then start manufacturing it, then this world may choose the best 5 odd ways to manufacture solar powered grid and can be useful for the world in long run.
In case there are 200 different ways to land on moon using different space shuttles / ships/ saucers/ launch pad/ or by Yogic Kriyas (9th May 1992 Times of India, news/ article about Yogacharya Sawadekar reaching NASA's space shuttle, etc. using Yoga and correcting the fault with his sukshma sharir) or what ever way it may be...we'll have minimum 200 ways to do it.
Similarly, in automobile field, agricultural field, medical, pharmaceutical, and other's possible.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, 

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Poem: I can see omniscient and omnipotent God everywhere in and out....Let humans, the best creation of God represent the God himself in truly a great way.

Poem: I can see omniscient and omnipotent God everywhere in and out...Let humans, the best creation of God represent the God himself in truly a great way.

I can see omniscient and omnipotent God everywhere in and out.
I can feel it, I can live with it, I can see the super-conscience everywhere since long.
But what's the use? People do not like perfect and ideal humans.
Hence, like any other seers, would like to go into oblivion.
Since eons, people like me who are truthful, faithful and loyal to the core, and with highest grade of integrity, are thrown into dust been.
Since long, people like me are put on wrong side by already authoritative people, so that they may continue their lives to earn and represent society.
Still, humans should note that, unless ideal living does not become a habit, and ideal lives are not encouraged and respected and lived by all human beings, we'll lead ourselves to extinction on earth.
Earth is a god's own space craft, which mostly been in the hands of humans now, and in case we play with the travel, like any spaceship, it may get unlivable or lead to disaster.
In fact, we're already on suicidal path, hence, this effort.

It's time for action, not mere discussions, conferences, advice and decorative holy discourses.
It's time for activity based result oriented living to save human civilization.
Let's give time for sustainable peace, progress, purity and prosperity.
Let's give time to terminate poverty.
Let's give time to harmony and humane activities.
Let's give time to develop the best next generations.
Let's give time to eradicate dust from minds.
Let's give time to build trust among all.
Let's give time for care and welfare of poor, physically challenged and weaker sections of the society.
Let's invest time on constructive activities than destructive ones....

Let humans, the best creation of God represent the God himself in truly a great way.

Aum. Amen. Amin.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Lives on earth. Nagpur, India.